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I need a prisoner! XD

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  • I'll never let you leave, never let you breathe.

    (#) MCRkilljoy 2011-08-12 06:17:07 PM

    Name: Naoimh Barnard (girl just incase u dont no)

    Age: What ever age suits

    Personality:evil, bitchy, but funny and cool to be around, wont betray u and will keep her word and is easy to trust, fits in well with boys as friends but can be suductive

    Looks: same height as frank in real life, blonde hair, very intelligent, can be pretty when she wants to, tomboy.

    Reason for sentence: drove many people to the point of taken there own life

    Life before prison: complete animal person and even through she isnt good to too many people she would never hurt an animal

    Anything else?: emo, goth, likes screamo music, everyone on the outside hates her for what she done

    Author's response

    It's a good audition, however, I don't believe it... screwed up, enough. Not evil enough, yo'know? But thank you! xo
  • I'll never let you leave, never let you breathe.

    (#) MyChemFreak 2011-08-12 06:57:36 PM

    Name; Erika Imogen True

    Age; Mid twenties, about 24-25 ish:-)

    Personality: Total bad-ass chick, bitch, tough, doesn't take shit from no one, a lot of the other prisoners are afraid of her, but to the few friends She has in there she is loyal, a good listener, offers good advice, helpful, funny as hell and just a good friend

    Looks: Gorgeou; you know when someone has a pretty face to match their pretty name? that's Erkia. Her eyes are blue and she's kinda pale, she's skinny but a lot stronger than you'd expect, her hair was dyed black but having been in prison for so long it's now half natural red (actual red not ginger;) half black. She has a few tattoos and one that reads "I'll paint you a picture, I'll paint it on my wrist."

    Reason for sentence: A double homoside. She killed her Dad and his wife, authorities blamed "Unresolved Daddy issues and an unstable mental health issue." She had suffered from depression from being 13-14

    Life before prison: As you probably guessed she is didn't really have a good life, she left home at 17 and fell into the wrong group of people. Ended up on drugs and into prostitution. One day her Dad caught her and lectured her on how she was living an a life of sin which pissed her off after all having an affair like he had, was also a sin (I can't remember the proper term for it... I think it's adultery but I could be wrong:') ) As he called her a lot of rather offensive terms that angered her more. So yeah, she killed them both. His wife was 4 months pregnant.

    Anything else?:She's a vegetarian x) oh and I got all excited cause I thought you updated:( to say I was disappointed is an understatement missus! :P


    Author's response

    Yeah, I really like this.. and you used my two favorite names. XD
  • I'll never let you leave, never let you breathe.

    (#) midnight_star22 2011-08-12 09:45:57 PM

    Name: Annelise Vanderbilt

    Age: 22

    Personality: She'll shank you for making fun of her name, and paint a picture with your blood. You'll get it...if you live. She is very loyal, til you do something to piss her off. Then she tells all and steps back and laughs at the chaos..She can be funny and a people person, if she feels like it that day. But, once you get to know her, you'll see that she really can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Take your pick. She's very smart & very observant and inventive.

    Looks: Jet black hair, piercing grey-blue eyes, she has three tattoos: a tribal star on her back, bella vita going down her side, and a dagger through a heart on her arm. Her lip is pierced, and she has an industrial piercing. Tall for a girl, 5'8 and slender. Slender, but strong

    Reason for sentence: She went on a killing spree at her prom and killed 11 people. Then went home and killed her dad..earning her a life sentence at 17

    Life before prison: Her father beat her...he punished her by making her get on her knees on rice and sit there for hours if she failed at something or didn't listen. She was bullied in middle school and when she got to high school, she had had enough. SHE became the bully instead of the bullied..and everyone was afraid to stop her because she could be so maniacal.

    Anything else?: She likes to invent things...and just tinker with different objects. She also loves to paint, especially with blood. She thinks its so pretty on paper..

    Okay so my friend thought that if you wanted a prisoner, I should make her blood thirsty. I said "Way to stereotype Tay.." I was so excited cause I thought you updated..disappointment. But its okay (: Tay & I had fun creating Annelise (: Can't wait to read!

    Author's response

    I like this one too, it's very screwed up and such. I like her fascination with blood, and I think it'd be interesting to write about. I also like her sort of 'love me or hate me' thing. It's interesting.. and she's got a perfectly good reason to be fucked up. :)
  • I'll never let you leave, never let you breathe.

    (#) japulapu 2011-08-14 07:38:03 AM

    Yay!!! I was just thinking how cool it would be for a girl prisoner to be at this prison. But is this place like a guy's prison? If it is, she must be pretty screwed up to end up there. Okay, I'm not auditioning, just giving you an opinion. Don't pick a blonde. Don't pick a red head. I don't mind mixed though. Don't pick blue or green eyes. Well that's just opinion. I think a girl with elbow length black hair which is straight at the top and are like locks at the bottom is pretty. Brown eyes are nice. And maybe she killed her sadistic father for raping her. And she should have a good sense of humour because she hangs out with MCR. She should like black. Again you can pick whatever you want. This isn't actually an audition, I just don't want someone else saying that girls only look pretty with red or blonde hair and green eyes.

    Author's response

    Nah, its mix-gender XD

    I know! I've picked who I want, and yes, they have long black hair and grey eyes. :)

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