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not Just a Water Balloon

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"Your children's toys are weapons?" Brendon giving Time an odd look.
"Yes, they are very mature for children." Time said flashing a smile in Brendon's direction. Ryan tightened his arm around Brendon's waist.
"Don't ask questions. Okay babe?" Ryan told Brendon in a loving tone. Brendon thought about that. Was that flirting? Or was that just how he was.
"Why?" Brendon asked turing to look into Ryan's amber eyes.
"don't get Time angry with pointless question. He won't help us if you annoy him. Okay?" Ryan asked.
"Yes." Brendon replied with a nod.
"Delicious." Ryan said licking his and trying to be seductive. He pulled Brendon closer with a smirk plastered on his face. Brendon could feel himself getting harder every second. Of course he didn't want to say anything about it though.
"How many 'toys' do you have in there?" Brendon asked pointing to the bag.
"From 5-8. I think." Death said tilting her head as she stared with her black eyes at the messenger bag. Brendon's jaw fell open in shock. I know that was hard to believe but with everything else he had seen today he shouldn't be shocked anymore.
"This is how you take care of Chube's." It looked like a water ballon.
"Isn't that a water balloon?" Brendon asked. He suddenly felt a squeeze at his side as Ryan pulled at him.
"What did I say about questions? Don't make me have to punish you." Ryan said in a somewhat mad voice. But from Brendon's point of view it was sexual. He barely knew this boy and he was thinking bad things about him. How awful.
"No. Brendon, your so naive. There is so much more out there then things humans have found or created. So just keep your mouth shut." Time said stroking the side of Brendon's face. Brendon felt scared. Time spoke so calmly even though he was reprimanding Brendon.
"Yes Sir." Brendon said as his voice cracked of fear.
"Good boy." Time patted Brendon's head like a dog. Brendon started to quake in fear of this gentle looking man. Ryan saw him shaking and pulled him closer. Brendon didn't think he could get any closer then this. Unless he were on top of Ryan, which at this point he wouldn't mind.
"This is actually noxious gases in a balloony shell. The gas is called 'abiit unam horam'. Time said confidently.
"What does that mean? And what language is it in?" Brendon asked then looked at the ground. He remember after that he wasn't supposed to ask any more questions.
"You have short term memory loss don't you?" Ryan asked Brendon with a mean look.
"Actually he does so don't make fun of him for it." Death said looking at Ryan.
"Back to the weapons and such. Abiit unam horam means: one hour gone. If you launch this at a Chube it will be knocked out for an hour. They will trick you. They are very persuasive son don't let them even say a word to you. Otherwise you will believe them. No matter how hard you fight against it. And as humans it will be even harder to resist. Just looking at them you will want to talk to them. It's a good thing Ryan is trained. He will have to do the balloon launching. He wont' miss. Reverie handed Time a sling shot. Except had a large 'R' on it. Which most likely meant it belonged to Reverie. brendon didn't intend on asking this time. The weapon had a thin string at the top. The part where the elastic would be. Except it looked like a spider web string.
"Does that really stretch?" Brendon asked turning pink afterwards.
"No. You spin it a little bit then stop and it will go flying at the Chubes. It will fill the area. It has absolutely no affect on humans. So you have no need to worry. Well, as far as I know." Time said with a nervous smile. Brendon's eyes widened in fear. in the background Nightmare was sitting with a rather large ladybug. Well, it was larger then the average ladybug.
Her eyes flashed a pitch black and the ladybug died. She smiled and then her eyes flashed a perfect clean white. The lady bug rose back to it's small feet and readjusted it's wings.
"What the fuck was that?" brendon teared his attention from the weapons to the little blonde girl seated nicely on the floor. She looked up and smiled flashing perfect teethe in his direction. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and fear.
RydenBeliever : Yes. it will get more intense as it goes on.
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