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Cure for Insomnia

by ParanoiaDestroyah

Gerard gets more slightly disturbing notes from his 'stalker' we shall call him.

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Mikey's POV

Gerard was shaken up from getting the box. Which is understandable. I hadn't told anyone my brother was staying, and he didn't tell anyone he was staying here. We were wandering around the grocery store, and Gerard was unusually quiet. We wandered around the frozen food, and Gerard stood with his hands in his pockets, eyeing up a pizza. I grabbed a container of Hot Pockets, and started to make my way over to Gerard when a man dressed in black wearing a hat pushed my into the freezer door and ran into Gerard, then bolted off. My arm had got caught on the freezer handle, and it actually broke skin. I was going to bruise. Great.

I looked up at Gerard, and he was walking down to the end of the aisle in the same direction of the man saying "Sir, sir, you dropped some paper!" He called, and got to the end of the aisle and looked around. The man must not have been there anymore.

Gerard came back over to me, and opened up the folded sheet of notebook paper. He read it and his eyes nearly popped out of his head and he handed me the paper, shaking a little.

"What?" I questioned, taking the sheet of paper, locking eyes with my brother. His face read nothing but pure terror, and he pointed to the paper.

'How'd you like the flowers, Gerard?

The paper read in nice calligraphy. My expression matched his, except I was mad. Whoever is messing with Gerard is doing a good job at troubling him, and I don't like seeing him this way. I don't like seeing him hurt, or drunk. And seeing as this is the first time I've seen him scared like this. And I just don't fucking like it. I looked up at him.

"Geegee..." I started.

"Mikey I want to leave." He said and looked down.

"Do you wanna stop and get a-" I began again.

"No. I just want to leave, okay?" He said firmly and gave me a pleading look.

"Alright." I nodded and made a b line to the exit, me just setting my basket of things down. I got to the car, and asked if he wanted me to drive. He simply nodded and threw me the keys. I drove home quickly, going rather fast, and Gerard simply stared at the floor the entire time.

We walked inside my house, and I locked the doors behind me. I walked toward the steps, and Gerard stayed by the door and looked at me with an expression of 'What the fuck are you doing?'

"What's wrong?" I asked, walked back over to him, and placed a hand lightly on his shoulder.

"D-Did you lock the doors when we left?" He asked quietly.

"No." I said, and understood what he was getting at. "Do you want me to check around?"

He nodded slightly, and as I went to go into another room and turn the lights on, he was close behind me, and he kept his hands on my waist, tightly grasping my belt loops. I checked every room, behind every door, and under every piece of furniture like he used to do for me. There was no one there, and he wrapped his arms around my chest, him still standing behind me. I felt his breathing become labored and ragged.

I removed his arms from my chest, and turned around to hug him. It hurt me to see him this upset. His hands grabbed on to the back of my shirt, as if I was going to just walk away from him. I kissed his forehead, encouraging him to just let it out. He continued to sob, and at this point, Alicia was the last thing on my mind. Gerard's officially got a stalker, and just when we finally admit we love each other. Fucking perfect timing.

I continued to hold him, and he soon stopped crying. I wanted him to feel comfortable talking about this. I don't want him to feel alone.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" I asked, gently sweeping some of his hair from his face and tucking it behind his ear.

"I-I don't... I... I don't know what to talk about... I-I'm not sure what's going on..." He said, and shook his head. I rubbed his back tenderly, him relaxing slightly.

"Do you wanna try and go to bed again?" I asked, and caressed the side of his cheek with my thumb. He nodded in response, and followed me upstairs, the same way he did when I checked to see if anyone was there. I helped him get out of his clothes, even though he was shaken up, he was still the same Gerard.

He grabbed my hand, then turned on the fan an the television because the noise and light helped him fall asleep. He pulled me into the bed and I held him yet again. He had a hold of the waist band on my pajama's like I was going to disappear. He would occasionally glance up at the television and then back at me. We didn't have to talk to have a conversation. His eyes said it all. He was scared. And that's believable. I get freaked out when I see someone in a van look at me. But to have someone do shit like this... It's fucking creepy.

-Time Lapse-

It had been about three hours, and I was slowly falling asleep, Gerard still alert and on edge. He kissed my cheek, and then opened his mouth and took a breath like he was about to say something, held it then exhaled deeply and somewhat shook his head.

"What's wrong?" I yawned.

"Nothing..." He said with a sigh.

"What where you going to say?" I persisted.

"Nothing." He said again.

"Come on Geegee..." I said and pulled on his tee-shirt a little.

"Fine." He started. "I was going to ask if you were asleep."

"Bullshit." I said and furrowed my eyebrows. "You knew I was awake... Why? Are you having trouble sleeping?" I asked. I could personally sleep all day, everyday. I only woke up for the coffee.

"Yeah..." He replied, and I saw a slight blush color his cheeks light pink.

"Anything I could do to help?" I inquired.

"Maybe..." He started and grabbed my hand.

"Whatever you need." I said and smiled warmly at him.

"Touch me..." He said softly, and slowly drug his hand down his chest and stopped at the waist band of his boxers.

I immediately slipped my hand into his underwear and wrapped my hand around his member, then stroked him into a full erection. He bit his lip and closed his eyes, with the tiniest of smiles on his face. His sex face was getting me hard. I tried to ignore it, while he purred and writhed in pleasure. He pressed his face into my neck and growled. I kept my pace fast, Gerard still wriggling and making titillating noises.

"Mmm god..." He moaned and nipped at my neck, and brushed his hand lightly against my crotch. I whimpered slightly at the contact, and this caught his attention. His half lidded lust filled eyes met mine for a single second, before he grabbed my wrist and stopped my hand from stroking his shaft.

"Mikey... I want to watch you touch yourself." He purred in my ear, threw the covers off me, and tugged at my boxers.

I urgently slid off my pajama bottoms and boxers at the same time, and slowly stroked my already engorged member. I took my time pumping myself, and I thought of being inside Gerard again and moaned.

"You're so hot..." He mewled, my eyes catching him doing the exact same thing I was doing.

I continued rubbing myself, speeding up a little and my back arched. I was picturing doing everything to Gerard as my head lolled back. I was listening to Gerard whimper and moan over me. It made me feel good that I was turning him on.

"Oh... mmm... Shit M-Mikey... F-fuck... I'm s-so close..." He moaned as I continued to rub myself fast and hard, trying to help him climax. "Mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuu-ah!" He screamed and released all over himself.

The sight of this alone got me closer, and I started stroking myself as fast as possible without my arm breaking.

"G-Geegee... I-I... I need you... P-Please..." I moaned.

Before I knew it, Gerard had his mouth over my painfully close member, playing with my head.

"Fuck!" I cried.

Then I felt one of his fingers ram into me, and he hit my prostate with precision at the same time he ran his tongue through my slit, causing me to scream and climax in his mouth. I tried to collect my thoughts and recuperate from my orgasm. I shook and convulsed slightly, and Gerard pulled me close to him. He stroked my hair and chuckled slightly.

"What?" I asked, sleepier than before.

"I'm going to have to make you do that more often. Because that was fucking hot." He said, and kissed me on the lips quickly. He pulled the covers over us both, and we fell asleep holding each other tight.

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