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Taste of leather

by XxlovefrankieroxX

(One shot) After seeing Gerard in those leather pants at Reading last night this just had to be done. Frank isn't left unaffected from the sight of Gerard's ass in those pants, and boy does he get ...

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This one shot is just a kinky little number I decided to write after watching the My Chem set at Reading festival last night. Sadly, since I could only afford Download this year I didn’t go there in person, but I watched it all on TV whilst it was happening and since it was all on screen I got a good ol’ close up of our darling Gee in the tightest leather pants ever.
My, my, my. I knew that man had a good ass but dayamn.
Well, me being the sucker for leather that I am (not a mention how I apply frerard to EVERYTHING) I decided this little ficlet was in order ;D So enjoy my lovelies, and don’t forget to R&R!

It had taken one hour, thirty six minutes and roughly forty nine seconds to get them on. God only knew how long it was going to take to get them off.

It had been raining all day, typical British weather but the band were lucky. They could stay shut up in their tour bus where it was warm and there was an endless supply of coffee, where as the crowds outside had only flimsy tents to go back too. Though of course no amount of rain would ruin the day for them, Gerard had no doubt. And what with their set being last he hoped the rain would have let off by then.

Gerard had sat gazing out the window at the downpour outside for a long while, just holding the warm mug in his hands and thinking about the show that night. He couldn’t wait to get out there and give the fans an amazing show, but before any of that could happen there had been the pants...

Genuine black leather. Brand new. Ridiculously tight.

Gerard knew he’d be able to pull them off – metaphorically speaking, literally was a whole different matter –as long as he could get them on. He had tentatively stretched at the waistband a little that morning when he’d dug them out of his case, but there was little to no give in them. Mikey had walked past as he’d been scrutinising them and his little brother’s outburst of hysterical laughter hadn’t exactly been helpful.

Still, Gerard didn’t care if the rest of the band found the idea of him trying to squeeze into the leathers hilarious. He was a rock star damn it! He was going to wear them and he was going to look amazing and he would have the last laugh.

Gerard made sure to give himself plenty of time to get ready, Frank even offering to help him when he’d looked slightly nauseas as he retrieved the leathers from where he had left them neatly folded in his bunk.

The guitarist tried to grin in an innocent way though it was hard to hold back his laughter as Gerard slowly pulled off his jeans and gingerly unfolded the leathers. He moved them down to the floor and stepped into them, managing to get his feet through with minimal effort but that was where the easiness ended.

“Right...” He breathed, looking to Frank for help but the guitarist simply watched as Gerard began to wriggle them up his legs.
So began the longest one hour and thirty six minutes of his life.

The leathers had been constricting and stubborn. Gerard must have fell over a hundred times as he wrestled with them, banging his head and his shins off the bunks as he tumbled backwards, forwards, sideways, onto Frank, into bunks... pretty much anything and everything within radius.

The leathers had spent a lot of time around his knees, refusing to budge and making movement difficult as he swore and jumped, shook his hips (not giving Frank the nicest view since underwear was a definite no go), kicked his feet and growled in frustration. Eventually the sweat had just made it more difficult, even Frank serious by now as he gripped at the belt loops and tugged with all his might as Gerard tried to jump up and down into them.

“Jesus! Come on – suck in that fat!” Frank growled, Gerard squeaking and smacking his arm.

“I am not fat!”

“Suck it in anyway!”

“I am sucking it in!”

“WELL OBVIOUSLY YOU’RE NOT SUCKING HARD ENOUGH!” Frank shouted, standing back with red cheeks and his hands planted firmly on his hips. Somewhere down the bus loud laughter erupted and both men blushed deeply, Frank exhaling upwards to blow his hair off his forehead.

“This isn’t working.” He decided, looking around as if some sort of answer would just magically appear out of thin air. “You’re too sweaty, it’s making them stick.” He snapped, wriggling beneath his bunk to root around in his case.

Gerard watched him with his hands covering his manhood, feeling like a total idiot as he waited for Frank to reveal his plan.

When the guitarist came out from under the bed he was brandishing a little travel hairdryer, a grin on his face as Gerard’s eyes grew wide.

“And what, pray tell, do you plan to do with that?” He asked as calmly as he could, though his heart was starting to race in horror. Maybe these pants weren’t such a good idea, skinny jeans were just as nice really.

“I plan to dry you off.” Frank beamed, as if it was obvious, plugging the hairdryer in with a gleeful giggle before he skipped to Gerard and pointed it at his legs like a gun. “Now stand still a second.” He ordered, turning the little machine on and instantly a blast of warm air began to caress Gerard’s knees and thighs.

“Oh Lord...” Gerard groaned, moving one hand to slap against his forehead at how ridiculous it all was. If only the fans could see him now, stood with leather pants around his knees with his band mate blow drying the rest of his legs. All dignity was well and truly out the window.

Frank kept at it for a further five minutes before deciding Gerard was now dry enough and so began the game of wrestling, jumping and tugging all over again.

It took about thirty seconds for them to decide it hadn’t worked.

“Oh for fucks sake!” Frank snapped, slamming the hair dryer down in exasperation. “Maybe if we try soap...”

“Soap!?” Gerard squeaked, his face horrified. “Frankie I don’t think –”

“Why don’t you try talcum powder?” Ray suggested from his spot in the doorway, innocently eating a sandwich as he gazed in at the two men. Gerard blushed and angled his body away a little so Ray wouldn’t see his half nudity, but only resulted in flashing his butt at him anyway. The whole band had seen each other naked hundreds of times though from touring together and so Ray barely even noticed.

“Will that work?” Frank asked, confused and the lead guitarist rolled his eyes as if it was obvious.

“Of course. It’ll stop the leather sticking to the skin.” He said simply, Frank thinking that over before deciding it sounded about right and a devious grin split his features.

Gerard gulped.


The show that night was incredible.

The talcum powder had worked much to his surprise, though it had still been an agonizing thirty minutes wriggling the leather millimetre by millimetre up his legs. Once he’d got them all the way up he’d felt too weak to do anything other than fall backwards onto his bed with a little leathery squeak and Frank had giggled as he did up his button and fly for him.

For a while Gerard hadn’t been sure if it had actually been worth it, but when he had looked in the mirror he’d been surprised at how nice they looked. The leather was sleek and shiny, hugging his legs so tightly they could be painted on. It gave him a fairly sizeable bulge too much to his delight, and Frank’s approving look at his ass had made him smirk widely.

The pants were so tight it was almost painful, but as soon as they started playing to the crowds Gerard had forgotten all about that and just enjoyed himself. They loved playing festivals and tonight was no different, the energy came from the crowd in waves and Gerard felt almost high from it.

Frank tried to focus on his playing as they performed, keeping his gaze focused on his fingertips dancing along the neck of his guitar, but every time he dared risk a glance at the frontman he felt his mouth water at the sight.

Helping Gerard get the leathers on hadn’t exactly been fun and games, but seeing him now, prancing about in trousers so tight was making Frank’s stomach flip. He had always been attracted to Gerard, it had never really been a secret. Both Jamia and Lyn Z knew Frank was bi, and both knew he found Gerard sexy and neither minded.

Neither really blamed him.

Both wives knew that Frank and Gerard had had times when they’d had sex whilst touring, mostly back in the revenge era when drink and drugs loosened their inhibitions. It had dwindled down during the black parade to practically a stop since depression and marriage had almost torn them apart. Then now, the time of the killjoys... They had flirted a little, almost made out once or twice when a good morning kiss had lingered too long. They had had some ‘almost frerard’ moments on stage and things were looking up, but neither had thought about sex again... well, Frank hadn’t at least.

Not until now, that was...

As they performed he tried his hardest not to look at Gerard too often, and though he could appreciate the man was looking fine he mostly didn’t feel out of control with his feelings. But then he had looked up at the completely wrong moment.

Gerard was right infront of him, kneeling on the floor with his torso draped over one of the foot amps at the front of the stage, his leather clad ass raised into the air. It was a good job Frank could play all their songs in his sleep or he would have missed his notes as he gawped at the display infront of him.

Gerard was singing his heart out as ever, completely oblivious to the feelings he was stirring within the young guitarist. As Frank stared at the singers perfectly rounded, pert little butt he had the uncontrollable urge to run over there and hump him senseless.

With flaming cheeks Frank quickly pushed those thoughts of his head, horrified by his own tenacity and he quickly focused back on his playing, refusing to look at Gerard for the rest of the show.

Luckily once Brian May came on stage Frank found it much easier to forget Gerard, too busy rocking out with a true rock hero and soaking in the crowd’s reaction to such an amazing guest appearance. We will rock you was sang at the top of everyone’s lungs, including Frank’s, and the Black Parade was always a crowd pleaser.

Once they had all tripped off the stage the band embraced each other and chatted excitedly about the amazing show, Brian May stood with them as if he was part of the band and Frank could feel the fan boy in him waking up. Brian May... stood with them, like he genuinely wanted to be around them! Frank could die of happiness right then he knew.

After party invitations were quick to be passed about through word of mouth and Mikey, Ray and Michael agreeing instantly to join Brian in some after show drinks. He assured them it would be nothing heavy, squeezing Gerard’s shoulder as he chatted brightly about ‘the most amazing coffee from Brazil’ he had brought with him and Gerard eagerly nodded.

“Sounds great – will you excuse me for just a moment though, I need to change.” He chuckled softly, gesturing at his sweat soaked clothes and ridiculously tight pants and Brian laughed as he nodded, Mikey rolling his eyes.

“He’ll be hours getting out of those.” He smirked, Frank quick to offer a helping hand and he grinned as he walked away with Gerard to go back to the bus. The others came with them after agreeing to meet Brian after, the five of them going back to the bus to get changed.

Of course, everyone except Gerard was ready within ten minutes and Frank giggled softly as the others left again, eager to spend as much time as they could with Brian and Frank smirked as he wandered to the bunk where Gerard was stood shirtless, trousers undone but as yet having made no attempt to take them off.

“Looking at them won’t work you know.” Frank teased lightly, Gerard flipping him off with a soft chuckle.

“I have no idea how to do this. The sweat has made them stick to me even more.” He groaned, gingerly trying to peel them down his legs and he winces as his skin stuck to them. It was like trying to slowly peel away a band aid.

Frank laughed to himself as he watched for a moment, incredibly amused but mostly just aroused as he stared at the shape of Gerard’s manhood behind the leather and he licked his lips slowly. Gerard caught the motion but didn’t think anything of it, simply looking innocently at the guitarist as Frank took his hands and began tugging him down the bus.

“Come on, you can get undressed in the living area, then there’s more room.” He grinned softly, Gerard walking with him without argument.

Once they reached the living area Gerard ran his hands through his red hair, the locks tasselled and sticking up slightly from the amount of times he’d been running his fingers through it during their set. Frank found him so delightfully sexy in that moment he couldn’t help but release his hands only to take hold of his waist instead.

“You know... These may have been a total pain to get on but they made you look amazing.” He purred, his own stage clothes discarded by now and he was wearing his trusty skinnies and a simple white t-shirt instead. He hoped they would be off in good time too though.

Gerard smiled softly and shrugged, looking down at the open leathers and biting his lip.

“Eh, I guess. Thanks.” He chuckled modestly, resting his hands on Frank’s arms as the shorter man stepped closer and licked his lips slowly again. This time Gerard did think on it, but he didn’t feel nervous or worried. He knew Frank liked him, and he liked Frank too. They had both proved it enough times during their friendship, and their wives knew it too. They were both madly in love with their wives, that would never change. They were family men now, but they were still men, and they had always lusted after each other.

“Frankie?” Gerard giggled softly, smirking as Frank stepped closer until their crotches pressed together and his breath hitched in his throat. “Ooh... I didn’t know you were so into leather.” He smirked, his stomach starting to tingle in excitement.

He and Frank had kept their hands off each other for quite a long time now. Gerard didn’t suppose either of their wives would be distraught if they did fuck on tour, they were best friends and their wives knew they only loved each other as such. But both had been loyally faithful just out of respect for the women that had stolen their hearts, but both knew as long as they didn’t reveal what they got up to with each other on tour then their wives wouldn’t ask about it.

“What can I say?” Frank shrugged, his voice huskier already as he gazed hungrily at Gerard’s pouty lips. “Seeing you crawling all over that amp really got me going... I just had to get my hands all over you.” He whispered seductively, leaning so close now their mouths were almost touching and Gerard’s lips tingled in need.

“Well, they haven’t strayed very far yet.” He whispered back, smirking slightly and Frank heard the challenge in his voice. Now it was clear Gerard wasn’t going to stop Frank the shorter man wasted no time in leaning forward and capturing Gerard’s lips in a frantic, hungry kiss.

Gerard gasped softly and stumbled back a little before he tangled his hands into Frank’s hair, the dark locks now just long enough for him to run his fingers through and grip tightly. He groaned huskily into Franks mouth and dragged him closer, Frank’s hands already exploring every inch of him just like he’d promised.

Frank stepped closer, pressing their bodies tight and nudging a leg between Gerard’s thighs, pushing it up snug into the V his legs made until Gerard began to grind gently against it. His mouth opened to allow his breathing to deepen and Frank’s tongue snaked into the warm cavern, rubbing insistently against the older man’s tongue and teeth as his hands came down to grip at his ass.

Frank moaned huskily as his fingers squeezed and caressed the mounds covered in the smooth leather, allowing him better grip so that he could drag Gerard’s hips up and over his thigh, the friction immense as leather and denim bit into each other and in no time at all both men were achingly hard.

Gerard whimpered softly in pain, the leather far too restricting to have an erection in and his hands scrabbled to push the material down, but Frank wasn’t having that just yet.

Gerard gasped and squeaked when Frank suddenly hooked a leg behind his and yanked forward so that Gerard fell backwards onto the floor. He didn’t have time to question it though before Frank’s mouth was straight back on his, kissing and sucking hungrily as he raked his nails down the older man’s chest.

“Mmph... Fuck...” Gerard hissed, his nipples standing to attention from the tiny amount of pain that got him just so hot. Frank didn’t miss a beat as he began to twist and pinch at Gerard’s nipples, rolling the nubs between his fingers before rubbing the pain better, Gerard panting harshly as his hips bucked, trying to get his erection free from the leather. His dick felt a million times bigger than it actually was in its leathery prison and he begged Frank breathlessly to take them off.

“P – Please – Oh God!” He gasped, groaning in slight pain when Frank suddenly grabbed his legs and shoved him up so that his knees were against the front of his shoulders, his ass facing the ceiling and his legs wide. His breathing hardened, his chest unable to inflate properly with his stomach pressing against it but he didn’t care, it was rare he got to see this side of Frank, even when they had been having sex a lot those years ago. Frank was always the more dominant of the two, contrary to popular belief, the guy may be short but he was not a bitch. He usually didn’t get this forceful though, but it was Gerard’s favourite way to have him.

“F – Fuck Frankie!” Gerard groaned, his voice breathless as he struggled to pant, squeaking in shock as Frank pushed harder on the back of his thighs, bending him in half so that he could bend down and press his open mouth flush against Gerard’s anus through the leather.

Gerard panted softly and screwed his eyes shut, his hands gripping at the carpet and his aching erection pulsing as Frank sucked against the leather over his entrance, pushing his tongue hard against it and licking all the way up the cleft of his ass. The leather was just thin enough for Gerard to feel the tiniest amount of pressure, the feeling so teasing he all but sobbed with need.

Frank ‘hmm’d to himself as he licked over the leather, the material smooth against his tongue, shiny from his spit as he slowly moved back to look at it before he released Gerard and got to his knees.

Gerard’s legs hit the carpet heavily, his body slumping as he gasped for air, catching his breath as Frank began to wrestle the leather down his legs. He lifted his hips to try and help but thankfully they slid down much easier than they had gone up. It still took the guitarist a while though and all of his strength to get them off, Gerard obtaining a few carpet burns on his back whilst he was at it but he really didn’t care in that moment.

“Fuck. Fuck Frankie, fuck fuck fuck.” Gerard chanted, his erection springing free and leaking a little against his stomach at the blissful freedom. Within a second of the leathers being off Frank’s hand was around his cock, pumping rapidly and thumbing the head until Gerard felt ready to cum.

“Oh Gee... mmph... so hot baby, I wanna fuck you so bad.” Frank groaned huskily, sucking three of his fingers into his mouth since he didn’t carry lube around with him anymore. He hadn’t since ’04 really, never having the need for it. Gerard was used to him by now though, but Frank had no doubt he’d be tight from the time they had been behaving themselves. The thought made Frank even harder.

“Oh God... F – Feel free...” Gerard chuckled breathlessly, trying desperately not to let his pleasure over take him and he sighed with slight relief when Frank released his erection.

“I wasn’t asking permission.” The guitarist growled, his eyes full of playfulness and lust and Gerard couldn’t stop the moan that erupted from his throat as a fingertip nudged against his ass. He loved being treated like this, he couldn’t help it. He knew full well that if he said no Frank would stop in a heartbeat, but having the guitarist pretend otherwise made the singer so hot.

Frank bit his lip as he forced Gerard’s legs open wider, wanting him spread wide for him as he pushed in the first slick finger. Gerard gasped sharply and his muscles clenched tight for a second until he composed and relaxed, his legs trembling a little as he held them open and Frank began thrusting his finger quickly. He kept it gentle, but the speed up, his own cock twitching as he watched his finger disappearing in and out of Gerard’s quivering ass.

“Mm... It’s been too long sugar.” He purred, wriggling in the second digit and starting to scissor his fingers as Gerard nodded mutely, his eyes screwed shut and his lips pursed as he tried to hold back his moans. “You fucking love this don’t you?” Frank purred, moving his free hand to Gerard’s jaw and squeezing gently to make him open his mouth. “Let me hear you.”

“Jesus Frankie, you’re fucking killing me here.” Gerard groaned instantly, his ass clenching rhythmically around Frank’s fingers as a third soon joined the other two, the stretch so good Gerard had to moan his appreciation.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Frank smirked, grinning as he spat into his palm and began to stroke his cock to the same pace he was fingering the singer.

Gerard was already so turned on he wasn’t sure how much longer he’d hold out. He hadn’t had sex in the months they’d been touring, and hadn’t had sex with a man in... well, too long. He had fingered himself a couple times secretly in the shower when he’d been at home, but he could never reach quite deep enough and having Frank effortlessly stretching him and nudging teasingly against his prostate was driving him crazy.

“You ready?” Frank purred as he slowly began to withdraw his fingers, Gerard nodding frantically and trying to open his legs even further. Frank chuckled softly and shuffled forward, pushing his arm beneath one of Gerard’s legs before hitching it up onto his shoulder.

Gerard’s breathing quickened at the familiar position, the feeling like an old friend and his sphincter muscles contracted and relaxed in waves as they waited for the inevitable. Frank took a moment to just watch, smiling softly. He loved this about Gerard, loved the way his body always responded like this. So inviting, so welcoming. Gerard could never fake wanting sex, when he got like this his whole body gave off signals of what it wanted.

“Oh baby... I’ve missed this.” Frank breathed, leaning forward and kissing Gerard delicately, sipping at his lips as the head of his penis began to press against Gerard’s ass. The singer focused on relaxing, his leg not up on Frank’s shoulder coming up to wrap around his slender waist, elevating his ass even more so that within seconds the head was completely in.

“Oh God...” Gerard groaned, his toes curling for a second. “I’ve missed this too...”

Frank moved his kisses to Gerard’s neck as he sank slowly into him, taking his time so that they could savour it as well as for Gerard to adjust. The singers muscles were clenching in gentle spasms as if trying to swallow Frank in and it didn’t take long before his balls were pressed against Gerard’s ass, their chests tight together and Gerard’s erection throbbing between their stomachs.

There was a moment when neither moved, their bodies tingling and adjusting and then Frank gripped Gerard’s hips and they let their lust fly.

“O – Oh Fuck!” Gerard flung his head back and squeezed his eyes shut as Frank began to thrust into him over and over, his hips pistoning back and forth at a rapid pace. His hands were firm on Gerard’s hips, stopping his body from jolting too much so that the angle was kept just right. He could feel he was bumping into Gerard’s prostate with each thrust in and he smirked a little as Gerard moaned helplessly.

The singer’s stomach was clenching as pleasure rode over him in waves, Frank’s engorged length filling him up just perfectly, not too big but big enough to stretch him just the right amount. His nails were digging into Frank’s tattooed back as his balls slapped against his ass with each frantic but perfectly angled thrust. He was already dribbling pre cum onto his stomach, the creamy liquid sticking to both their bodies as Frank fucked into him.

Frank began to tug Gerard’s hips down with each thrust forward, driving his erection deeper with long, smooth thrusts. He arched his back and tipped his head back, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed deeply and Gerard watched through half lidded eyes, struggling to sit up for just a second so he could bite against it before he collapsed back again, panting breathlessly as Frank picked up even more speed.

Frank’s cock was pulsing inside the singer, the veins forcing blood around the organ as cum leaked against Gerard’s prostate and got smeared against his inner walls by Frank’s relentless thrusting. The cum made it easier, acting as a second lubricant as he leaned over Gerard and kissed him hungrily again, his back tingling where Gerard’s nails were digging into it.

“Mmph... mmm... Fuck, fuck... Oh God Frankie... I’m so... so fucking close.” Gerard groaned, hissing in pleasure and his toes curled as Frank instantly wrapped one of his hands around the singers erection and began pumping up and down the shaft. “Oh Fuck!”

“Unnn.... That good?” Frank groaned, his own stomach tingling dangerously and his thrusting became erratic and desperate as his orgasm began building within him, his balls tightening. “Fuuuck...”

“Oh God... Fuck, that’s so good Frankie...” Gerard panted breathlessly, his head rolling from side to side as he bucked his hips and scratched desperately over Frank’s shoulder blades. “I – I’m gonna cum!” He gasped, his teeth clenching before his back arched as if he was spring loaded and cum exploded over his chest and stomach.
“Fuck! Nnngh!” He pressed his hips down to get Frank deeper into him and he cried out in pleasure as the guitarist kept his thrusts fast but shallow in him, not moving the tip of his dick from his prostate as he watched Gerard cumming all over himself.

“Oh Frankie... Frankie, Frankie, Frankie...” Gerard moaned, whining his name over and over as Frank hissed softly and ducked his head down to press into the crook of his neck and shoulder. The pleasure tugging at his veins was too much to ignore and he thrust only a couple more times before he slumped, giving a guttural moan as he spilt deep inside the singer.

Gerard shuddered and flinched a little at the feeling of cum filling his sensitive ass, his nails digging harder into Frank’s back for a moment as rope after rope of Frank’s cum shot into him, the two men keeping perfectly still until they had milked their orgasms for all they were worth and then they slumped.

Gerard panted heavily as he slowly withdrew his nails and lay his hands flat on Frank’s back, rubbing gently to try and take the pain away as Frank breathed harshly against his neck.

For a long while neither man said anything, their heads dizzy from the afterglow but after a good few minutes had passed Frank rolled onto his back and chuckled quietly, his eyes closed.

“Man, you should wear leather more often...” He purred, Gerard grinning and feeling deliciously filthy as cum dripped from between his thighs onto the carpet. He had had no idea how much he needed that until he’d got it, and now he felt like the cat that had just got the Frankie cream.

“Mm... yeah? Will you do that again if I do?” He asked cheekily, Frank opening one eye to look at him and he smacked his arm lightly, laughing to himself.

“You whore.” He teased, struggling to his feet before helping Gerard up and he smiled as they shared a tender, gentle kiss.

“Mm.. So... is that a yes?” Gerard asked softly, grinning when Frank rolled his eyes fondly but he soon nodded, the two men smirking.

“Mmhmm... As if I’d be able to resist.” He purred, sauntering away to get cleaned up and dressed quickly, Gerard watching him go with a dreamy, drunken smile on his lips.


“Geez, you guys took forever!” Mikey accused as soon as Gerard and Frank arrived to the after party, Gerard shrugging as he grinned sheepishly but Frank only smiled casually and accepted the beer Ray handed to him.

“Dude, you’re telling me. Getting his damn leathers off was a nightmare!” He sighed dramatically, the others laughing as they imagined Gerard’s diva fit he no doubt had getting out of the skin tight pants.

Gerard though only smiled casually and sank down into the comfiest looking chair he could find, glad to find his ass didn’t hurt and he watched Frank with hungry eyes, already planning the next night it would be most convenient to put the leathers on again.

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