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Setlists and Sleep

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First concert of the tour

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I can hear the crowd, loud, sounding like the buzzing of a million bees all at once. There is electricity in the air…I can feel it. I’ve been handed an all access pass and a camera, “Take pictures,” my dad instructs before running backstage.

Now, I stand, side stage, waiting for something to happen. What’s going on? Hurrying backstage I see Mike, pacing back and forth nervously, Tré, drum sticks in hand, playing the air but where’s Billie? Where’s my dad?

Just then he walks over, hugs me and then all three of them run on stag met by the roar of the crowd. Hopping down the stairs I enter the pit, wanting to experience this concert from the view point of a fan and not someone standing side stage…well at least for some of it.

It’s crowed and already smells like some kind of alcohol and drugs. Oh the joys of the pit. At least there are no young kids. Kids under the age of thirteen should not be brought to a Green Day concert. Pulling out the set list I was given…alright, I stole it from Mike but that’s beside the point. I look over it figuring out what songs I would want to be on stage for laughing at the notes on the list as I go through. Most are just stupid shit Mike, Tré Cool and I wrote in on the plane for something to do. It’s nice to know that even though we all love the music we can still poke fun at it.

Song of the Century – is that even really considered a song?
21st Century Breakdown
Know Your Enemy – yes father I know my enemy, his name is Tré Cool and he eats kids for breakfast. Haha
East Jesus Nowhere – where exactly is no where?
Holiday – I am incapable of hearing the falling rain. And that kids is what listening to your music too loud will do to you.
The Static Age – actually I feel this ages music blasts pretty clearly. It sucks but at least it’s clear. Ha.
Give Me Novacaine – I would enjoy some too right about now
Are We the Waiting – yes we are waiting…waiting on the world to change. Or the plane to land, which ever comes first
St. Jimmy – St. Jimmy = all that is good in the world
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Burnout – what you will all be after the end of this tour
Hitchin’ a Ride – isn’t that another term for masturbating?
Welcome to Paradise – what’s so paradickle about it? Paradickle is not a word (Mike)
When I Come Around
Coming Clean – about what, huh…?
Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover) – like the movie cause I wasn’t aware that was a song too
Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover) – been walking it for a long time. Is it ever going to fucking end and just get me to Hell?
Brain Stew – why are they even playing this one?
Jaded – Stoners
Basket Case
She – she is a very general topic. What is she? How is she? Who is she? Why is she a she? Important questions.
King for a Day – We all wish
Shout (The Isley Brothers cover) – once, I saw my dad hump the floor I wanted to shout…or wash my eyes with acid
Love me Tender Satisfaction Hey Jude – what?
21 Guns – shot you in the face
Minority – now the major population :)

Once I’ve figured all this out they are into the third song and I decide I should probably get a few pictures. Maybe I’ll make like a picture diary or some of the tours best moments? I shrug; it’ll give me something to do.

All three of them sound great as usual and you can tell by the faces that the crowd is entertained. That’s what Billie, Mike and Tré are…they are entertainers; its pretty dang awesome to be their kid. Cause in truth I’m not just Billie Joe Armstrong’s daughter I belong to the band to Mike and Tré just as much as my dad. I’ve got a pretty fuck up family.

As St. Jimmy roles around I stand on the side of the stage waiting for something to happen. For Billie to go into one of his rants about something stupid, maybe he won’t this concert. As they begin I play air guitar backstage knowing if I actually started to play I’d be in huge trouble. I sing along, snapping a few pictures here and there before heading back down to the pit. I decide to stay here for the rest of the night. I’m getting tired of running up and down stairs every other song.

2 hours later

Lying in the tub on top of a comforter Tré pulled off his bed I can still hear the laughter coming from the other side of the door. For being three grown men they all act like they are still teenagers. I’m tired. They’ve got to be tired; though if I had gotten that kind of energy out of my crowed maybe I’d still be energized too. Right now though I’m dead with Iron Man running through my overly exhausted brain…I need sleep.

Tomorrow we leave for Singapore and Green Day plays on the fourteenth. This means more running around craziness, a late night and only 52 more days left if you count the Singapore concert but I don’t so 53. Life on the road kicks ass sleeping kicks even more ass.

After an hour of trying to sleep I emerge from the bathroom that acts as my make shift room, shielding my eyes from the lights that are still on. Bottles sit around the room and the TV is on to some stupid Thailand soap opera. Mike is sitting between the beds, his room is behind the closed door at the end of the hall, Billie and Tré sit on the two beds in the main room. All of them have blood shot eyes and look transfixed at the flashing television screen.

“Alright, time for bed,” I announce picking up bottles and tossing them into the trash bin, shutting off the TV.

“But mom…” all of them whine, laughing a bit.

“It’s five in the morning. We’ve got a plane to catch at eleven. I want to get a little bit of sleep.”

“Party pooper,” Tré grumbles though he gives me a good hearted smile.

“Night kido,” Mike says before walking from the room. I really wish he would put some pants on.

“Come here Mag pie,” my dad says patting the bed next to him.

“Sup?” I question plopping down next to him, my head resting on the pillow next to him.
“How are you, sweetheart?”

“If I said tired as fuck would you reprimand me for my language?”

My dad laughs, “Not at all.”

“Good cause that’s how I feel. You where good tonight…all of you guys.”

“I saw you on air guitar for St. Jimmy. You where rockin’ out.”

“I guess. Do you miss mom?” the question came out of no where and I hate myself for asking it.

“Yeah…yeah I do.”

“Right. See you in the morning,” I state starting to sit up. Billie sits up with me.

“Night Maggie,” he says before kissing my forehead.

“Night dad.”

“I love you Mags.”

“Love you too dad,” I reply before retreating into the bathroom.

Time for three glorious hours of sleep before turning around and doing this all over again…oh, life is good.
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