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Notes: I do not own Criminal Minds or any of its characters. For ranger_zenchi, Help Japan Auction.

Exchanging worried glances with Rossi, Hotch cleared his throat. "What is it, Garcia?"

"IN MY OFFICE NOW!" She shrieked and turned around, heading back.

Hotch thought about making a bee-line for the exit but knew that Garcia would find some way to lock down the building, so he just followed her. "Thanks." He muttered to Rossi, as his friend rose and followed him.

"No prob." Rossi answered, sounding just as nervous as Aaron felt.

They timidly entered her office and relaxed a bit when he saw Garcia sitting down and typing on her keyboard. "Gar-" Hotch began.

"SHHH!" She hissed. "Just watch." She clicked the mouse button and rolled away from the table. Rossi and Hotch leaned in closer to the screen. At first it seemed like they were just watching the usual people going about their jobs. Then, Aaron felt his stomach clench as he saw Morgan and Prentiss enter Garcia's office, and only a few minutes later Hotch himself. She left it on for a couple moments, but before the screen even showed him exiting, she switched to the refrigerator. They watched Anderson walk up, get something out, and then she turned off the screen. "Now can we arrest him?"

Hotch blinked. "I'm sorry?"

"Weren't you paying attention?" Garcia snapped. With a sigh, she repeated the scenes and then looked at Hotch. "Well?"

"I don't-"

"ANDERSON!" Garcia shrieked. "He passed by my office and then minutes later was at the freezer! He's the unsub! Go arrest him!"

Hotch blinked but Rossi was quicker. "Garcia," He soothed, "I don't think we have nearly enough evidence to arrest him."

"So question him!" She snapped. "Make him confess and then arrest him."

"Based on what?" Hotch asked. "He walked past your door, not into the room."

Garcia stood up, and poked her finger into Hotch's chest. "He could have reached in." She waved away the excuse. "You. Go. Talk. To. Him. Or. You. Are. Fired." She gritted out, enunciating each word with a poke.

Hotch momentarily forgot that she couldn't actually fire him. "Okay." He found himself saying. He was back outside her lair, with the door closed behind him before he could think rationally again.

"Now what do we do?" Rossi asked him.

"Well…" Hotch sighed. "I guess we go question Anderson." He said and headed towards the Bull Pen.
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