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Gay? No Way!

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I don't know if you guys will hate me for this but I sure hope not.

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I felt a cold breeze blow past my face and I shivered. I also noticed that there were no longer a pair of arms embracing. I stirred a little and opened my eyes to see a pair of hazel eyes smiling at me.
"Good morning sunshine." Frank smiled at me. I looked around and noticed Mikey was gone.
"Where's Mikey?" I asked completely ignoring Frank's greeting.
"Good morning Frank! Did you sleep well?" Frank mocked me.
"Oh I slept just fine how about you?" Frank smirked and laughed.
"I know where he is but I have specific orders not to tell you." Frank looked at the floor. I heard Ray turn over in his sleep. I think Gerard was still sleeping too.
"Why can't you tell me where he is?" I asked with concern. I wanted to know where he went, I wanted to make sure he was okay.
"Because he told me not to tell you. Gerard knows but he fell back asleep. Ray has no clue, and then I know, but he told me not to tell you." Frank smiled.
"Why did he tell you not to tell me?" I asked, I'm sure Frank was annoyed with the incessant questions by now.
"Because he has a problem and he doesn't want you to know." Frank giggled looking around. The place had a couple people walking around and some people sleeping on the old concrete just as we were.
"What was this problem that he had to go fix?" I asked looking at Frank very seriously. Frank's cheeks turned red as he looked at the ground.
"I can't tell you that either. I can tell you that you caused the problem." Frank looked up with a crooked smile and a creepy look in his eye.
"What problem does he have that I caused?" I asked getting quite angry now.
"Your an adult, take a guess." Frank winked and turned over to look at Ray. His hair was all in his face and he was snoring slightly. Frank shook him gently until he just grunted.
"Leave me alone Frank, I'm sleeping." Ray mumbled and turned over. Frank giggled.
"Fine don't help me, but I am still going to go try to find him." I stood up and looked around. I heard Mikey, he was making a noise like he was in pain. The noise was coming from behind a car. A little blue honda. Out of fear a got up and tried to run, but instead I was greeted by the concrete. Thankfully I caught myself before my face could hit it. I saw a mess of red hair as Gerard sat up rubbing his head.
"What a rude awakening." Gerard said as he sat up. He saw me and his eyes got wide. He crawled over to me and looked at me.
"What happened, are you okay?" He asked and I lifted my hand to my head. I felt blood drip from my hand. I had scrapped my hand but I didn't know it was bleeding. I felt my blood drip onto my leg.
"Holy shit! Did you cut your hand? or better yet did you see who kicked me in the head?" Gerard rubbed his head. So, that's what I tripped over. I thought to myself.
"Sorry." I smiled shyly.
"Oh, it was just you. it didn't hurt I just wanted to know who did it. It woke me up." Gerard smiled and wiped the blood off my hand with his.
"Now it's better, what were you running to?" Gerard asked crossing his legs to get comfortable.
"I was running to find Mikey. He sounded like he was in pain." I said about to stand back up.
"I can't let you do that, he told us not to let you go to him. Sorry." Gerard said with a smile. I gave him a glare and shook my head.
"Well what is this problem that is preventing me from seeing him." I said crossing my arms. Frank and Gerard exchanged looks and then Gerard nodded.
"I will tell you the problem but you have to not tell him I told you. And you have to not go try to find him. Got it?" Gerard asked looking me in the eye.
"Okay." I said with interest.
"Last night you aroused him and he fell asleep, the he woke up this morning still aroused. He f=got scared because he has never had an erection that long. And because he hasn't gotten aroused in awhile. Last he did it was from another man. So he thought he was gay for a long time but now you gave him a boner so he got scared but excited all at the same time. So he is "fixing" it." Gerard ended with pink cheeks. Frank was giggling from behind me.
"So that's how i caused it. But wait who when was the last time he got aroused? And by who?" I asked being a little bit too curious.
"I don't remember exactly when it was but I know exactly who." Gerard looked at the floor.
"Who?" I asked with excitement in my voice. I was so into this now, I had to know.
"I don't want to tell you... Mikey wouldn't want me to tell you either." Gerard put his hand over his mouth as his face turned even more red. Frank was rolling on the floor laughing, how could Ray still be sleeping.
"Well why not?" I asked really wanting to know.
"Because it was him." Frank said through hysterical laughter.
"What the hell?" I asked really shocked. Gerard looked at the floor.
"yeah we were in the dressing room and Gerard was changing. I mean it's no secret that he is attractive but Mikey was staring at him. I said something to him and he snapped out of it but the evidence was showing in his skinny jeans. His face turned red and he ran into the bathroom. Ray was shocked and Gerard never noticed until I told him. And that wasn't the last time." Frank pointed at Gerard. Gerard looking up as he tried to think.
"Nope your right, the last time was you!" Gerard started to laugh.
"But either way it has been going on for a long time. Mikey has always been kind of awkward around us because he thought that was going to happen. And he has never held down a girlfriend. But I always knew he wasn't gay, he just hadn't found the right girl. and so what if he likes boys a little bit." Gerard said shooting Frank a mean looking.
"Wait what he has gotten aroused from looking at you guys?" I asked completely shocked.
"Yup, it never really bothered me though. I mean being his brother and that we used to live in the same house we slept together once in a while." Gerard said playing with his fingers.
"What?!" I asked.
"Not like that, when he was scared of a nightmare or of lightening or monsters or whatever he would come down to my room and he would sleep in my bed with me. And I would hole him. I can't believe you thought that. That's creepy." Gerard said with a light laugh.
"Oh shut up Gerard you know you have!" Frank said a little bit to loudly.
"Shut the fuck up! I told you never to speak of that. it was a secret and I trusted you." Gerard gave Frank a death glare.
"Wait what?" I asked in confusion.
"Fine, now that Frank said something I have to tell you. Mikey tells people that his first time was with his girlfriend Alicia when he was 17. But it wasn't, it was when he was 17 but not with her." Gerard blushed and looked over at the wall.
"You mean..." I stopped and thought about that.
"Yup, Mikey was scared of sex and he and I were talking about it and he... Well, he decided he should practice so he would embarrass himself the first time. It was awkward but he was excited when the real first time happened and his girlfriend was pleased. Then she broke up with him, and he was devastated, so to cheer him up we did it again. I am not proud of it but Im' not ashamed to tell the truth. So whenever he wanted to have sex we did. It lasted for a while and sometimes it still happens but he isn't gay. He just wanted sex. And we would make out sometimes too. But it's whatever." Gerard never looked up from his nails. My eyes were wide with shock. Mikey and Gerard had sex with each other and thought nothing of it.
"Are you kidding me?" I asked him. Gerard shook his head an lied down on his back.
"Yeah, Mikey's great in bed, he's a little bit awkward in regular life but when you get him in bed. Damn." Frank ended and picked up his blanket.
"You slept with him too?" I asked in shock. Frank nodded and looked at me with a smirk.
"Not as often as Gerard but yes. I think it was only twice. I surprised him in the dressing room once and he was half naked already so I helped him change, and a little bit more." Frank laughed.
"So your gay?" I asked Frank. He laughed.
"No, I love girls but I also love my bandmates. They are like my brothers and sometimes I want to rip their heads off and sometimes I want to fuck their brains out." Frank laughed and picked up his guitar.
"So your not gay either Gerard?" I asked completely confused.
"Not at all, I was just helping my brother out. It wasn't bad or anything." Gerard rolled his eyes. Frank began to play his guitar lightly. Ray sat up and gave him a mean look.
"I can handle your weird sex talks but Frank if you strum another chord I'm going to break it in half." Ray said with a growl. Frank put his guitar down to save it from Ray. Ray turned around and pulled up his blanket.
"I think the second time was just before we came to this amusement park." Frank said to himself. He looked up and to the right as he thought.
"What?" Gerard asked with wide eyes.
"Yeah you didn't think it took Mikey that long to shower. And It sure as hell doesn't take me that long to have a smoke." Frank laughed as he put his arms behind his head. Gerard shook his head. Just then I say Mikey walk up with sweat on his forehead and hair clung to hit. His face was red and he was breathing heavily.
"Marissa... How did you sleep?" He asked with a smile.
"Just fine. How about you?" I asked. He smiled and nodded.
"Fine, I'm better now." Mikey laughed lightly. I smirked because I knew what was wrong but he didn't know.
kiraluvsu : That would be hilarious. But also extremely awkward.
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