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Zebra Matches?

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Ryan propped himself up on his elbow. Contently watching Brendon in his most peaceful state. Brendon's chest rose and fell adding little to no noise to what Ryan was already hearing. The noise of the party still going on faintly creeped through the cracked door. Ryan slowly inched closer to Brendon's face so as to admire his face. His not to tan of skin shown in the little moonlight that leaked in from the small window. His eyes flickered but never opened. As if threatening to open if Ryan didn't stop staring. Ryan moved his face closer to Brendon's until their lips were only a centimeter apart. Lightly Ryan put his lips to Brendon's and a firework of passion shot into him. Brendon opened his eyes to see honey interrupted by a black spot in the center. Ryan pulled his face back to examined Brendon's expression. It was mostly confused, deep in thought.
"I'm sorry." Ryan apologized as he scooted away.
"Um... It's okay." Brendon said as he turned over. Ryan looked back to see Brendon's back to him. Ryan let out a sigh and closed his eyes. But, no matter how hard Ryan tried all he could think about were Brendon's eyes. So he fell asleep with that image carved into his mind.
Brendon woke up and looked around the empty room, but it seemed more empty than yesterday. He threw his arm to his side and hit a warm mattress. Where was Ryan? Brendon sat up on the edge of the bed and saw that Ryan's clothes were still on the floor. Well, his shirt anyway. His shoes and shirt were still there. He must have slipped on his pants to walk around. Brendon got up and looked at the floor. Their were used matches on the floor. Everywhere, but there was no fire or burning smell. Brendon saw a single mask lying in the mess of matches. A black mask just to cover eyes, the corners were scorched as if someone had put it out when it was lit. Brendon opened the door of the bedroom to see an old run down shop. Like an old coffee shop. There were counters but there were random papers on the floor along with more matches. Brendon slipped his glasses on that he had picked up. He heard a click like an elevator. Brendon looked back at the door he had just exited to see just a door.
But that was the direction of the click?
He walked toward the door and felt a cold breeze on his back. He turned to see Ryan standing with his chest exposed.
"What are you looking for?" Ryan asked confused. Brendon shrugged because he didn't know himself.
"You." He said simply and looked back at the door.
"Did you let it close?" Ryan ran to the door and pulled it open. The room had changed and was now looking like something along the lines of a prison cell.
"If no ones in the room and the door shuts completely the room will change. I just lost my shirt and my cell phone. So did you." Ryan said lightly hitting his hip bones with his fists. Brendon took both their phones out of his pockets and waved them back and forth.
"I don't think so. I take mine wherever I go, and I wasn't going to leave something worth this much alone." He tossed it to Ryan. Ryan grinned.
"But now I don't have a shirt." Ryan rolled his eyes and began pacing.
"Look away." Brendon said as he turned around.
"Wait, why?" Ryan asked looking at Brendon as he pulled his hoodie.
"I when I died I kept the scared of the things that contributed to my death. I look sickening under these clothes. Look away and you can have my shirt. I just need the jacket." Brendon peeled his jacket off. Ryan turned around to Brendon's command, but he turned to sneak a peek. He then saw what Brendon couldn't, the scar on his back. It was some sort of gang symbol, some sort of word that the gang would tag places. It was a large 13 carved into his back, to mark the kill. Brendon turned his head to see if Ryan was looking and saw Ryan shot his glance back to the wall.
"If want to see all the scars I'll show you. But, don't say anything." Brendon said dropping his purple shirt on the floor with his hoodie. He turned to face Ryan, instantly Ryan's eyes got wide with shock. He examined the 6 gunshots and the huge slash. Then he caught a glimpse of the temple shot Brendon was covering with his bangs.
"Hideous aren't I?" Brendon laughed. Ryan shook his head as he looked at Brendon. He seemed to think scars were quite beautiful, same with tattoos. Brendon looked at him in confusion.
"Okay then." He tossed Ryan his shirt and picked up the hoodie. Brendon pulled the hoodie on carefully and zipped it up all the way. Ryan put the shirt on and noticed it was to big in the width, not that Brendon was fat, but Ryan was unnaturally thin. The arms were too long as well and the covered Ryan's hands. He smiled and lifted his arms showing Brendon. Brendon felt like he was looking at a little boy who was trying on a shirt in the store and he needed a smaller size. Ryan dropped his arms and shoved his hands into his pockets.
"Do you know why there are so many matches around here?" Brendon asked picking up a spent match. He flicked it to the ground.
"No, and I can't find Bryant either, he didn't even leave a note. This is after all his house." Ryan looked up at the tall ceiling with remains of wires sticking from it.
This extremely strange house is that extremely strange boy Bryant. Make sense.
"Should we look for him?" Brendon asked as he looked around for the boy.
"No. But I'm going to tell him that there is something wrong with his house. It never has dirty rooms. Maybe it's sick." Ryan wondered as he picked up his phone. He dialed Bryant's number only to get a tone.
"Dammit! Bryant's phone is off. Wait he never turns it off, even while on the prowl. Something's not right here." Ryan walked outside to the smell of fire. The edges of the building were scorched but the walls hadn't been burnt. Brendon walked out and kept his foot in the door so the room wouldn't change.
"Why is his house like this? And why can it get sick?" Brendon asked his curiosity taking over once again.
"It's special, just like him. No time to explain, we need to go to the zoo." Ryan said taking Brendon's hand and starting into a run. Brendon followed as closely as he could without getting distracted with the passing scenery or though of the strange boy and his strange house. Once they arrived at the zoo it was heating up outside. Brendon was starting to sweat (which he didn't think was possible for him) in the hoodie. He rolled up the sleeves knowing that he couldn't unzip or take it off.
"This is where we will find the answer." Ryan said running into the zoo. Brendon lost the boy in a crowd of people.
"Ryan." Brendon yelled, because of the commonness of the name a couple people turned their heads.
"Zebras!" He heard Ryan's voice shout from a distance.
Zebras? What the fuck is this kid smoking to just scream zebras?

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