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Kristys Killings

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inspired by a band called snow whites poison bite xD main theme is violence

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I sit on the uncomfortable plastic chair watching the other students `dance` to the sounds that are called music. Although I would call it swaying to noise. I know how stereotypical I am, sitting in my knee-length black dress looking through my black fringe so they won't see the tear stain face behind. My eyeliner must be smudged so badly. Oh, my name is Kristy by the way. I’m sitting by myself because my boyfriend left me.

He’s the captain of the football team, he picked me up in a fancy car, told me I looked `hot` and brought me here. I guess when he saw the other girls here he thought he could do better than me. And I guess he did. Right now he is dancing with a girl in a short lilac dress, well it's more of a long top, and they can't seem to keep their hands off each other.

“Kristy?” I hear my best friend call over the stupidly loud music.

“Yeah.” I reply, staring off into the space in front of me.

“Come dance with us, make the most of it while we’re here.” He smiled, holding out his hands.

“Lyn-z, I'm fine. Go have fun. I think Gerard's waiting for you.” I nod to where Gerard was standing and wave.

“Fine, but you will stop moping about and dance once I've sorted him out.” She replied and walked off to her boyfriend. She was wearing her hair in pigtails, a white shirt, a tartan mini-skirt and boots. It sounded strange, but she can make a grapefruit look sexy if she wanted to.

“Hey, Kristy. Lyn-z told us you needed cheering up.” Frank said as he and Jamia come over. “I know you don't feel like it, but please at least come and do something other than give that douche bag evil eyes.” He pleads and tugs on my arm.

“Fine.” I said as Richard came up to me.

“What do you want, dickhead?” I snap.

“Well, I wanted to apologise. I thought we were on a break.”

“Shut it. I don't want to hear your excuses. You're just a douche bag and I'm sorry but I think we should just stop this right here.” I turned around and went back to talking to my friends.

After a little while, Frank and Jamia went home. The prom was supposed to end in half an hour and I had no way of getting home. I sat on the steps of the stage waiting for something to happen I guess. There were hardly any other people here now.

“It's the end of prom night.” Someone said in front of me. I wipe my eyes and look up not even caring that I look like a fucking panda.

“Oh, hi Mikey.” I sigh.

“Aren’t you coming home? All the teachers have already left it's just the janitor left.” He sat down next to me and put an arm around my shoulders.

“I don't have a ri-” I stopped talking as I saw four maybe twenty year olds walk through the door. They didn’t seem to notice us as they went up the other set of stairs. They all had black hair and skinnies on. They took instruments up onto the stage and started to set up some stuff. One of them, I guess he was the singer, came up to me.

“Hi, I'm Jeremy 13th, and they’re in your English class.” He whispered in my ear and held out a knife waiting for me to take hold of it.

“Thanks.” I say with an evil grin. I get up and calmly walk out of the room. Mikey is following me. I know, but I can't hear him. I take a right at the end of the corner we call Piccadilly because it's always busy. After a short walk I am standing outside my English class.

“Kristy, what are you doing? Why the hell did you just take a knife from a stranger? And why are you here?” he questioned.

“Mikey, can I have a lift home?” I ask innocently while I turn the small knife over in my hands, noticing the jagged edges, and the way the blade curves smaller again as it gets to the handle creating a space where the blood will flow out easily.

“Um, sure. Let's go.” He stepped backwards.

“I’ll be there in a minute. Wait in the car please.” I say and silently enter the room so he can not argue.

The lights are off and the room is dark yet, not silent. And I have exceptional sight in darkness. I can see the two figures doing their disgusting act on the teachers desk. I walk up to them and neither of them notice me, it's like I'm a ghost. I lift the blade so I can slit the girls throat. There are no screams, just a muffled gurgle. Now it’s Richards turn. He hasn’t even noticed that what he is doing now is technically necrophilia. I take the blade and carefully run the smooth sharp point along his back. He only moans and doesn’t notice yet again. I get bored of that and start to press harder into his back. The blade goes in deep. The jagged edge does its job and the cut is rough and looks seriously painful. I then watch as his limp, lifeless body falls to the floor and he lays on his back. I carve three words into his chest. `Prom Nights Over`.

I leave the blade sticking out of him where the dot for the `i` should be and walk out of the room. Surprisingly there is no blood on me. Not even my hands. I walk calmly to Mikey’s car going through the hall where the bend are now playing. Jeremy 13th raises his eyebrow and I simply nod and walk out. The music is pretty good. I’ll have to ask about them in the future.

*hello there peoples!
So I wrote this when I first saw the video for Snow White’s Poison Bite `End of Prom Night`. I liked it so much I made it into a fan fiction, about a different band but oh well.
My first attempt of this turned out to be a long story but I deleted it, took it back to the start and edited it. Its slightly different in the fact that In my first draft Jeremy 13th was in it but now its just frank. Also she had a lift home with mikey, but I like the flower bit at the end of the video too much to skip it.
Don’t ask why I chose frank to be the knife guy, I just like him and I want him to have an important part in this.

So I think I should stop rambling like a crazy old woman and tell you to R&R please

Talking of old women, read my other story `So Cinderella…` the title for that is also from SWPB because I kinda have an addiction to them and I love the song `Dreadful Lullaby` so idk if you would like them but I do and imam go before you fall asleep reading my random brain mush xD *
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