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Love Triangle

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The sequel to a story I am very proud of, Amusement Park Demon. A little secret of Frank's is revealed.

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I opened my eyes, I was looking at a very familiar ceiling. I sat up and realized that the shirt I was wearing wasn't mine. The Anthrax shirt that covered me was Mikey's. I looked to the corner where I faintly saw a shadow.
"Mikey?" I asked throwing my legs over the side of the bed.
"What babe?" He asked searching for some shoes.
"I wanted to make sure it was you." I grabbed my socks and slipped them on my feet. My toes were instantly warmed and I was ready to get up.
"Well it is." Mikey was taking my hand. He pulled me downstairs.
"Mom, where's Gee?" Mikey asked as he laced his fingers with mine. Mikey's mom was standing in the kitchen over the stove. She shrugged her shoulder and turned around.
"You guys don't actually live here anymore so he didn't come here when you did." Ms. Way said. Mikey tightened his grip on my hand. Ms. Way was giving me a funny look. I could tell she was studying me. I can understand that though, I was wearing one of Mikey's old shirts and a pair of his plaid boxers. Mikey was wearing almost the same thing. Slowly a smile appeared on her face.
"I need to ask Gee if Marissa can come on tour with us. She is going to blog about every show and take pictures. I don't want her to live alone at my house and I don't want to be away from her, so I'm going to ask Gee and the guys if she can tour with us." Mikey smiled sweetly at his mother. She giggled and walked over to us.
"It was great meeting you Ms. Way." I said with alight smile. She laughed and pulled me into a hug.
"Just call me mom." She laughed and let go. I smiled and got kind of nervous.
"Thanks." I said looking at the floor. Mikey shot his mom an annoyed look.
"Well, we're going to go find Gee then. Bye mom." Mikey waved as he pulled me out the front door. I drug my feet as he pulled me to his car.
"Shouldn't we change first?" I asked looking at my socks. I wasn't wearing shoes but Mikey had gotten a pair of flip flops.
"No time, and it doesn't matter. Gerard is like your brother, he won't care what your wearing." Mikey smiled at me as he rubbed his thumb across the back of my hand.
"But I look disgusting!" I protested stamping my cotton covered foot against the hard concrete. Mikey stroked my face with his free hand.
"You look beautiful as you do everyday." Mikey said as he put his lips to my cheek.
"Oh shut up, your just saying that because your my boyfriend and it's your job. And because you think your going to get lucky." I laughed pushing our lips together.
"No, you are beautiful, burt a little to the second." Mikey giggled as he opened the passenger door for me. He shut the passenger door and walked around to his side.
"Ready?" He asked me.
"As ever." I replied with a smile showing him my metal covered teeth. He smirked and patted my knee. He started the car and started toward a little coffee shop that was Gerard's favourite. Not just because the coffee was amazing but also because it was little known and out of the way. So there was barely and people there. The atmosphere was great and they played good music not smooth coffee house jazz. Mikey pulled up and we both got out of the car.
"Are you sure he's going to be here?" I asked adjusting my socks.
"Not entirely, but we won't know until we walk in." Mikey smiled as he took my hand in his. I really liked the excessive use of the word 'we'. It meant that he and I were together, or he was just too lazy to say a few more words. We strolled into the coffee shop wearing practically nothing, and receiving a lot of stares.
"Mikey, people are staring. I told you that we should have changed." I whispered loudly to him. Mikey looked down at me with a smile.
"They're staring because your so pretty." Mikey said kissing my cheek.
"No, people are staring because there is a gorgeous boy walking through cafe their in and he is exceedingly close to naked. Not to mention it's Mikey Way, the bassist from My Chemical Romance!" I whispered excitedly.
"I think my reason is more accurate." Mikey looked at me with a smirk. Suddenly I noticed a man at the back of the cafe. He had bright red hair and was accompanied by two other men. One with short black hair and colorful tattoos, the other with fluffy brown hair and a sweet smile.
"Gerard?!" I half yelled. The man turned around and smiled instantly. Gerard stood from his chair and opened his arms.
"Come here sugar." Gerard motioned me over to him. I ran toward him and jumped hugged him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder.
"I missed you. It's been to long." Gerard aid stroking my hair.
"Last time I saw you was yesterday afternoon. It really hasn't been that long." I giggled and put my feet back to the floor. He smiled and scruffed up my hair. Mikey walked over and gave his brother a hug.
"So Mikes, why did you and your lady come and find me?" Gerard said with a smile. Frank and Ray stood and walked over to us.
"Long time no see." Frank said as he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Ray came and gave me a hug too. It felt like I was going to break in half.
"Let go before you break me." I choked under Ray's tight grip.
"Sorry." Ray let go and gave me sweet smile.
"Back to my question, you guys can answer me over coffee? I'll buy." Gerard smiled as he lead us to their booth. I sat between Mikey and Frank, I could feel the pressure.
"I'll be back." Mikey said pointing to the bathrooms. He stood and walked away.
"Me too." Ray followed Mikey.
"I need a smoke." Frank said as he stood up. He walked out the door with a pack of cancer sticks in his hand. Gerard waggled his eyebrows and gave m a funny smile.
"What?" I asked him. He scooted closer to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
"Did you sleep well last night?" Gerard asked with a smirk.
"I slept just fine. How about you?" I asked him. I knew where this was going but I wasn't didn't want to say it.
"Good, I'm sure I would have slept better if I had engaged in the activities you and Mikey were doing." He gave me a look expecting me to say it was true. I wasn't giving up just yet.
"Playing Yahtzee?" I said with a laugh.
"Call it what you want, I know you did. I have a few questions though." Gerard lowered his voice so people couldn't hear.
"Okay, I'm listening?" I answered. He took my hand in his and placed the other on top.
"Tell me with only honesty, okay?" He checked. I nodded and my heart started to beat faster.
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