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Chapter 4: Luke Skywalker's dad.

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At school - Wednesday. Mikey's mum's to blame. Uh-huh.

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So, I did write this chapter and then I was an idiot and accidently closed the window because of stupid Safari internet confusing me. Uhm, so I pissed myself off. Apart from that, here's the new chapter. Ignore my furious burning annoyance at myself. :)

Lmao, I'm joking. But seriously, I'm an idiot.

Chapter 4: Staring like you just killed Yoda.

Frank. Frank. Frank.

Stupid, mother-fucking, stunted-elf-like Frank.

That was all Mikey's dreams were about. Frank was an elf, hired to.. well.. pleasure Mikey in whichever shape or form. Presents, hanging out.. other unmentionable ways in which one human being could pleasure another.

Yes, Mikey was infatuated with the very idea with the boy.. not that he knew. He kept telling himself Frank was an idiot, told to make Mikey talk. Because he was gay. That was an unfair use of attractiveness of Miss. Caines' brother and Mikey's sexuality, in Mikey's opinion.

He considered flipping her the bird again, because after all, he knew birds were Miss. Caines' favorite animal. And who doesn't like a good flipping bird? Well.. maybe the elderly.. or Religious people..

Mikey groaned. He had barely crawled out of bed before his phone started to ring. He decided against answering it seeming as he had no voice. Well, refused to use it. After all, what use was it picking up the phone if he was to say nothing? No use. That's what.

Mikey slinked over to his wardrobe and yanked it open, waiting for a few seconds tops, headphones, magazines and shoes fell off the top shelf and rained down on him, falling into the blackness of his room. He hadn't opened the curtains, nor did he want to. Darkness was comforting like silence - it protected you. Sure, it gave other's a disguise, but it gave you one, too. And then it was a game of Cluedo.

As Misfits - Helena proceeded to blare out of his phone, signaling the fact the person hadn't hung up yet, Mikey pulled an Anthrax tee-shirt over his head and sighed. He then pulled on some super skinny jeans and a beanie, without even straightening his hair like usual. He supposed he couldn't be asked - he was too tired. Truth was that he didn't think about it because he was thinking about.. well.. something else.

The boy grew tired as his ringtone continued, but it finally changed to Orange answer phone, and Mikey sighed in relief. He sat down at his bed, the covers creasing in large crinkles under his skinny body, and bent over to pull on and lace up some Converse. He listed to the message that the person was leaving.

"Hi Mikey! Look, I want to change out tomorrow appointment for today because I need to speak to you. 11:30 is the time. Okay, see you then. Tomorrow's appointment is cancelled. Bye."

Mikey inwardly screamed. Wednesday was his break from Miss. Caines! And now he had to see her? It was.. It was an abomination! Like bacon and chocolate (what the hell was with that?!) - it just didn't go. Mikey and counselors = no no.

He hated counselors.

Hated. Them.

After finishing up with his second lace, Mikey scooped up his phone and slumped downstairs, praying Miss. Caines wouldn't act like her usual self.

Hey, maybe she'd be high this time. One could only hope.


"Are you okay, bro?" Gerard asked as he pulled up next to the school. He hated that place - large, gross walls that kept you confined in a gloomy doom, with condescending and contradicting teachers and idiotic students who casually humped each other all day long. Heaven.

It was Gerard's day off from the Cartoon Network every Wednesday, and he decided he'd give Mikey a lift. To.. yo'know.. be nice. Kind of.

Okay, so he wanted to know about what went on last night - give him a break.

Mikey shrugged, then nodded, then sighed and nodded again, as if to emphasize the point he was fine. Of course he was. He was thinking about last night.

Until last night lead to yesterday, and that led to Miss. Caines. Jabbing a knife in his eye and twisting it around would've been less painful then thinking about his stupid sessions with that she-devil. She didn't give a shit! She got paid to pretend to give a shit.

Mikey waved goodbye to Gerard and clambered out of the car. The first thing he noticed after slamming the door closed and watching Gerard drive off, was the stares.

The Jocks and their girlfriends eyeballed him like he just did Pot for the first time. The singing group marveled at him with such intensifying interest it almost came across as intimidating, and across from them, the Drama club, looked the same. But more dramatic, obviously. Then there was the Star Wars fanatics who were staring at him like he just killed Yoda or told Luke Skywalker he was his dad.

Thinking about Star Wars made Mikey realize how much he missed it when he talked. He and Gerard used to have endless fights about who would be a better Jedi, but of course, Mikey won thanks to his extensive Star Wars knowledge.

But thinking about that made him think about Frank and their movie discussion.

Frank made him happy, and last night.. last night was the happiest he'd been with anyone besides his brother in the past three years.

And then he thought back to his first counseling session and how Miss. Caines was annoyingly relaxed. And the shiner he took along with him.

"So, Mikey," Miss. Caines started. She gently joined her fingers and leaned back, a subtle smile on her face. She brushed some hair from her eyes and leaned forward, asking, "Do you know why you're here?" The hair fell back in her left eye. She didn't push it away.

Miket scoffed. Well of course he bloody knew why he was there - he had turned Mute that month. Oh, and not to mention the excruciating amount of bullying that came with it. This week his was sporting a big, beautiful black eye and crooked glasses.

MIss. Caines tried to push for a reply. "Mikey?"

Mikey simply leaned back in his chair and raised his eyebrows as if to challenge her.

Miss. Caines' eyebrows furrowed. "Mikey, what's happened? Is it home?" She waited for a nod. Nadda. "School?" Well, he was wearing a shiner the size of Mexico. "Homework?" Yes, because he was sure piled with that. "Stress? Love life? Mum? Dad? Sexuality?" ...

Sexuality. That one drove Mikey up the wall.

And now she knew his sexuality, she was taking advantage of it. And Frank's attractiveness. All because she wanted him to talk.

Well, if he was gonna talk, it wasn't gonna be to her, the fuck.

Mikey pushed open the stubborn school doors and filed inside, making his way to his locker. On it was a note from Miss. Caines, repeating what she left on his answering machine. He only needed telling once - like he wanted to be reminded of that 11:30 nightmare.

Stupid Wednesdays.

He cursed the day his mum, Donna, gave the school his mobile number.

And as he saw Frank walking down the hall way towards Miss. Caines' office, he cursed his mum for not telling him to straighten his hair like she normally would, too.

Stupid mums.
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