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Gerard's cousin comes.

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HO SHET. ANOTHER CHAPTER. DERP. I can't believe I got reviews. I love you people.Ü I checked my story in the middle of math class and I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. OMFG. REVIEWS BLAARGH. I also want to point out that I am trying not to make this story like all the other high school AUs. So bear with me here.


Frank tried desperately to open his bag of popcorn. The bag started to give, it's resolve crumbling slowly. Frank could feel the accomplishment started to build within him. After pulling continuously for three minutes, the crinkly plastic burst open to give the teenager access to the buttery goodness. A cry of surprise flew from Frank's mouth as the popcorn was vaulted into the air and onto his kitchen counter. After throwing away the force field of plastic, Frank unwrapped and stuck the paper bag into the microwave with one quick motion.
He leaned against the counter and thought about his day while the sounds of the microwave filled his ears. His mother had just left for the night at the hospital that she worked at. The adolescent had the entire house to himself. Oh boredom.

Gerad walked roughly through the door of his small house and slammed the said object shut behind him. After dumping his crap in a random corner and walking slowly around the hall, he went through the kitchen and living room to get to his area of shelter. Once settled at his desk with his sketchbook out and pens ready, he plugged his iPod in and began.

Two hours later he jolted at the sound of the door opening and closing in his house. The motion reverberated around the building, shaking the pictures attached to the walls. Gerard heard the obnoxious voices of his brother, mother, and cousin. He loved family very much, but the only word he could use to describe them at the moment was obnoxious. He scraped his chair across the floor and stood on half-asleep legs. After dodging the vicous amount of stuff which was mapped out on his bedroom floor, he went up the stairs and through the door of his room. He walked into the entrance of his living rom and stood on the frame awkwardly and silently. He saw the blond head of Maria bobbing excitedly as she gushed to his mother who was nodding and listening happily.

Maria had her blond hair in a high ponytail that moved every time her head turned,and she had a pair fo white sunglasses that adorned her face. A juicy bag that slid down on her arm and stayed in the crook of the appendage. She had on a short white skirt that should only be worn by her and strippers, ('Same thing,' thought Gerard,)and an annoyingly orange tank top. Her could hear the smack of her gum as she spoke. Gerard remembered Maria from when they where five and six. She would often make fun of Gerard's long hair and pull it.

"-and the flight attendant said she was sure that the weight limit was..... Oh!"
she gasped and as she turned and saw Gerard leaning on the frame of the door, her blond hair flying after her.

"Um... Who is this?"

"Um... This is Gerard." he said, immatating her high pitched voice, is expression upset.

"Oh-ohmygod!" She exclaimed, her entire being flouncing towards him. He recoiled away from her, slight disgust apparent on his face.

"You.... Uh... Changed! You used be cute..." she said, trailing off. Her over-lip glossed lips poked out in curiosity. The raven haired boy looked down at his attire. He was draped with fabric that seemed to be sewn in random places so that barely hung onto his form. All of his articles of clothing appeared to have a thin layer of dirt or dust on them.

"Well," she said "We can't have that can we?"


After dinner and an hour of watching TV, Maria made her advance on Gerard's looks. She cut and she sprayed and she pulled and she did all sorts of things to his face. Gerard was squirming and complaining the whole way through. Mikey was standing by and enjoying the show ("HA! Gerard's got make-up on!" Smack. "Shut UP, you little UNICORN FUCKER!"). Then, when the matter of clothes came up, Maria just stole Mikey's clothes. She took a too-small black band tee, striped hoodie, and his combat boots.(OMG DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING.) Ashe dug around in one of her many designer bags and found what she was looking for. SKINNY JEANS.

"What? No! I'm not wearing girl jeans!" Maria's test subject explained.

"Oh, yes you are," the girl explained back. "Now go get dressed."
" Yes."
"You will get changed yourself, or I will have to do it without your permission."
".... Fine."

Maria smiled. Her cousin was going to look so hot.

GAWD IT'S SO SHORT AGIAN. So... Yeah. Hum... Just to let you know, Gerard's ass is mentioned numerous times in the next chapter. So, happy chapter next. KTHXBYE.
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