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Gerard was as awkward as ever for the rest of the day. Multiple teachers had asked him if he was a new student, with which he replied with an embarrassed blushing 'no,' and afterwards he would receive a blank stare (probably because the only name left on the list was 'Gerard Way'). so he spent the lessons sulking in his seat sinking as far down as he could into the uncomfortable chair as possible. The staring continued. The day dragged on and on and on. He hadn't even gotten to lunch yet. People continued to grab his ass as well, asking him to pick up a purposely dropped pencils and notebook. He thinks it's just their way of mocking him, punishing him for trying to be normal.

He rushed down the hallway, fleeing from numerous catcalls, his face gathering more blood then what the rest of his body had currently possessed. He ducked his head down slowly a grimace that seemed to be permanently stuck to his face worsening and the blush following suit.He had just experienced a very rough ass-grab. The hand not only stayed there, gripping, but it squeezed roughly as well.

His distracted walking soon led him to the well-known doors of the cafeteria. He almost sighed in relief and pushed through the germy doors into a sea of people, soon retracting the sigh of relief back and trading in for one of tiredness. The whole place was packed, he could barely see over the heads of all the people. He got into line and retrieved his lunch, the poeple around him making the poor boy feel entirely too self conscious. He walked into the courtyard, looking around suspiciously seeing all the people boldly looking at him. He walked over to totally empty table in the corner, glancing up to see on of the boys in Frank's group of friends making bedroom eyes at him. His eyes widened slightly and ducked down again.

After fifteen minutes of wonderful, peaceful silence, the boy whom he had deemed as 'Jake', if his memory was correct, whispered something to Frank and a few other boys. Frank's eyes widened and looked him in shock. The others just laughed and nodded. Jake then lifted himself from his seat ans slinked over to his table, his ego arriving before he did. His eyebrows were on autopilot as they jumped up and around wildly at him. He sat down next to Gerard, his axe suddenly overwhelming the other's senses.

"So, Jared, how's it going? You don't mind if i sit here, do you sweetheart?" Jake waggled his eyebrows once again, adjusting his light blue 'American eagle' polo shirt to fit himself better. He flashed Gerard a blindingly white smile, his lips stretching impossibly wide.

"Uhm, a little bit, a-actually, I usually eat alone.. and my name's actually Gerard..." He said softly and shyly, a bit off-set from the pet name from the boy he had met two minutes ago. He peeked up at Jake's face through a curtain of black hair. He looked slightly put off from the blatant rejection. He shook it off quickly though.

" Oh, sorry, Gerald, got it. Okay, well, um, you to come over to my friend's and I's table?"

" Gerard. ARd. And, uh, no, thanks," he uttered rejecting him once more.

"oh come on, you know you want to," he persisted to the resisting force. He grabbed his arm and pulled him suddenly from his seat and dragged him towards the other table. Gerard was plopped own quite suddenly, splashing shock across his face and stopping everybody's conversations at once. They all looked at him somewhat expectantly. Jake plopped down beside him, letting his hand slide down to his lower back.

"Hey, you guys, this is Gerald..." Jake said sounding distracted. Gerard looked around at the people situated in a circle around him. he slunk into his shoulders, staring at the people staring back at him, their blonde hair and gum, taking it in as a whole. He looked over at the only attractive person at the table , Frank. he glanced over at Jake again, noticing that he was staring at his ass.

"So, Gerald, there's this party..."

Oh fuck.


{ sorry it's short, i need to hurry, bye}
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