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Chapter 2

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“I thought you would know. I mean, you did ask to be here,” she said, her face showing a little confusion, “You’re in Paradise, Mr. Armstrong,”

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I was awakened the next morning by a ray of sunlight hitting my face. I groaned at the stupid sun, hoping it would move so I could fall back asleep. But it didn’t. Just my luck. I opened my eyes and saw that it wasn’t a ray of sunlight waking me up, but a streetlamp just outside my window. Wait, a streetlight outside of my window? There was never a streetlight there!

I sat upright and looked around the dimly lit room. I could tell, even in the dark, that this was in no way my bedroom. I mean, for starters, it was clean.
I stumbled out of the bed, which was a lot bigger and more comfortable than my normal on, and fumbled my way around until I found a light switch. With a small click, the room was revealed.

“Woah…” was all I could mutter out.

The room was huge! It contained a huge flat screen TV, band posters covered the wall, and in the corner next to the bed I had just come out of was a mini bar. Did I die in my sleep? Cause this must be Heaven.

“…where am I?” before I could investigate, there was a knock at the door. Hesitantly, I opened the door.

Standing before me was a hot chick in one of those short sleeved business suits. She had big green eyes, similar to my own, and long dark hair. She smiled at me.

“Ah, you’re awake,” I nodded. “You must be Billie Joe. I’m Danielle Martins,” she said extending her hand towards me. I shook it, confused.

“Uh, hi…do you mind telling me where I am?” I said.

“I thought you would know. I mean, you did ask to be here,” she said, her face showing a little confusion, “You’re in Paradise, Mr. Armstrong,”

“Paradise?” I repeated. “Like, ‘a city where the night never ends and the drinks are always cold!’? That Paradise?” I asked.

“What other Paradise would it be?” She said, with a crooked smile. “Now if I may…?” she motioned towards the room.

“Oh, yeah, come in…” This was weird. She walked in, her heels making little clicks as she walked. She sat on the white loveseat that sat right in front of the TV. I followed and sat down next to her.

“Now, I’m going to guess that you have a lot of questions, Mr. Armstrong,” I nodded.

“How did I get here?” I asked.

“You asked.” She stated simply.


“You saw the commercial, didn’t you?”

“Not all of it, my stupid mom changed the channel before it finished,”

“Oh, well that explains it,” she said, more to herself than to me, “The way to Paradise, is to wish,”

I ran a hand through my spiky hair. I must have been high, ‘cause this made no sense.

“I must be dreaming…” I said aloud. She pinched me on the arm. “OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” she shrugged and smiled.

“I guess you’re not dreaming,” she laughed a little. “Any other questions, or must I pinch you again?”

“Um…okay…who are you exactly?” I asked.

“Me? Oh, I’m a consultant. My job is to make your stay here the best experience it can be.” She said.

“Huh….you understand how weird this is for me, right?” I asked. She laughed. I like the sound of here laugh, It made me smile.

“Yes. I know it all must seem a little weird right now, but once you get down on the Boulevard you’ll be having too much fun to notice.” She said.

“The Boulevard? What’s that?” I asked. She stood up and extended her hand.

“Come on, I’ll show you,”

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