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No Way!

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At the table I saw a person with wavy chestnut brown hair. It wasn't long but it was long enough for me to tell it was wavy. I was looking at the back of his head when he said it.
"Hey man, how you doin'?" Mikey giggled under his breath. The person turned around and I was staring into pools of carmel.
"Hey, I'm just fine. How 'bout you?" Ryan asked. That's right, Ryan Ross was at my wedding, I was so excited I couldn't speak. How did Mikey know I loved his music, and him... Well not like I love Mikey but, yeah.
"Great, as you know I just got married. This is my lovely wife, Marissa." Mikey said and motioned to me. Ryan stood up showing his full outfit. A long sleeved black shirt covered with a golden vest that matched the Italian loafers that sheltered his feet. His black and gold pinstriped pants hugged his legs perfectly.
"Well aren't you a sight." Ryan said his eyes looking me over, and making me a bit uncomfortable.
"Same to you." I said with a light laugh. I felt so stupid after saying that though, I just met him.
"Congratulations, marriage is a big commitment, but if you marry the right person you'll never regret it." He smiled as he picked up his glass.
"Those were words of wisdom." I said replaying them again and again in my head.
"I suppose, but they are completely true, I know from experience." He smiled looking to the right. Experience? What, I'm a huge fan and I didn't know he was married? This is outrageous! I thought to myself.
"Who are you married to?" I asked, my curiosity taking over my speech.
"For 4 years. The-" Ryan was interrupted by a brown haired man with an excited look in his eyes.
"Amazing and talented Brendon Urie. The love of my life." Brendon smiled planting a sloop kiss on Ryan's chapped lips.
"I wasn't going to say that." Ryan said placing his hand on his hip.
"But if I were explaining you that's what I'd say." Brendon said with a smile. Because of that comment Ryan pulled Brendon into him and pushed their lips together.
"You might be getting lucky tonight." Ryan whispered (not quietly enough) to Brendon as he let go. Brendon smiled happily and went to go mingle with the party guests.
"So yeah. It's funny, all the fans suspected a relationship but we didn't want the press to know." Ryan laughed as he watched Brendon's hips sway as he walked away.
I knew it! I always did, I always wanted it to be true! Rydon Forever! I thought I myself as I stared at the hippyish boy in front of me. Music started to play and people started to dance. Ryan left us to go find Brendon, leaving Mikey and I stand alone.
"I'm going to talk to my sister about... you know. The pregnancy." I said feeling nervous instantly.
"I'm sure she'll be thrilled." Mikey said kissing my forehead and leaving me to find my sister. I so wasn't ready for this.
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