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Hello Fascination

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Frank tries to dismiss his suspicions about Gee. And Gerard has a plan.

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Eating the Veggie Burger that was now almost half gone, I attempted remembering some things from my past, but nothing came up. I also realized I couldn't remember the name of the place that Gerard went to buy me this delicious food. It must have been either :

A.) I was too lazy to even glance at it.
B.) I'm starting to get short term amnesia now.
C.) My Stomach was rumbling so loud, I couldn't concentrate
D.) The sun's rays were basking the extremely beautiful guy next to me, making him glisten and look attractive as he was reaching to grab the bag my food was in.

I'm positive it's not B... Or A.... maybe a combination of C and D.....

Congratulations, Frank, you just passed the "No, shit, Sherlock." test.

I felt the car stop and Gerard turn the car off. I gazed at him from the corner of my eye, observing his actions. He smiled a bit, looked at the house, and... he slightly gasped and his eyes widened. Not noticeable, but I caught it.

"Hey, wait for me in the car, I gotta do something in the house." and with that, he jumped out the car and ran to the door, jamming his key in the hole and quickly slamming it once he got in. That's What She Said... Wait, who? Who's she? Who said what?

Oh, Frankie, You still have much to remember... Okay.... that's freaky.

Five minutes later with the radio blaring out some song about Darlings, Fascinations, and building up just to break down and still Gerard hasn't come back outside. What could he be doing in there that I don't know...? Maybe the house was really messy.

Or maybe he was hiding whatever he used to put me in the hospital.

NO! No, Gerard wouldn't do that, he's too nice and sweet and incredibly hot.

Yeah, so was Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body and look what she did to the poor guys.

ENOUGH! I need to stop thinking about this. And how my subconscious can speak up for itself, I don't know. But it sure seems to remember some things.

knock knock knock

I jumped in my seat. Maybe Gerard really wanted to hurt me and found something to kill me with. Or he brought the secret gang he's in to finish the job so his own hands wouldn't get dirty and he would laugh as my body got pummeled down. Or.... or... I need to look up. I need to, or else I won't know what he's going to do to me. Oh, it was Gee alright, but not what my crazy mind depicted him as.

He was out the window. With a big smile on his face. Holding what looked like a cup of coffee on one hand. Calm Frank: One, Psycho Paranoid Frank: Zero.

I got out and looked at him and the coffee, my tongue just realizing that it was thirsty and crying out for something smooth. I gazed at Gerard as he put the coffee in my hands, not uttering a word. I was shocked out how he went from being incredibly happy to being totally serious. I sighed and brought it to my lips. Hot liquid entered my throat, burning it yet also tasting amazing. "Mmm... Deliciousness..." I muttered, not really noticing it escaped my lips until it was too late to take it back.

"Okay, I'm Glad you like it, but quit hogging it all!" He playfully shouted at me. I smiled and gave it back, watching him down it in less than fifteen seconds. "Ahh. Okay, now that I'm refreshed, Let's go inside. After you." He opened the door for me and I stepped inside, taking the site in.

it wasn't exactly huge, but it wasn't small either. It looked like three or four people could live here comfortably. Okay, maybe it wasn't what I guess a normal-sized house would look like, but it was no mansion. It was an open kitchen, connected to the living room. An island was located next to the kitchen in the center of an empty space. There was a big sofa, it's black and red colors matching with the coffee table just in front of it. The TV was placed in the center of a wall, next to a desk with a laptop on it and a back door. The hall lead to a door, the stairs two or three feet away from it.

"Now, That door leads to the basement. We have it soundproofed. I would show you it, but I want to show you when you begin to remember some more. The upstairs has three rooms, a full bathroom, and an attic. Oh, and the other two doors - I don't know if you noticed them yet- are for the guest room and full bathroom/linen's closet/ washer and dryer." Gerard summarized, probably expecting an answer from me, but the words couldn't form. I was too mesmerized by the house.

And by the sexy guy who is mere inches away from me.

Gee chuckled and I snapped out of my trance. "Can I see my room?" He looked at me, a weird expression displayed on his face. "Uhh, yeah sure. It's upstairs... I'll uh, show you." I dashed quickly upstairs, me right behind him. He went to the last room on the left and opened the door.

What I expected to be my room was not met.... It exceeded it by over 9000!

There was a black bed in the corner all tidied up. The closet was full of what I guessed were my clothes and shoes. There were two cabinets on the other side of the room and both were identical, except four out of the six drawers said CD's and two said Frank. I walked over to it and opened one of the CD drawers up. It had to have more than fifty CD's in there.

"Although we have the same music tastes, you always kept an extra copy or two and filed it in ABC order and then by year. You were kind of OCD when it came to these." He said with a smile on his face. It looked as if he was reminiscing about something.

"Well, I'll let you get settled, I'm taking a shower. I'll be out soon." I smiled, "Kay, Gee!" and he walked off, leaving me alone in the room.

I sat down on the bed, maybe trying to see if it could help me remember. But it felt unfamiliar, alien, foreign, like it didn't belong to me. I heard the shower start, indicating Gerard was beginning to wash himself. I imagined the water, steamy and hot, dripping down his naked body. His hands guiding the bar of soap where to go on his body and -

Enough of this. I need to stop thinking about Gerard like that. I don't think he likes me like that.

I grabbed some Pajamas I found from the closet and put them on, I'll bathe tomorrow, I just want some sleep and time to think. I think I should tell Gerard, even if he's taking a shower. I walked to the bathroom and knocked on it.

"Yeah, Frank?" I heard him say. "Hey, I'm going to sleep. I'm kind of exhausted. I'll see ya tomorrow morning, K?" "Okay, Frankie! G'night!" I smiled, and made my way to my "room". There's no way this is my room. Don't get me wrong, this is nice, but It doesn't feel like me. Maybe it was some subconscious feeling, but it felt wrong to be in this room. I felt like I needed to be in a different room with a certain someone right next to me.

Strange, how earlier when I asked him about my room, he kind of grew nervous. Something is bothering him, but I don't know what.

And whatever it is, I intend to find out.

~Gerard's POV~

Something's wrong, I can feel it. It feels as if Frankie is hiding something or feeling bad about something. Fear gripped through me. What if he forgot about our past? Our relationship? What if he didn't love me anymore? Sure, these are probably extreme what ifs, but still... Maybe just maybe... there's a possibility... I grabbed my phone and dialed the one person I felt could help me with this situation to disprove my suspicions.

"Hey, Jamia? It's Gerard. I kind of need you to do something for me."
-LE GASP!- What will happen?! What is Gerard's plan?! Until the next update !! :D

By The Way, did anyone catch that Ryland/Guy Ripley, Dragon Ball Z, and Breathe Carolina Allusions? If you did, I shall give you a digitized unicorn :3
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