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Chapter 8: Siblings who are close think the same.

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Ugh.. what similar tastes Gerard and Mikey have.. (Apology inside! xo)

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Gerard Way looked between the two boys with obvious unease. "This is the Frank you kissed?" he asked, feet shuffling, hands shoved into his painfully tight skinny-jeans. He had no idea that when Mikey had, well, written about meeting a Frank and becoming instantly.. attracted.. to him, that it was Frank Iero, his most recent Ex and now good friend.

Mikey nodded, hands shaking, coffee clattering to the floor.

No one looked to the brown, silky liquid as the splashed to the wooden floor, mug splintering and exploding into shards. Instead, all eyes were on Frank.

The boy couldn't believe his luck. Or, unluck, would be a better word if it existed. He was flustered, hysterical thoughts buzzing; his palms were clammy and he was shaking from the rain and the cold. Bearing in mind the front door was still wide open and Frank was still soaking wet, he wasn't in the nicest of moods.

"M-Mikey?!" he choked out again. "I.. You live here?!"

Gerard answered for his brother. "Frank," he started slowly. "Mikey's my brother."

Frank's bright eyes bulged. "Brother?"

Gerard, looking to his brother, whom he was pretty sure had stopped breathing, nodded. "Full blood," he confirmed.

Frank's response was as intelligent as it was detailed. "...Oh."

The silence that hung in the air was thick and filled with a tension so tight that the only thing that could possibly make it more nerve-racking would be getting told they were, in fact, not Dragonborn and could simply slay dragons. (AN: Skyrim reference, anyone? No? Okay.)

"So, I should.." Frank jerked his thumb behind himself. "Go?"

However, as Gerard went to nod, Mikey had other ideas. He shook his head defiantly.

"Then I should.. what?" Frank asked, biting his lip. "Explain?"

Mikey liked the sound of that. In fact, he really liked the sound of that. Having Frank, an obvious friend of Gerard's, explain to Gerard how he knew Mikey and was manipulating his feelings? Making him talk then pushing him away? Yes, that sounded reasonable.

So, Mikey folded his arms and nodded, a sharp, determined nod, then stared at Frank with a mixture of love and anger and sorrow.

Love? Oh, fuck love. It just hurt.

It was like giving someone a knife, laying your heart out in front of them and saying "I trust you not to do anything." Whether they play netball with it, slice, stab or pierce it is their choice.. you just have to hope they wont. You have to hope that they'll love it and care for it and treat it with the most tenderness and respect that anyone can treat anything.

You just have to hope. And, for Mikey, hope had run dry.

So, definitely fuck love. He wouldn't bother with it anymore.

"Fine," Frank sighed, shoulders hunching in defeat. "Okay, fine. But can I at least close the door? I'm freezing.."

Gerard nodded. His charcoal locks fell in front of his pale face and his hazel eyes darkened. "Sounds reasonable. I have to clean this," he indicated the the mass of broken mug and coffee coating the floor, "up anyway. Go through to the lounge.. I'll be there soon."

Frank nodded and, sheepishly, followed a bow-legged and stumbling Mikey, who looked more angry than sad, to the living room.

Once he was gone, Gerard slammed shut the door and let out a long, tired sigh. When did his life become an episode of Jersey Shore or Eastenders?! Actually, screw that, when wasn't his life an episode of Eastenders? First, for a reason unbeknownst to Gerard, Mikey turned mute and didn't speak for three years. Next, he's magically spoke words? And last but not least, Mikey kissed Gerard's Ex who has now shown up on their doorstep, looking better than ever despite being all miserable.

Yup. Siblings who are close think the same.. it's official.

Great taste, Mikey, great taste.

Gerard Way exhaled slowly, took an old rag from the bathroom, and started to mop up the spilt coffee. Speaking of which, he was currently craving some of the heavenly drink so much he was considering licking it up from the floor.

Sometimes Gerard could have sworn it was him that needed the mental help, and not Mikey.

Once he had (finally) cleared up all the liquid, the oldest of the Way brother's picked up the shards of the mug and plopped them in the bin, before facing his fate in the living room.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the break.

Yeah, enough chat..

I am so fucking sorry and I feel like the world's shittest human being right now, lemme tell ya. It's just so much has been going on and I've just been.. well.. preoccupied. I hope you can all forgive me?!

My deepest apologies. But there's that chapter I promised you and, granted, it's a little smaller than the rest but.. I hope you like it?

I'll update soon, I FUCKING PROMISE. I'll update tomorrow!

Yo'know, if I've still got readers. So, review to lemme know!


PS. I wrote a letter to MCR and I go on about Toad In The Holes in it. Have I embarrassed myself enough yet?
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