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The Sharpest Lives

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If I look like I'm laughing, I'm really just asking to leave...

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Alright, so I'm typing this as I'm getting ready to leave for school, so all that'll probably be in this chapter until the afternoon is this authours note.

But hey, you all love talking to me anyway.

Right? RIGHT? Come speak to me my minions 8D

Oh btw js i think everybody should dye their hair purple

I don't like the colour purple, waking up to it every morning on my bedroom walls is enough, but it looks so fucking badass on hair.


Jude xoxo

Title from My Chemical Romance


Frank kicked at the gravel road siding the buses in the front of his school, walking past his friend Zacs bus without waving. He was too deep in thought to bother with the people surrounding him, his only objective to get to his bus without accidentally shoving into/past anybody.

Frank looked behind him, trying to make it seem as if he was casually looking for a friend instead of a complete stranger he barely met just that day. Frank found himself looking back at the ground, disappointed.

Why can't I ever get what I want? Can't get that new hoodie, can't get a phone, can't have a Twitter, can't see a perfect stranger...

Frank froze momentarily at the last thought. What was he thinking, a perfect stranger of the same gender? He's not like that, he's dated girls before, he's just not....

"Hi honey."

"Hey mom." Frank said, smiling as he hopped up onto the bus.

Franks mother had been his bus-driver since third grade, and to Frank, it wasn't embarrassing or degrading; his fellow bus-riders loved her, and she let them break the rules by letting them switch seats, eat food, listen to music ("anything, anything but the Foo Fighters"), and in general let them have a good time.

Frank ran his fingers through his short, dark brown hair as he made his way to his seat (number 7, not far back, but hey, high schoolers need somewhere to sit.) and sat down with a plop, sighing through his lips causing them to puff out and blubber. He took up his blue messenger book-bag and sifted through its contents, thoroughly amazed at how everyone seemed to pack so much junk into theirs but he never had anything at all to put into it other than homework binders and his lunch.

am i the only one here that is annoyed by my four brothers?
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He even found difficulty shoving his lunchbox into the large book-bag, something he thought he would not have a problem with when he first bought the Set It Off (best band evar) themed lunchbox. Now regretting buying the book-bag altogether, Frank was on a search for a better bag. Or money to buy lunch, at least.

Money and bookbags and lunch, oh my! Frank thought with a small giggle to himself. The person sitting in front of him, a stunted elf (as Frank called him) named Trey, turned around and asked Frank what he was laughing about.

"I was laughin' about how short ya are." Frank said with a smile.

"Her her her, measured yourself lately? You're only like, two inches taller than me, and I'm only 4 foot six."

"I'm still taller."

"Yeah, and guess what else you two have in common?" a low voice sneered from the aisle of the bus.

"The fact that we both don't care, I'm guessing." Frank said evenly.

"Wrong, that you're both fags."

"Oooh, look at me, I just pissed." Trey laughed.

"Hah, right on Trey, you missed the piss drain." Frank said, pointing to the boy that Trey and him now faced.

"Whatever fag." the boy said.

The boys name was Scott, and he was a boy that, like Joseph, has insulted and annoyed Frank since his first day of middle school last year. However, Scott's insults were more toward Franks physical and social attributes, which included calling him short, gay, emo (his fashion sense), and the most hurtful; a nobody. A loser.

Frank acted like it didn't bother him, like most anybody would, but of course, it hurt inside; it made him feel slightly like there were others like Scott, and if there were enough, that would mean that a majority wouldn't like him.

Frank wanted everybody to think of him well, to be his friends....

He feels like a shadow every time that he is reminded of the worlds so-called friendly opinion.

He's just another black dressed kid.

Nobody cares about you Frank.

Nobody likes you.

Everyone left you.

You're alone.
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