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Love Hurts

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-----August 25, 12:08 a.m.-----

"I just put Niall down again." I told Mikey, who was in the kitchen, making pancake I believe. He turned the stove off and turned to face me.
"As a couple we have to tell each other everything, right?" Mikey asked me with a worried look. I nodded in agreement.
"Well I need to tell you something." He said looking at his stocking fet twisting on the hardwood floor.
"Go ahead." I replied with a smile on my face.
"As you probably know you weren't my first tome. But neither was my early girlfriend. It was my brother, and we did it multiple times. And Frank sometimes too." Mikey blushed expecting me to be freaked out. I just nodded.
"I know, Frank and Gerard already told me. I have something to tell you to." I looked a the ground. I felt my stomach twit in nervousness and I couldn't tell if I was going to trow up or burst into tears.
"Okay." Mikey sat as he sat down at the kitchen table across from my seat. He crossed his legs and got comfortable. I gulped as I prepared myself for the anger I was about cause.
"Mikey, I slept with Frank also. But don't freak out! We used protection." I said putting my hands up in defense. Mikey's eyes were closed and his lips were pursed.
"Don't worry." He spoke in a creepy calm voice, "My eyes are closed because I don't want you to see me this angry." Mikey stood up and came over by my chair.
"s long as we know Niall's mine. There's no possibility that he's Frank's is there?" Mikey asked, worry very evident in his voice.
"Well..." I hesitated, "He could be. The condom... broke." I winced thinking that mikey was going to get really mad.
"What!? Why do you have to do that? Go sleep with people!" Mikey said, his pale face turning a ruby red.
"Are you calling me a whore?" I asked him.
"Well..." He trailed off.
"Well? Well as least I don't sleep with my sister! I'm surprised you're not pregnant!" I quickly slapped my han over my mouth. That wasn't my best line, and I surely could have come up with better but I didn't.
"Why would you say that? And at least I can't get pregnant! You slept with one of my best friends and had his baby!" Mikey yelled, getting more angry by the second.
"Once again, at least I didn't commit a crime by sleeping with my family, but you know what they say: incest is best." As soon as I finished my sentence I felt stinging on my cheek. my eyes clenched closed and my jaw hung as I gripped my cheek. Everything was blurry because my glasses had fallen from my face. Mikey's eyes got wide when he realized what he had done. So did mine, but they also filled with tears.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, I was seeing red. Marissa, I'm sorry." Mikey said as he tried to hug me. I put my hands up so he wouldn't get closer. I shook my head and went for the door picking up my glasses on the way. I didn't even bother to get my jacket.
"Marissa, no, come back." Mikey walked towards me, his eyes wet and his arms outstretched for a hug. I put my hand on his chest to stop him. He put his hand on mine to push it closer to his chest.
"Feel that. That heart bets for you." Mikey smiled, his cheeks red and tearstained. He was such a sweetheart but I was scared. Not of him ,but for him. I was scared that if he loved me so much that if I left he would do something irrational. But sometimes one has no choice.
"Don't touch me, and don't follow me." I said sternly even though on the inside I was broken and vulnerable. But I can't show it, never. I have to stay tough, I always have had to be the one that was strong and just because I have a man to be strong for I wasn't going to let my walls crumble.
I walked out the door and shut it behind me, from that step I ran to the closest 24 hour gas station. I stopped in front of the little gas station store and sat on the curb. I took my phone from my pocket to see the time but was distracted by the background picture of Mikey and me. I felt the tears coming on again. I took out the battery to get rid of the painful reminder and the stinging on my cheek that kept coming back.
I took off my glasses and set them next to me so I could cry easier. My head fell into my hands that were resting on my scrunched knees. I tried to pull y knees closer thinking that sooner or later I would be so small I would disappear. I felt weight being rested on my shoulders and heard people sit next to me.
"I don't have any money or anything you can pawn off for money." I looked to see gerard's smiling and sitting next to me in a tank top. I turned the other wat to see Ray's mess of hair and his usually sweet smile.
"Did you think we were muggers?" Ray asked with a laugh.
"Sorry I grew up on the better half of the ghetto. I'm sure you can relate being from Jersey." I replied, both men nodded remembering their strange shut in childhoods.
"How did you know this was me?" I asked looking to Gerard.
"I saw your glasses sitting on the ground next to you, and I bought you those shoes last week." Gerard said pointing to the custom Converse on my feet.
"Oh, you're right. Were you looking for me?" I asked slipping my arms into Gerard's jacket that he had laid over me.
"I was actually just getting gas on my way home from a movie. i say Ray walking and picked him up. And then I saw you sitting here all sad so yeah." Gerard smiled as he pulled me to put my head on his shoulder.
"So what's wrong?" Gerard asked stroking my hair.

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