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I Don't Love You

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When you go, would even turn to say..."I don't love you like I yesterday?"

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When you log into your YouTube and you see that you've been hacked and you found out by the fact that somebody replied to your comment on "Mermaid Seashell Tutorial!"


"I had a great time making this with my niece, thank you.."


This is wrong, wrong.

Evil old woman.


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the way she says 'off' is incredible.

O-O my opinion on foreign singers is right thar kiddies.

Jude xoxo
Title from My Chemical Romance (title fits....or not? mwuahaha)

Frank slid his green cased phone shut and laughed slightly. Talking to Romy made the atmosphere in the room more comfortable; for him, at the least. Gerard, he wasn't so sure.

After Frank made his daring move, Gerard had kept silent. It made Frank embarrassed and nervous, it made him almost certain that he would soon see the product of his lunch. After about 10 minutes, the aura Romy gave Frank had disappeared; he was ready to hide under his bed-sheets and never resurface.

He did end up burying himself under the thin sheet that was the same pattern as his blue splattered hospital gown. By sticking his face under the stiff, crinkly white pillows as he was already under the blanket, it made a little burrow. Frank snuggled down, sighing softly as he turned his body away from the side of the room Gerard was housed in.


The addressed froze in place.

"Yeah?" He let out nervously.

"I...gotta talk to you about...earlier.

Yay, watch me get killed emotionally. Frank thought sarcastically.

"Nnnn, yeah?" He said a second time.

"Well, I'll be honest, whatever I'm going to say is so long, it's almost like a story."

"A story?" Frank said, with obvious interest.

"Yeah, a story."

"I wanna listen!" Anything to let me break this awkward silence.

"Alright, alright! Just tell me if you don't understand anything, but only AFTER I'm done."


"Okay." Gerard smiled.

"Well," the story-teller started. "It all started at the start of the school year. I was with my friends, settling in for the last year of middle school. I was fucking hooked on the idea of getting out, I was too familiar with the place. I still am, actually." he winked.

"For the first few weeks, I felt like 'hey, it's normal, just like last year, cept we got a ginger teacher this year'."

Frank giggled at that one. The eight grade Math teacher was a ginger, and he wore the oddest of clothing. If you are a ginger, please take no offense. I did have a ginger teacher and he did wear odd clothes, but that don't mean that I'm saying all ginger-haired people do.

Gerard took a short breath before continuing, "It was all fine and peachy. Then..."

"Then what? Tell me, Gee, tell me." the listener pleaded with a child voice.

"Then, I saw the most interesting person. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen them last year, or paid to attention to them at all. They looked so much different from everybody else."

"What do they look like?"

"Well...they have the softest looking brown hair, but it's very short. They have the same eyes of a...well, I don't want to be cliche, but the eyes of a deer, and the colour's hazel. They wear Old Navy and skinny jeans. Not tight ones, but still skinny. Not to mention that they're REALLY short."

Frank caught on. ""

Gerard nodded. "Exactly." this is how Frank looks.

"Whadda I look like again? Like, interesting?"

"More like...well, gorgeous." admitted a blushing Gerard Way. Frank blushed in response. Taking this as acceptance, he pressed on with thoughts of how to spin the story.

"All they had done was a open a door for me. I didn't know them, didn't really care then, I just wanted to get inside. I said thank you, and left without a second thought. Then came lunch time. There was that boy again. He sat at the table behind me with a large lot of noisy and what I think to be crazy boys. He took a seat right behind me, our backs were almost touching, and I could hear him laughing and telling the stupidest jokes."

"My jokes aren't stupid!"

"Um, yo momma so black, she jumped in the pool and it turned into coffee.? Yo momma so poor, she walks down the street with one shoe on, and when I asked where the other one was, she said 'oh I found this one'?"

"Okay, I was only saying that to DiMond and then we threw a brown crayon at EJ and he was like 'OH THAT'S RACIST!', so."

that really happened today to my friend EJ, and I kept telling DiMond that I love him. When I get the product of my work (aka the yearbook), I'll show you all how ridiculous they are

The two laughed briefly before Gerard continued with his tale.

"Anyways, the thought of that scene stayed in my mind the whole day, until I got home. I got to that place called home and some shit happened, so I came here soon after. Not even an hour after being submitted, that same kid came in, looking more beat up than anybody I'd ever seen."

Frank beckoned him to continue, but that was not the case. Instead, Gerard performed the stunt Frank had earlier, removing all of the wires attached to him and strolling over to Franks bed with the IV&blood bag mobile behind him. He motioned for Frank to move his arm over a little, which Frank did.

Now it was Franks turn to be embarrassed- his monitor started beeping faster, and kept a steady rate of about 190 until Gerard turned it off for his friend.

"It was weird for me, so I turned it off for you too." he smiled.

"Thanks. Continue?"

"Oh, right." he said. "He was bruised and there was some huge bandage on his chest, and he was covered in some blood. He was cleaned up, but it still looked like he hurt alot."

"I don't really anymore."

"Still. He seemed pretty rude when I first talked to him, but then we became friends in a week. Why we're here so long, I dunno. But then he did something that freaked me out."

Franks heart raced even faster, but he was thankful for the fact that there was no longer a monitor to show it.

"He kissed me after bandaging my face, which was bleeding for no reason. He kissed it. No one had ever done that, not even my mom."


"Let me finish." Gerard spoke patiently. "I thought a few things. One of them was something along the lines of 'I don't love you. I don't. Why'd you do that? It's disgusting, I barely know you.'. It was silent for so long. Minus that phone call, that was fuckin' loud as Hell." he grinned.

"Well, it's not my fault, I was desperate for consolation."

"Yeah, and I was too, in a way. I sorted through my mind. Was it wrong? Was it right? Why? Why did he do such a thing? I decided that I had to do something after he ended the call."

"Well, what?"

Gerard took a firm and gentle hold on Franks arm.

"You need to sit up."

The addressed did so. What the addressed did not expect was what happened next.

"I wanted to show him that I feel the same way."


Whatever Frank was going to say wasn't known, because at that moment, Gerard crashed his lips harshly against his. It was heated with passion and craving, unlike Franks gentle one. A soft moan emitted from Franks lips, telling Gerard that it was enough.

"A thank you is a thank you. And this is my thank you."

"I like your thank you's." Frank said after a moment. He felt like he was going to have to stay in the hospital for another week; his heart just exploded.

"I loved you yesterday, like a best friend," Gerard said, continuing with

"I don't love you like I did yesterday."

is the chapter too short? I think it is, I'll add more detail later.
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