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Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Party Poison's POV:
I stroked her bare back absentmindedly with my hand. Her deep, even breaths were almost enough to lull me to sleep, but not quite. My mind kept replaying every sound she made, every long moan, the way she said my name-my real name, the way she cried out "Gerard" when she came. She was beautiful with her hair splayed out all around us, her body was amazing, and she was so perfect and wonderful that it almost hurt to try and describe.

And now she was mine.

I let out a deep, satisfied sigh and smiled.

My eyes were starting to shut when I heard her mumble in her sleep. It was incomprehensible, in garbled German, but I distinctly heard her say "Gerard." I also caught the word "liebe," and Grace had taught me enough for that one.

I grinned and pressed my lips to her forehead before closing my eyes.

Sleep almost had me in its clutches when the door of the car flew open. My eyes shot open, and our heads turned to find Fun Ghoul, with an expression on his face that I would have found hilarious had it been in a different situation.

The three of us stared at each other for a few beats, before Ghoul made a face and said, "Oh, that's real nice." He then proceeded to slam the door shut, leaving me and Gift to stare at each other for a few seconds.

She shrugged, snuggled into my chest, and promptly fell back asleep.


Rose's POV:
Though my body sat and heard Denominator drone on about the bravery of the killjoys etc etc etc, my mind was in a completely different place. I was back in the car, with Party Poison. I smiled because, although I would never, ever tell him, he was at least three times as big as Korse.

I had probably had sex more times than everyone else here combined. Yet last night felt like my very first time. I pondered that for a while, on how one guy could make you feel like you're a completely new person.

The rest of the camp would find out eventually, given that Ghoul had walked in on us, but there was no need to speed up that process. We had agreed to keep our distance from each other for now. Ghoul seemed completely distracted by Atomic J, at any rate.

"Earth to Sweetheart Gift!" Grace whispered, poking my shoulder. I turned.


"Why are you so spacey? Is something wrong?"

I smiled. "No, Grace. Nothing is wrong."

Ghoul raised his hand. "Okay, so I went to the car this morning to see if there was any water in there..."

Suddenly, I was paying attention. Crap crap crap! Poison was shaking his head frantically and looking Ghoul straight in the eye. Ghoul looked straight back and gave the biggest crazed smile I had ever seen.

"Oh God," I murmured, putting my head in my hands. Grace's bewilderment was apparent.

Ghoul continued. "And do you know what I saw?"

Almost everyone in the circle was looking at either me or Poison.

"I saw these two," he pointed one finger at me, the other at Poison, "naked."

Everyone roared with laughter, which was soon replaced with applause. Party Poison was blushing so hard that I couldn't tell where his face ended and his hair began, but I was probably worse. Grace squeezed me so hard that I was sure my eyes were going to fall out, and the guys all took turns clapping Poison on the back. Atomic J was dabbing at her eyes, while Wallflower was running in circles, saying, "OMG! You guys are soo cute! AAH can I please do your wedding?! Awwww!"

Crescendo's smile looked rather fake. I wanted to stick out my tongue, or flip her off, or say something like I win, bitch, but unfortunately, I had to pretend to be mature.

I looked down at Grace, whose eyes were wet. "I knew you loved him," she said.

I rolled my eyes. "You could've told me sooner." She giggled, and I gave her a noogie.


Try though he might, Denominator really couldn't get us settled down after that. Especially when Jet Star randomly pulled out a ton of alcohol that he had somehow managed to nick. After all, we had never properly celebrated the release of Atomic J and the others.

"So, you drink often?" Jet asked later that evening. Things had exploded into a full-blown party. Grace had told me that whenever there was no news to report, Doctor Death Defying would try to play music on his radio station. So we even had music to go along.

I smiled wryly. "Nope, Korse always preferred other methods of keeping his bitches in check."

He took a swig. "Guess you're glad to be rid of him, huh?"

"Yeah," I said, staring at Ghoul's hand on Atomic J's belly. No drinks for her, of course. "I guess I am."

A piercing scream rang through the night. We both looked around in alarm.


"It's just Wallflower," Jet said, taking another sip.

"Don't wanna be an American idiot! Don't want a nation under the new media!"

"This isn't that bad, really," I said absentmindedly, watching Wallflower jump around. Kobra joined her, looking like he was enjoying himself.

"Now everybody do the propaganda! And sing along in the age of paranoia!"

I sighed, taking a long swig of beer. "It's not over, is it?"

"Nope," he said, as nonchalantly as someone commenting on the weather. "Not by a long shot."

We stood in silence for another few minutes, watching Wallflower and Kobra in the moonlight. Another song started up, and, judging from Wallflower's squeals, it was also by her Green People Band. It was a very slow song.

"I text a postcard sent to you. Did it go through? Sending all my love to you. You are the moonlight of my life every night."

Kobra put his hand out to Wallflower, and she took it. He put one hand on her waist and the other in the air. She took his hand and put her other hand on his shoulder, and the two of them started rocking back and forth. Ghoul and Atomic J did the same, then Denominator and Acidic Bombshell.

"It might not be over, but we can still enjoy ourselves once in a while." Jet put his hand out to me. "May I have this dance?"

I smiled. "Only if you want your feet stepped on."

"I'll take my chances."

"Well then." I straightened up and acted fancy. "Yes, Mister Jet Star, I would be honored to accept your invitation." I placed my hand on top of his.

As it turned out, dancing was pretty easy. We spun and smiled like it was nothing, and I only stepped on his feet twice before Poison appeared between us.

"Can I cut in?" he asked, almost shyly.

"Be my guest," Jet said, stepping back. Poison took my hand and waist, and we started spinning.

"With every breath that I am worth here on Earth, I'm giving all my love to you."

I put my head on his shoulder, and I noticed he was humming. "So if you dare to second-guess, you can rest assured that all my love's for you."

I pulled away to look at his face. I was going to ask if he knew this song, but then he answered my question. He looked straight into my eyes and sang softly like he had written this song for me.

"My beating heart belongs to you. I walked for miles till I found you. I'm here to honor you. If I lose everything in the fire, I'm giving all my love to you."

He wiped a tear from my eye and smiled as if to say, "Don't cry."

He lifted my hand above my head and twirled it so I spun. My eyes widened in shock as I did a 360 and noticed that everyone was watching us. I landed in his arm...and almost hit the ground, but he caught me six inches from the ground. I was completely confused as he picked me up and whirled me around, putting me back on the ground right as the words started back up.

He grabbed my hand and put it on his chest as he sang, "My beating heart belongs to you."

He picked up my hands and put them around his neck. I looked into his eyes and knew that he was singing right from his heart. He put his hands around my waist. "I walked for miles till I found you. I'm here to honor you."

He pressed his forehead to mine. "If I lose everything in the fire, did I ever make it through?"

Our lips met, and I could barely hear the cheering over the sounds of the fireworks between us.

The kiss ended, and I felt his breath on my face saying, "I love you."

I pecked his lips again.

"Love you, too."

THE END!!! That was the last chapter. Thank you all so much for reading and-

loljk. I bet you believed it for a second. This is technically the last chapter, but I do have an epilogue if you guys want it. I won't be posting it for quite a while; for more information see a separate authors note that I will post at the same time as this chapter.

Songs are both Green Day (duh), American Idiot and Last Night on Earth. God, I love Green Day.

PS heeeeeyyy Billie. I loveeee youuuuu:):)

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