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Chapter 12

by Bad_Romance

"Please don't look at me like that"

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Party nervously stood outside his and Diamond’s bedroom, wondering whether to knock on the door, or allow his girlfriend some more time on her own. She’d locked herself in the room nearly 5 hours ago, and Party could hear nothing coming from the room. Sighing to his self, he raised his hand; he had to know if she was alright. He tapped quietly on the door, and let out a deep breath, running a hand through his longer red hair.

“Diamond. It’s me, please. Open the door” He shouted softly through the wooden door, and listened for any movement. After a short while of hearing nothing, he raised his hand to knock again, when he heard the lock moving and the door opened an inch.

He hesitated before going in, and then slowly pushed the door open with his hand, and stepped into the room. He looked around it slowly, before resting his eyes on Diamond, who was sitting silently on the edge of the bed. He looked at her face, which was slightly pale, but she had flushed cheeks, and he knew she had only just stopped crying.

“I’m sorry I reacted like that Party” She hoarsely whispered, and Party looked around the room, and found a jug of water. He quickly poured a glass before nearly running over to Diamond and handing her the drink. She took a small mouthful of it, before setting it on the floor next to her.

Party stood at the head of the bed, studying Diamond. She looked so angelic sitting on the bed, her long blonde/grey hair laid on her shoulders. She looked up at him with her bright eyes, which had changed to a stormy grey colour due to her emotions, he took a deep breath, in awe of how beautiful she looked.

“Please don’t look at me like that” She whispered to him.

“Look at you like what?” Party asked, his voice slightly cracking as he spoke.

“Like you’re about to break my heart” She whispered after a short period of silence.

“What do you expect me to do Diamond?” Party blinked away some emotion from his eyes and looked away from Diamond. “You’ve just begged Fun not to leave and then you blame it on me for getting better! Diamond, I don’t know where I fucking stand with you! Do you even love me?” He demanded to know, his voice getting louder with every word.

“Of course I love you Party!” Diamond cried, her voice laced with panic.

“You’ve not fucking showed that! I was gone for a few months, and you were planning a future with Fun?! I woke up and had to see you both kissing Diamond! And then when he leaves, you react like this?!” He shouted, not caring if anybody else heard.

“It was a mistake all of it! I was lonely, and I didn’t know if you were ever going to wake up! Fun was there for me!” She shouted back, tears pouring from her eyes again, and she moved to stand from the bed, moving in front of Party.

“How fucking sweet! He was there for you?! I couldn’t be there for you Diamond! I was laid in a fucking coma! And you’re kissing Fun!” He couldn’t control what was coming out of his mouth anymore. “I don’t think you love me anymore! And I can’t do this!” He finally said, then turned to walk out of the room.

“Party no! Please, don’t leave me! I do love you! I love you completely!’ She shouted, moving in front of him, and placing her hands on his chest, trying to stop him from moving anymore.

“Diamond, please… Don’t do this” He muttered to her, his hands moving to her wrist pushing them off him.

“I can’t let you leave” She whispered, and then quickly pushed her lips over his, forcing him to kiss her.

Party quickly pushed her away as soon as he felt his self melting into her kiss, and Diamond looked shocked at him as she felt herself bounce of the wall in the room. Party looked at her, his eyes wide and Diamond looked sadly down at the floor, and then moved to walk away from him. She felt herself be pushed back up against the wall, and Party re-attached their lips together, hungrily kissing her.

Diamond wrapped her arms around Party, never wanting to let go, and she could feel him now turning them, and pushing them over to their bed. The back of her legs met the bed, and she felt herself be slowly lowered to the bed, Party still keeping his tight hold of her, and never once breaking the connection between their lips. She heard him softly moan into the kiss, and his hand now gently and smoothly pushed her tank top up her back, and over her head. Their kiss was broken for a short time before they both hungrily pulled each other back again. She felt him un-do her bra, and his hands quickly began massaging her breast, causing Diamond to moan loudly. It had been too long since she had felt him caress her. Diamond quickly pulled his black vest over his head, and she ran her fingers down his smooth chest, and stopped when she reached the top of his jeans. Not breaking the kiss, she un-did his trousers and slid her hand inside, stroking his partially hard member.

Party’s hands began shaking softly as he moved down and caressed her stomach quickly, and then began tugging at her black jeans, pulling them down her body, her underwear along with them, before quickly pulling his own down and flinging them on the floor.

“Party, please… I need you” Diamond whispered as he hovered over her, their nose’s touching and their ragged breaths mixing together.

As soon as the words left Diamond’s lips, she felt Party quickly slide into her, causing both of them to moan loudly. Their bodies moved together in sync, their panting matching each other’s, nails on each other’s skin, leaving red marks wherever they went. Party could feel Diamond clenching him tighter, and he pushed roughly into her a few more times, setting both of them off into the most intense orgasm’s they had ever experienced.

Slowly his movements, whilst his eyes were closed, Party closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath, and felt Diamond’s lips on his own, kissing him softly. He felt his self fill up with so much emotion, and silently began weeping, whilst Diamond cradled his head.

“Party, I’m so sorry” She whispered into his ear, smoothing his now damp hair down. She felt him nod softly, before climbing off her.

“I’m sorry too…’ He said, standing up and pulling on his jeans, he picked up his black vest and looked down at Diamond’s naked form laid on the bed, his eyes resting on her stomach. “But now you’re just somebody that I used to know…”

“What do you mean?” Diamond asked, wide-eyed as she clutched the bed sheet around her body.

“You’re different. I don’t know you anymore” He softly explained, pulling his vest over him.

“Its me Party… Diamond.. I’ve not changed!” She cried out.

“I need some time away from you”

“Time away from me?! You’ve just had time away from me! You’ve been in a coma for 3 months!” She shouted loudly to him, not really believing what he was saying.

“Don’t speak to me anymore Diamond. I need some time away from you, please, respect this” And with that, Party turned and walked out of the room, leaving a panting Diamond.

Diamond looked around the room, everything felt dizzy to her, and she sat on the bed, and slowly tried to calm her thoughts.

“Diamond are you alright?” She looked up and found her best friend Toxic looking at her with worried eyes.

“He doesn’t want me…” She whispered, looking down at the floor feeling defeated.

“I don’t know what to say Diamond” Toxic said, moving and wrapping her hand around Diamond softly.

“Neither do I”

So what did we think? Can you guess what song I've been listening to a lot with one of the lines I wrote in this, you win epicness if you guess haha! Hope you enjoyed :)
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