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1- Sick

by FairytaleFiction

Kisses were for those you admired, those you loved... not those who caused you and your family pain.

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Wet tears were plastered across my cheeks, sinking in to my skin. It made me itch. It was an awful, unending itch that I could not reach with my hands bound behind my back. The rope keeping me in place burned. Each time I moved I could feel the rope cutting in to my tender flesh, ripping it open. The blood that poured from the inflicted wounds was something I had taken no notice of as I watched each of the intruders walk through my once safe house.

I couldn't even bare to look at either of my parents though I could hear my mother's loud sobs echo through the living room. My mother and father were seated on the couch, hands tied behind their backs. My father had tape across his mouth to keep him from speaking seeing as how he'd been pleading for the intruders to take whatever they wanted and leave. My mother was sobbing loudly and horrifyingly I wished they'd tape her mouth so that I wouldn't have to hear the sound any longer. My older brother, Alexander, was on the chair next to the couch silently watching each move the intruders made. I was sitting across from him on the other chair, unable to see absolutely everything.

We all knew something bad would happen. None of us were stupid. People that broke in to houses weren't the nicest around and generally didn't just want tea before leaving. So, what would our intruders want? They'd taken very little. So far just cash and jewelry.

There were five of them. They all wore black masks that stretched across their faces, making them look scarier than they probably looked in real life. Or so I was assuming. Black masks just usually hinted towards evil motives... Well, actually the breaking in hinted towards the evil motives but...

They were each tall and well built. Two were smaller but still seemed in great shape. My entire family was very active but if it came down to it we wouldn't stand a chance. We were all tied for one. For two, we just weren't really all that violent. We were upper class. In all honesty we just didn't plan for this shit to happen.

Sadly, I realized my father had forgotten to set the alarm when we'd gotten home because we had been in a verbal fight. The words I'd screamed at him previously echoed through my head, scarring me. Would I ever be able to apologize after this?

I wasn't sure so... "Daddy, I'm sorry." I quickly apologized, tears resting against my eyelashes.

One of the intruders paused, laughing. "Mhmm, that sure does sound sexy coming from your mouth." His words made me gag a little inside. "Would you like to call me Daddy, little girl?" The man asked, stepping forward.

"I think I'm a little too old for you." I spit out, glaring at the man in disgust.

He just smiled, the fabric over his face stretching a little more. His hand flew down, smacking across my face. I closed my eyes, trying to bite back the cry that had formed upon my lips. The tears were already dripping down my cheeks, causing mild embarrassment. I'd never before been struck though I'm sure I'd deserved it many times with the way I treated my family...

"Hey, what are you doing Jack?" One of the men asked, coming forward.

"Just teaching this little bitch a little about respect." The man snarled, looking annoyed at having been interrupted.

The newest arrival looked as if he were about to object but then he shook his head, walking away. "Be quick with her." He called, almost sounding bored with the situation.

"Will do Gee." Jack responding, a smile lurking beneath his words.

Then he leaned down and I began standing as he pulled on the rope, binding my wrists together. It took quite a bit of effort to keep up with the man as we walked down the hallway together.

"Where are you taking my little girl?" My mother's shrill voice followed me down the hallway, followed by my brothers.

"If you touch her I'll kill you!" I had to admit... The words sounded fairly intimidating, even with my brother being bound.

The man pulling me along simply laughed and then we started going upstairs. My heart fell through my body as I realized that we were heading to a bedroom. It was obvious. What else would he want me for? I didn't know where any secret money was hidden. My father had instantly told them the number to the safe... All I had to offer was myself but it was something I wasn't going to be giving without a fight.

I struggled, fighting against the ropes as Jack pulled me along. He didn't seem inconvenienced in the least as he pulled me along, the ropes digging in to my fresh wounds.

I lost my footing, falling on to the stairs. Jack laughed, letting go as I tumbled down the stairs. The pain of my body hitting each step hit me and I faintly wished I'd hit my head. I didn't want to be awake for whatever 'Jack' wanted.

The footsteps from Jack's feet created a thudding noise that I tried to focus on to alleviate the pain coursing through my body. This time he grabbed me by my arm instead of the rope. I found a tiny amount of gratitude rising towards this act. My wrists burned so badly... My entire body ached. Would this pain ever go away?

"Which room is yours?" Jack asked.

I wanted to scream out but I knew it'd be no use. I was trapped with this sicko and his friends. "Right there." I whispered, looking straight ahead at my bedroom door.

Together we walked towards it. The door was hanging off of it's hinges slightly. Jack gently opened it, pushing me towards the bed. I stumbled, falling in front of my bed. Jack did the best he could to close my bedroom door despite it's damaged appearance. "See, I'm not so bad." Jack joked. "I made sure that we have a little privacy."

I said nothing. I had nothing to say. Was I supposed to laugh? It wasn't a date. It wasn't some fantasy. No, if he touched me in any way... It would be rape.

Jack stepped foward just as I made it on to my feet after the harsh struggle. My legs weren't bound in any way but it was quite tough to get on my feet with my hands tied behind my back. I flinched as Jack leaned closer, the smell of alcohol radiating from him. Suddenly I felt naseous, the smell lingering around my nose. "Give me a kiss." Jack whispered, in what he must have assumed was an alluring voice.

"No." I refused. I would not give him a kiss of my own free will. Kisses were for those you admired, those you loved... not those who caused you and your family pain.

"How about if I go downstairs and break your dear brother's arm?" Jack snarled, sounding determined. I didn't doubt for a second that he would do it.

"Please don't." Reduced to begging with just one threat. All it took was my family being used against me. I couldn't bare to be the cause of their pain, not again. The guilt of the intruders getting in to our home was still strong. I just knew... had the music not been so loud... my father would have heard. He would have called the police. This wouldn't be happening!

"Then kiss me and make it fucking believable." Jack snapped, standing in place.

I paused, "Can... can you untie my hands please?"

Jack seemed to think of it before stepping forward. I winced as his fingers pressed against my wounds so that he could cut the rope free. I felt the edge of the blade and breathed in deeply, just knowing he had pulled out a knife. Then the rope fell free and I instantly massaged around the wounds, trying to bring back feeling... that wasn't pain.

"Get to it." Jack snapped.

I stepped a little closer, apprehension coursing through my body. Jack gave me an expectant look as he stood in place. I had to stand upon my tippy toes to reach his lips and though the act disgusted me... I pressed my lips against his.

The kiss was passionless and short. Suddenly I was pushed away, causing me to stumble and catch myself by falling on to my bed. "Is that the best you've fucking got?" Jack roared.

I flinched involuntarily as his hand shot forward, grabbing me by the hair. Once again I had to fight the urge to cry out. His lips pressed against mine viciously, his disgustingly slimy tongue running along my teeth which I refused to move. I did not want any part of him inside of my mouth!

"Jack, where the fuck are you?" A voice yelled out, causing Jack to let go of me. I stumbled back, attempting to get as far away from Jack as I could.

"In here." Jack called out, smiling as if he'd just won something.

The door fell open as soon as the man touched it, having barely been hanging on after initially being kicked in when the intruders arrived. He took one look at Jack and then at me and asked in utter disgust, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Having a little taste." Jack replied, smugly. I wanted him to die.

The man shook his head, "Why is she untied?"

"We were having some fun." Jack responded, pouting slightly.

"We are not here to have fun." The other man said.

"Oh, I beg to differ." Jack responded.

"Fine, let me rephrase what I just said..." The man snapped, "We are not here to rape anyone."

Jack rolled his eyes. "She didn't say no."

"Come on, let's go. We need to get out of here." The man said, sounding thoroughly annoyed.

Jack stomped a foot, "I'd like to finish with the little girly here."

I felt myself stiffen at the words. It happened upon hearing the words. I didn't even have to think of reacting. My body didn't want him. My mind didn't want him. I didn't want him anywhere near me. "No." The man said, surprising me. What did he care if his sick friend had his way with me?

"Are you really going to stand in my way Mikes?" Jack asked, stepping towards the smaller built man.

"Yeah, I think so." Was the other's confident reply.

I found myself backing away further until my knees hit my bed, causing me to fall in to a sitting position. Did I really want to be in the middle of what could turn in to a fight?

More importantly; Did I really want to be around if Jack was the one that won?

Thankfully it didn't come down to that. Instead Jack backed away, holding his hands up in a sign of surrender. "Sorry man. Let's just drop it."

The other one nodded, "I'll meet you downstairs." He was smaller but gave the illusion of power while the other seemed to be nothing more than a brute. I silently wondered just who was in charge.

As Jack disappeared I held my breath, wondering just what my savior would want for his services. He had after all saved me from being potentially raped by Jack... Would I face the same situation with him?

"Did he hurt you?" The words that passed the man's lips surprised me so greatly that at first I couldn't find the words to respond.

"N-no." I finally choked out, finding myself exhausted by the situation. I never wanted to stand up again. I didn't want to move. I just wanted to curl up and cry.

The man simply stared at me for several seconds, making me increasingly uncomfortable. Finally he spoke again, "Are you ready to go downstairs then?"

Terror gripped me as I prepared myself to stand for what felt like a death walk. Faking courage I asked with a surprisingly steady voice, "What are you going to do to us?"

The man shrugged, "Nothing as long as you cooperate."

Strangely I felt myself believing him. He didn't seem to be bad in the way that Jack was. No, there was still something innocent about him.

"Come on now." He gently placed his hand on the back of my shoulder, urging me to stand on my own. Slowly I did. As I followed him out of the room I hoped we would remain safe through the rest of whatever the intruders had planned.

Cooperation had never sounded like such a struggle before tonight.
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