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Commotion on the Gurney

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"Breny, it's not my fault," I said through sobs. "It was so long ago."

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We were aroused from our sleep when we heard a knock at the door. Brendon swiftly got up from his position next to me in bed and opened the door. Standing in the doorway was a nurse. She had bleach blond hair that was thin and oily. Her fake tan made her look orange, somewhat reassembling a cheese puff. She smiled at Brendon and walked over to the I.V that was next to my bed.

"Hi there Mr. Ross." She said with a high pitched texan accent. "How are you doin' sweetie?"

"I'm in a bit of pain. Otherwise, never better," I said, smiling at Brendon who was still standing next to the open door.

While the nurse was busy with my I.V, another person walked up to the doorway. I could tell he was the doctor because he was wearing a large white coat and had a stethoscope hanging around his neck. He didn't advance into my room. Instead, he just stood there with a clip board in his hands.

"Good to see you up, Mr. Ross," the doctor said with a grin. I smiled at him and nodded. Well, it was good to be up. Then his gaze shifted from me to Brendon, who was standing next to the doctor.

"Are you a family member or a friend of his," the doctor asked Brendon.

"Huh? Oh yeah. Yes I am. A friend," he stuttered, not quite sure what he'd be classified as.

"May I talk to you outside in the hallway for a moment?" The doctor asked sounding worried. Brendon nodded his head in agreement and left me in an empty room with the artificial nurse.

Once she was done tampering with my I.V, she walked over to my bedside.

"Would you like to sit up, Mr. Ross. You've been laying' here for quite a while." She smiled at me, revealing perfectly white teeth, obviously fake as well.

"Sure," I said, second guessing myself.

The nurse slid her hand behind my back, aiding me into an upright position. I whimpered in pain as I felt the wound on my abdomen. I was finally seated when the doctor and Brendon came back into the room. Brendon's demeanor completely changed. It looked as if he had seen a ghost or something.

I shyly said thank you to the nurse and doctor as the exited the room. Brendon sat down in the chair that he had pulled up to my bed earlier. He sighed and rested his head in his hands.

"Bren, what's wrong?" I asked, not bothering to keep the worry hidden in my voice. He lifted his head out of his hands and stared into my eyes.

Then, he grabbed my forearm, pulling it quickly towards him. I tried to pull away, but I was too late. He gasped as he saw the old scars that ran up and down my arms. Tears began to form in his eyes.

"T-the doctor told me they found t-them. H-he wanted to alert me, make sure that you weren't going to do it again." His voice trembled as he tried to hold back tears. Me, on the other hand, I was already sobbing.

"Breny, it's not my fault," I said through sobs. "It was so long ago." Brendon dropped my arm and wiped his eyes.

"Tell me. Please, Ryan. Why?" More tears slid down his face.

"M-my father." I began, still crying. "H-he abused me, Bren." Brendons face suddenly changed in shock.

"He was an alcoholic," I kept going, my tears subsiding. "When he figured out I was different, he would call me sick names. Freak, pathetic, worthless. I had no one, Bren! No one! My mother left us! She left me! I had to suffer for so long, Bren." Tears were now streaming down my face once again.

He reached out his hand and placed it on my forearm. I flinched a little when we made contact.

"I'm so sorry, Ry. I never knew. You did such a good job at hiding this, and the scars." I looked up into his eyes which were watering a little bit.

"That's why I'm so glad I met you," I said to Brendon. "Y-you saved me." He smiled a little bit, wiping his eyes once again.

"Do you still?" He began.

"Cut myself? No. Not since you came along."

"Ry, it kills me to see you hurt. It's the worst feeling in the world. I just think, no one as amazing as you should ever feel that way." I smiled too, wiping the tears from my cheeks.

The room was silent for a while until Brendon spoke again.

"Jon and Spencer are coming to see you later today. The doctor also said that you'd be released in two more days."

Great. Two more fucking days.

A/N Thanks, guys, very much for the awesome reviews! Much appreciated. So tell me what you think of this chapter! At the end, I noticed I hadn't sworn once throughout this chapter, so I just had to add that in xD Anyways, I will try to update as soon as possible!
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