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Please Read

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not a new chapter, just please read.

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Hey guys. I'm sorry about posting. I've been so caught up with school, and family I couldn't plan out time and I've been feeling really shitty. I'm sorry.

In other news I've decided to quit writing here, and move over to Mibba. If any of you give a shit this story along with 'More Than Skin Deep' will be continued on that site.

Why the change?

I haven't really gotten much feedback here, so I've decided to test out Mibba (I've already tried LiveJournal). This test will basically tell me if I should keep writing. I'm not sure if it's cause my stories are shit (possibly), you don't wanna R&R, or if it's basically because I'm not updating to make my stories interesting (most likely).

Please forgive me. I hope you check out my Mibba. If not then happy shipping to you all :3

xoxo, Melanie.

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