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2- Gifts & Curses

by foreverfalling

You'll learn to love my gift.

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So now here I was, walking up the steps of a ridiculously large home. Someone was throwing a party. Jon... Walker, I think. One of my mark's band members. My mark: Brendon Urie. A musician. They wanted me to kill a musician! How scary.

Still, no one had told me what made this mark so different, so scary. Was it the possibility of not being able to get him alone? I knew how to flirt my way in to an empty room with another person. That didn't seem too difficult. Was it the type of people I would be around? Musicians? I hadn't had to worry about the invitation. The company had already set that up for me. Tonight I was Delilah Lane. What a classical... lovely name.

I was somewhat exhausted after the flight I had to endure to Los Angeles and I couldn't wait to get back to my motel room and then back to my life at home. Though... the thrill of a kill still bubbled in my veins. I was excited. I was sick, and I knew it. My long dark hair was gathered in to a sophisticated bun that became a ponytail and the elegant green dress I was wearing purposefully showed off enough cleavage to get anyone in the room in bed with me. I was sick but I was pretty. That was something I could use to my advantage.

Soft music and whispered voices greeted my ears and I looked around with a sense of dread. I had always hated social functions and yet here... I had to find and socially charm my way in to a private bedroom with another human being. My eyes slowly scanned the room for my target and I jumped as someone's voice broke in to my thoughts as they whispered directly in to my ear, "Looking for someone?"

As I spun around I was faced with... Brendon Urie. He was quite a sight to see and I was surprised there weren't women hanging from him, and I meant that literally. "Nope." I replied, attempting to be casual. So, I wasn't that great at the art of seduction. I was more of a find 'em, kill 'em type of girl. Now I knew it wouldn't be like that this time but... money is money and I wasn't in a position to turn down such a golden opportunity.

"Just staring in to the crowd for no apparent reason?" Brendon joked, looking quite amused.

"That about sums it up." I replied, a grin playing upon my lips as I realized just how easy this was going to be. He had found me.

"Mhm, so then I won't be stealing anyone's date if I ask you to dance with me?" Brendon asked, outstretching his hand in an offering position.

I bit my bottom lip as I placed my hand in to his, caught off guard by the cold feel of his skin. "I'm free for the taking."

"Oh, how I love those words." Brendon said, flashing some white teeth in his best attempt at a charming smile.

It was very charming, indeed.

Brendon brought my body to his with a gentle tug and I quickly learned that he was a much better dancer than I was. No amount of practice on the wii would ever make me a functional person that could claim to have any sort of balance. How had I ever become an assassin? Oh yeah, my heart was cold. That was about my only good quality. Other than that and my intelligence... I had basically failed, epically. During training that is. I was actually a really successful assassin. Turns out it just wasn't that hard for me to kill people. Some people are born... broken. I guess I was one of those people.

Soon enough I heard a laugh fill my ears, "You aren't very good at this, are you?" He asked, stopping. I was completely grateful. I kept stepping on his feet and the pressure of his hands around my waist had become the only thing holding me up.

"I didn't know I was going to be dancing with a professional tonight so forgive me." I responded sarcastically, mentally cursing myself. I used to be so much better at acting with targets, though I had never been this close with one before. I'd never had to get close to someone to kill them, this job was... different.

"We could always try something..." Brendon's finger gently traced the curve of my jawline, "easier." He concluded, leaning down. At first I thought he would kiss me. All signs led to that but instead he simply inhaled deeply, his lips pulling away from mine.

"Such as?" I asked, staring in to his deep brown eyes. For a fleeting second I felt as if I knew what it meant to be the target. I was his target. Was he meaning to get me in bed? I felt as if it were something beyond that but I quickly pushed that thought away. Tonight I was the hunter, he was the prey. This would be over soon.

"This is my home... I lent it to Jon for the festivities... My room is available." Brendon whispered, his lips brushed against my ear but I could not feel the touch of air that one usually would feel when another exhaled, breathing on to them.

I faked a cough, batting my eyelashes at Brendon in the girliest way I could manage. "For a step so big alcohol sounds like a must."

"Alcohol is on hand." Brendon said, smiling again.

"Let's go then." I whispered, feeling a twitch of uncertainty that I pushed away. I had to get him alone. This was good. I could do this. How far would this have to go though? I had never before been to such a formal event with the intention of murder. The pressure was something entirely different and as Brendon's cold hand pressed down upon mine I found myself pulled through the crowd, eyes watching us the entire way up the stairs. I didn't feel as if I could properly breath until we reached an empty hallway and began walking down it, Brendon's hand still tightly holding on to my own.

How was it this easy? I guess I underestimated a man's sex drive. Perfect strangers would do just fine. "This place is huge. Who else lives here with you?" I asked, I would need to know so that I would know if I was going to run in to anyone while making my getaway. Although... the party might still be in full swing. I could... slip away unnoticed.

"Just Ryan." Brendon said, grinning at me. "But don't worry your pretty little head about that... His room is quite a ways from mine and... with the party going, no one will hear us... even if you try to scream." Okay so now his smile was just a little sinister, all the better to match his words with.

And with that he opened a bedroom door and motioned for me to go in ahead of him. It didn't feel right but I did it anyway. I was an idiot. I was throwing my life away. What was fear to me though? Fear was nothing. My entire life was nothing. I had given everything to this job and little did I know... I was about to give my last for this job, everything that I knew... any control I thought I had... It slipped from my hands and I hadn't even realized. I had become the hunted.

"So, alcohol?" I asked with a small smile, faking nervous. "I feel the need to be somewhat intoxicated for this experience."

Brendon's eyes twinkled in amusement as he shut his door, the lock clicking loudly in my mind. "Over in the mini-fridge. Do you mind if I go change? Formal wear really isn't my thing." Oh but it really did look very good on him.

I simply nodded, heading over to the small fridge. It was quite a luxurious bedroom but I didn't really expect less. I heard the door close to the adjoining bathroom and I set my purse on the counter, staring at the door as I grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. I pulled out two glasses, relishing in just how easy this seemed. I poured two glasses before pulling a small vile from a side pocket in my purse. My eyes were trained on the bathroom door as I poured the liquid poison in to Brendon's glass. So easy. I had the vile back in the pocket of my purse before the bathroom door opened and Brendon walked out, wearing nothing other than boxers. I stared, momentarily stunned. He was quite toned. He walked towards me and I felt myself tense. This wasn't good. He... This poison better work fast. I was strong but I was only human. When it came down to it I was heavily dependent on the poison to kill him. Unfortunately when it came down to it I couldn't help but admit that a man against a woman was usually stronger... They had a noticeable advantage.

"So, boxers usually your chosen attire around others?" I asked, sliding his glass towards him as he stood on the other side of the counter, watching me.

"Consider yourself lucky." He shot back.

"Jumping to conclusions, aren't we?" I asked, slowly sipping my wine as I waited for him to drink his.

"Well I figured you didn't want to discover my decorating when you followed me upstairs." Brendon stated, "And if you do want to... Maybe you should be in Ryan's room instead." He joked.

"Which way was that again?" I joked.

Brendon's expression was enough to cause my laughter, actual laughter. It felt good and soon enough Brendon was laughing as well before throwing on a serious face. "Not funny." He said, fake glaring at me.

"I beg to differ." I said, taking another drink as my laughter cleared.

"You beg? That I'm interested in." Brendon joked.

I rolled my eyes at the sad attempt of sleaziness. "Here I thought money brought class..."

Brendon was about to speak again when I cleared my throat. Enough talking... "This is really good... gonna drink yours? Can't you take a hint? I'm trying to get you drunk." I joked.

Brendon grinned and brought the glass to his lips. My heart stopped for just a second as he gave me a strange look, not yet taking a drink. It was as if... as if he sensed the poison. But then he grinned and took a giant gulp of the liquid, much to my relief. "Why get me drunk?" Brendon asked, "You've already won me over love. Now come here..." He said, smiling as he took one last long drink, emptying his glass. It shouldn't be long now...

I slowly made my way around the counter, walking to Brendon's bed with him following me. I was about to open my mouth to try and buy myself some time but then... right as I turned around Brendon's lips met mine and I was gently being pushed on to his bed, his body quickly straddling my own.

"I wonder..." Brendon spoke with a tone of amusement, "what reaction I would get if I were to fuck you right here."

"I thought that was your aim." I responded, figuring it didn't hurt to tease. He would be dead soon enough. The poison was coursing through his body... He couldn't last much longer.

"Maybe... Maybe I had much darker ideas. What would you think of that?" Brendon asked, leaning down to unite our lips once again. It was a brief kiss that left a small sense of longing that I didn't know where had come from.

"Depends. How dark?" I asked, raising an eyebrow as I laid beneath him, quite curious.

"Well, I'm quite dark... Miss?" He paused, "I didn't catch your name."

"I don't remember throwing it at you Mr. Urie." I said, the glimpse of a smile on my lips once again.

"You know my name but I cannot know yours. Does that seem fair to you?" Brendon asked, pouting. When would this shit start working? He looked fine still!

I thought about it... I was given a fake name just in case but... the poison had been given. Did it really matter? "Oh no matter." Brendon whispered, leaning closer. His brown eyes widened in amusement once again, "Madeline Parker." He whispered against my ear, his voice no longer friendly but instead deadly.

I felt myself freeze. "H-" Cut off instantly by a pair of cold lips.

"You're in my playground now little girl." Brendon growled, his cold fingers gently tracing my neck before slight pressure was applied.

Slight panic gripped my body but I forced myself to appear calm. I had never lost my nerve during a hit before and I wasn't going to let this be any different, "Am I?" I asked, voice thick with annoyance. I didn't like him any longer. The poison wasn't doing it's job. It should have already at least weakened him. Had I used too little? Unlikely. What had happened? What giant malfunction had caused him to live?

"You are." Brendon said, leaning down again.

"Well I think I hear my mom calling. It's time for me to stop playing for the night." I replied, sarcastically.

"I don't think so." Of course it wouldn't be that easy. "We've got a lot of ground to cover tonight."

"I think it's about time you get off of me." Getting raped was not ever part of the plan. "I want to be painfully clear; I do not want to have sex with you."

"And you think I want to have sex with you?" Brendon asked, sounding disgusted. Asshole. Now that was just a little insulting.

"So you just wanted to hold me down all night and whisper creepily in to my ear?" I asked, thoroughly pissed off now. He was so lucky that I was good at faking calm.

"Quite possibly." He sounded amused again. What the hell was up with this guy?

"I think I'll pass." I responded, my hands moving to his hardened chest. I tried not to think of how his muscles felt underneath my hands as I shoved him, to no avail. He wouldn't budge, not one bit. Just my luck. "So now is where you move off of me and apologize for creeping me out." I informed him, "Because me? Thoroughly creeped out and still trapped."

"Tell me something Miss Parker..." Brendon asked, grinning at my feeble attempts to push him away. "Why do good girls like yourself go looking for trouble late at night with bad boys like myself?"

"Don't flatter yourself." I muttered, not enjoying the situation. I didn't like losing control. I had lost control. Something had gone terribly wrong.

"You smell so good. Is that a hint of fear?" Brendon asked, completely upping his level to creep of the year.

"Oh yeah, mixed it in with my perfume this morning." I said, rolling my eyes.

"How kind of you to think of me." Brendon replied.

"How could I not?" This was starting to get even more uncomfortable.

Brendon's hands slid down to my waist, "I'd love to teach you how to dance..." He whispered, "I could make you move in such beautiful ways. Right here; Right now."

"Thought you didn't want to sleep with me." I said, knowing full well that he didn't mean dance in an appropriate way.

"You're kind of growing on me." Brendon said, wrinkling his nose in mild disgust.

"Don't.Touch.Me." I said through clenched teeth as Brendon's hands traveled up my shirt. He didn't listen to me and I felt his hands over my breasts. My leg kicked out, hitting the wall near his bed. "Don't." Now I was begging.

"Now I can hear it in your voice." What was it with this guy and fear?

"I hope you choke in your sleep tonight." I whispered hatefully, despising his touch.

"Those aren't very nice words." Brendon said, slipping one of his hands in to my bra. I winced and breathed in deeply as he squeezed one of my nipples. It hurt... a lot. I couldn't even speak. I didn't trust my voice. Ow. Mental ow's were all I could manage.

Brendon's smile widened and he finally let go, the feeling rushing back in to my nipple... causing even more pain. And now my hands were shoving at Brendon's chest once again, feebly. I felt so weak against him. This wasn't how things were supposed to go. "I must admit... sex sounds fairly tempting at this point but that's not what I brought you up here for. It seems we both brought each other upstairs under false pretenses. How tempting our desires... How sadly unfulfilling. To kill you would seem empty now. You're much too fun." Kill me? Oh god.

"Who are you?" I asked, staring at him, feeling as if I were just seeing him for the first time.

"Me?" Brendon asked, innocent voice causing me to cringe. "I'm just another murderer, just like you Madeline. Sure, we have different reasons but sins are all the same, aren't they? We are both going to hell so what does it matter why we've chosen to do what we do? Why does it matter what we do, really? To kill is just an action, the same as any other. Sure there is more blood, more grief but... each action has a consequence. Some are just more severe. What do you think your consequences should be tonight?" My entire body froze at the question, my mind thinking over his words. I stopped at his question. What did I deserve?

"Death." I whispered, horrified. He was right. Why did it matter why I killed people? Had I ever asked questions? I didn't even know the people I murdered, much less why they supposedly deserved to die. Why did I feel I had the right to decide who would die? The ability to take ones life did not give the responsibility... And now, as Brendon's fingers gently brushed over my chest, lingering upon the spot where my heart would be I felt a jolt. It was noticeable, causing my entire body to shiver and then... Then I felt. I felt all I had suppressed, all I had been unable to feel for years. The tears tickled my eyes and I glared at Brendon, attempting to hate him. "What have you done?"

Brendon smiled, "You're wrong Madeline. You don't deserve to die tonight. Did you think I wouldn't taste the poison? Did they not even tell you what I was when they sent you to kill me? I'm giving you what you truly deserve. I was the wrong person to attempt to kill Madeline. I've sinned just as you have and now... Now I've given you a taste of the other side. I've given you emotion. Call it a gift, call it a curse... It's now yours." What he was? I was so confused. How could he make me feel? That didn't even make sense. Was he insane? Was I insane? I felt insane.

"I want to die." I whispered, every sin I'd committed running through my mind. I was now haunted. It was something that stuck, something that caused pain beyond that which would be imaginable. "I don't want this. Whatever you've given me... Take it back. Give me death instead."

Brendon shook his head, grinning. "You'll learn to love my gift." He whispered, pressing his lips against mine. I felt sleep force itself upon me and I surrendered against my will.
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