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In Need Of Auditions

by x-BreeLynn-xz 9 Reviews

I have a new story developing in my head and I need auditions!

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  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) MissAbbieHudson 2012-03-07 02:59:15 AM

    Name: Abbie Way (Mikey and Alicia's daughter)
    Age(15 or 16): 15
    Month and Day of Birth: 13th October
    Looks(As in Facial/height/piercings/etc) long black hair with a blue streak, hazel eyes, she's 5-6", she has her lip piereced and secretly has her eyebrow piereced but her fringe covers it, she always wears thick black eyeliner and red lipstick
    Personality: funny, problem solver, good listener (basically just search Libra Personalitiy in google, because she is exactly that :L)
    Clothing Style: skinny jeans or denim shorts, plain t-shirts, black hoodie and matching converse/ doc martins
    Likes: coffee, polo's, punk/screamo/rock music, dancing, reading, drawing and playing drums.Dislikes: spoilt brats, peolple who think they are 'all that', homophobes, hypocrites and every bug known to thus earth
    And anything else you would like to provide: she is claustrophobic and has a huge fear of heights. Also, she is a major hopeless romantic :3

    This is now your character, so feel free to change anything. Hope its okay, and I can't wait to read the story :)xoxoA
  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) xxKilljoysxx 2012-03-07 03:13:24 AM


    Name: Romy Patten

    Part: Mikey and Alicia's kid

    Age: 15

    Month and Day of Birth: 27 April

    Looks: Tall! (6'0), long, messy, wavy light blonde hair (very pale blonde, like Gee as the patient blonde), hair reaches mid back, sweeping sidefringe, my hair has that messy look but like good messy if you know what i mean? Like sex hair messy.. :3, pale-ish skin, freckles across my nose, pale chapped lips, slim but curvy, almond shaped hazel eyes, three earings in each ear.

    Personality: Quite quiet, takes good friendship for me to come out of my shell and gain confidence, more of a listener than a talker, shoulder to lean on, protective, caring, pensive, patient, friendly, creative, thoughtful, cheerful, insecure, affectionate, hopeless romantic, loyal, curteous, determined, fun, generous, helpful, kind, forgiving, clumsy, modest, mature, sensible, open-minded, un coordinated, brave, realistic, down to earth, calm, easy going. A personality quite similar to Mikey's

    Clothing Style: ripped skinny jeans or demin shorts (red, grey, black, white or blue), band ts (Smashing pumpkins, Green day, Rise against, Blink etc), plain singlets (purple or black usually), hoodies, ripped plain white tshirt, docs, converse, heart pendant necklace, a lot of wristbands/braclets.

    Likes: being around friends, music, English, fixing things like cars, reading, writing, drawing, guitars, the cold, storms, rain and being outside

    Dislikes: Meat, judgement, bullies, hip hop, the heat, summer, the ocean, people dressed as animals (don't ask ;P), spiders, authority, being pushed around, my insecurities.

    And anything else you would like to provide: I'm a vegetarian.. sorry that i havn't got much. I tried but I did it quickly because my dad is kicking me off the computer.
    Thanks for reading my audition, I hope i can help in some way, Good luck with your story!!

    Love R xo
  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-03-07 04:10:28 AM

    Part: Mikey and Alicia's daughter if not then Bandit's Best Friend

    Name: Aven Monroe (Way if picked)

    Age(15 or 16: 15

    Month and Day of Birth: Feb 8

    Looks(As in

    heart shape face. Blue gray eyes. really pale skin
    snake bites

    people watcher
    likes to read

    Clothing Style:
    white tank top with a leather jacket
    black,red or grey skinnies

    vidoe games

    the sun
    large bodies of water

    And anything else you would like to provide:

  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) thegirlwhowasonfire 2012-03-07 04:53:37 AM

    Part: Bandit's friend
    Name: Sylvia St. Claire
    Age: 16
    Month and day of birth: January 12
    Looks: 5'5, chin length hair that is dyed turquoise, brown eyes, olive skin.
    Personality: Sarcastic, loud, brash, outspoken, overprotective of friends and family.
    Clothing style: Skinny jeans, lots of plaid skirts, punk band tees, combat boots, converse, or heels for shoes.
    Likes: Coffee, reading, rain, being outside.
    Dislikes: The Kardashians, mean people, hip hop.
    And anything else you would like to provide: She smokes a lot and is originally from Canada. She moved to where the story takes place when she was in sixth grade.
  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-03-07 05:01:24 AM

    Bandit's friend, or Mikey's and Alicia's kid, or wherever else you need me :D

    Name: Izzy Crow (Way if picked :D)

    Age(15 or 16:) 15

    Month and Day of Birth: November 25

    Looks(As in Facial/height/piercings/etc):
    Short, kind of skinny. Lip ring. Black and blue hair, just past my shoulders choppy. Fringy side bangs (think frankie revenge era on the bangs). bright green eyes. really pale. wears lots of eyeliner. good bone and face structure, really pretty.

    Personality: loyal, really protective, does dangerous shit for fun, shes really creative, and she can shoot really well. She's a giant flirt, but has no idea that she is (until someone she likes points it out to her. then she gets all blushy.) she blushes a lot.

    Clothing Style: Blue or red shirts, or band Ts, black or grey skinny jeans, black high top converse. (this is a killjoy, right? then if needed, i has 3 guns, purple, red, blue :) )

    Likes: Coffee, Skittles, doing dangerous shit for fun, drawing, singing (but she wont in front of everyone, shes afraid of what they'll say).

    Dislikes: cold coffee, needles, spiders, heights, jerks, assholes, homophobes

    And anything else you would like to provide:

  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-03-07 10:21:25 AM

    i'll be bob's son

    Name: Andy Bryar

    Age(15 or 16): 16

    Month and Day of Birth: march 14th

    Looks(As in Facial/height/piercings/etc): skinny, black short spikey hair with red bangs, pale-ish, black lip ring, hazel eyes, 5'7, likes alot of eyeliner

    Personality: rebelious, badass, witty, inteligent, talented, creative, can have some kind and genorous moments, a bit of a crazy prick and a bit of a party animal

    Clothing Style: green day, black veil brides, my chemical romance and fall out boy merch (tees, braclets, hoodies), skinnies, vans or converses and studded belts

    Likes: music, playing guitar, singing, drawing and partying

    Dislikes: assholes, authority (including her mum but he gets along with his dad), fakes, pop music altogether and being alone

    And anything else you would like to provide: yep can he have a friend called dylan (your description)

    hope you like it :)
  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-03-07 11:13:26 AM

    Name: Lucy May Stevens
    Age(15 or 16: 15
    Month and Day of Birth: 29 September
    Looks(As in Facial/height/piercings/etc):
    Hair: Long black hair which comes to her rib cage, full blue side fringe and purple streaks running through it.
    Personality: Shy at fisrt but shows her true colours when she gets to know you, bubbly, funny, energetic, can get angry easy, creative.
    Clothing Style: band T-shirts (30STM, MSI, P!@TD, GreenDay, Good Charolette, BVB, Blink 182 that sortta stuff) Purple skinny jeans, black knee high converse, musical note necklace, wristbands all covering both of her arms, band hoddies.
    Likes: the colour purple, cookies, coffee, drawing playing guitar and keyboard, sleeping.
    Dislikes: Spiders, Lifts, people who scream at everything, R&B/rap/pop crap.
    And anything else you would like to provide: Can play guitar and piano/keyboard, dyslexic, very good at art.

    Hopped you liked it good luck writing =)
  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) shortygirl 2012-03-07 04:14:34 PM

    I would audition but school is keeping me busy and i really don't
    have time to come here anymore

    Author's response

    Its okie Shorty. I apprecaite the thought though. You are one seriously amazing Chicka. You've stuck by all my work reading, rating, and reviewing. I can't thank you enough. I seriously love you. Thanks hun!
  • In Need Of Auditions

    (#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-03-14 06:24:44 PM

    Name: Dana Marie

    Age(15 or 16: 15

    Month and Day of Birth: November 16th

    Looks(As in Facial/height/piercings/etc): Fairly pale skin, hazel eyes, long eye lashes, full lips, thin nose, long jet black hair. About 5'8'' tall. A lip ring on the left side of my bottom lip, a septum and a tongue piercing.

    Personality: Very hyper and bubbly. Always makes everyone laugh and knows how to have a good time. Very open about feelings and always speaks her mind no matter what. Doesn't really care what others think about her. Outgoing, sticks up for her loved ones. Puts other first before herself. Sassy as can be. (kinda like Gerard :P) Sucker at love. Naive at times. Very random and distracted (I suffer of ADHD)

    Clothing Style: Jeans. Lots of skinny jeans. Mostly in black, white, gray, purple, and tie dye jeans. Band shirts and crop tops are what she wears the most. She always wear converse shoes. She got dozens of pairs.

    Likes: Punk, rock, metal, alternative music. She loves coffee. She's got an obsession with tattoos as well. She likes reading, writting, playing guitar and singing (she's very good at singing)loves animals, specially cats. lol

    Dislikes: Hypocricy. Igorance. Being told what to do. Being proved wrong. Hates Black Veil Brides with a passion.

    And anything else you would like to provide: She's bisexual and atheist.

    Hope it helps :) Thanks for reading :D! Good luck with your story.

    P.S. I'm basically auditioning for Mikey and Alicia's daughter, but anything is good with me :)

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