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Music at school. I suck at writing summaries.

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Sixth hour finally rolled around, which meant: music. I love music. It's my only escape from real life. My dad says that music is gay, like me. I hate him so much! Anyway, back to the story.

I saw Emma walk in with an instrument case, but it looks like a small one. Not as small as a flute, but not as big as a trumpet. It seems as if music is just general, singing and any instrument. This should be interesting.

"Hey Ry! How was fifth hour?" She asked. "It surprised me, becau-" "HE HAS IT WITH ME!" Ella shouted, grinning. She was holding a violin case. I was familiar with that, at least. "Awesome. Ella knows the do's and don't's of Mr. Benton's class." Emma smirked. "She's such a goody-two-shoes. Not that that's a bad thing." "Actually, we were passing notes." I informed her. Her eyes widened. "Way to go, Ella!" She praised. It seemed as if she went completely out of her way to talk to me. I feel flattered. "Hey Emma?" Ella said. "Yeah?" "Ryan has to tell you something." She smirked. My eyes bugged out and I got red in the face. I started sweating bullets. "N-n-no, I d-don't!" I stuttered. "Quit making fun of me!" Ella yelled. She did have a slight stutter, but mine was out of nervousness and not out of spite. "I wasn't making fun of you, I-" "Then why did you stutter, Ryan?" Emma asked.

Was this the time to tell her? Two minutes before music class started? I looked down at my feet. "Well, you see..." I started. Then the bell rang. Mr. Pisarra strode in, looking really relaxed. I could sense a laid back vibe from him. I like that.

"We have a new student with us today. He plays guitar and sings. His name is Geo-" "Ryan. I go by Ryan." I stated. I hated having to repeat that six times. "Well then, his name is Ryan Ross. Today we will be starting one of three band assignments. You will form a group of three to six and write three songs to perform at our concert. You will have three different bands each time, so if you don't get in with a person you wanted, you might next time. Go!"

Emma, Ella, and I got together, of course. Emma plays the clarinet and sings. So that was what was in the case. Ella plays the violin, piano, and sings. And of course, I play the guitar, accordion, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, and sing. This should be interesting. We decided to have our own little "auditions" for the lead singer.

"I will sing 'Tonight, Tonight' by Smashing Pumpkins. Here goes," Emma says. She opens her mouth and I felt like I was punched in the stomach by an angel. She was amazing. I lost myself in her voice until Ella clapped her hands in front of my face. "Hellooo? Earth to Ryan?" "Sorry." I apologized. "That was amazing Emma, I forfit!" (Not one fuck is given if I didn't spell that right.) "So do I, you were really good!" Ella said, smiling. "But how am I going to play the clarinet and sing at the same time???" Said Emma. "Well, we might need to go without Bob." Ella replied. "Bob?" I asked. "Yeah, she named her clarinet Bob in the sixth grade." Ella answered. That's Emma for you, she names inanimate objects. She actually named my hat this morning. Its name is Tyler.

We ended up deciding that I play my guitar and sing back up, Ella plays piano, and Emma sings. We needed a drummer and a bassist, though. We searched and found Amber, a drummer with no band. "Welcome to the band." Emma said. It seems as if all of the bass players were snatched up. Then a really cocky guy came up and said, "Do you guys mind if I become your bassist? I'm too good for everyone else." "Sure, why the hell not?" I said, smirking. It turns out he was really good. "What's your name, kid?" Emma asks. "Pete. Pete Wentz." He replied.

We had all of our members, but we needed a name. "How about Dying Fetus?" Pete asks. "NO, SICKKO!" Emma and Ella shout. They really were like twins. "I agree with them, let's not do something that repulsive." I added. Amber nodded. "It would be best if we didn't." She said, rolling her eyes. "What about something from the Simpsons?" He asked. We all shook our heads. This guy was horrible at picking out band names. "What about Waiting For Wednesday?" Emma asked. It sounded pretty cool. "Sure, but what made you think of that?" I raised my eyebrow. I recently learned how to control one at a time, and I was proud of it. "Well, before Brendon and me went out, I told him I would have to sleep on it, and then on Tuesday I still wasn't sure, but on Wednesday I finally had the answer. It really wouldn't be about that as much as it would be about spending time thinking about something that would crash and burn." She said, obviously meaning this morning in Drama. "I think it's an excellent, deep name. Let's go with it." Pete says, overtly flirting with her. I rolled my eyes. I knew Emma wouldn't go for a guy like him.

Our band was together. Cool. Emma says, "We should use that song you wrote in Drama!" I think for a moment. That has some stuff that would get me in detention. "Nah, it's not very school-appropriate." I said. Emma gave me an understanding look. "I actually have written a song, but I don't think it would be any good." Amber said. "We'll give it a shot." Pete said. The lyrics turned out to be really good, Emma thought up a pretty sweet tune, and the guitar part was awesome. Pete made up a bass line, which was genius, and Amber's beat was pretty catchy. We had ourselves a song. One down, two to go.

After music, we all headed to Ella's house to practice some more. We wanted to get an A. We couldn't write anymore or our brains would explode, so we ended up hanging out. "Wanna play Truth or Dare?" Pete asked. "Sure, sounds fun." Amber said. "Okay. Who wants to go first?" They all volunteered me, despite my attempts to shove the "honor" onto Emma. "Ryan, you must go first or no cookie." Emma said, trying to keep a straight face. "Awww, OK." I gave in.

"Dare, I guess." "I dare you to tell Emma how you feel about her truthfully!" Ella said. Shit. I got up and walked over to Emma, and instead of telling her. I showed her. I planted a kiss square on her lips.
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