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Purposely Forgotten

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"Ryan, it's so nice of you to join me this time. I guess this invitation was more appealing than the last." She hummed, and slowly the throne spun on it's high up podium.
Ryan rolled his eyes, remembering the invite he had declined years ago, out of fear though. He had refused because he was only 7 years old, and because of all the trauma he had so recently endured, he didn't want to go through more.
"Who is that, Ryan? Why didn't you tell me you knew who she was?" Brendon asked, tugging on Ryan's shirt. Ryan just pushed Brendon's hand away and put his lips to his ear.
"I didn't remember, I chose to forget." Ryan said, a blank expression on his face as he watched her eyes turn to them.
Her eyes were a golden yellow, and were feline like. No, not feline like, they were feline, she had cat eyes. Her deep red hair was braided down to the foot of her throne, and her pale skin was painted with what seemed like tribal patterns.
"Did I tell you to speak boy?" She snapped and once again Brendon fell from a sharp pain present in his side. He fell straight to his knees and grasped his side, maybe hoping that he could grab the pain and throw it away. Ryan immediately dropped and held Brendon close to him.
"Stop it! Stop, you're hurting him!" Ryan yelled at her, his fists balled and his face a fiery red.
"Well obviously, that's what I had intended." She scoffed, stepping off of her podium. She dropped gracefully to the floor and walked over to stand in front of the two boys. Brendon still slightly squirming and Ryan hovering over him with tears falling down his soft cheeks.
"Please... Don't kill him." Ryan begged, gripping Brendon's hand so tight it was as is that hold was the only thing keeping him tethered to the earth.
"Oh please, don't be so over dramatic. I don't plan on killing him, just listening to his pathetic shrieks, they're like music to me." She giggled, and Brendon let out another little yelp before going limp and staring at the ceiling, his breathing back to normal.
She cracked a riding crop against her palm, making sure that it looked extra threatening, and it worked. "Ryan, Brendon, you two have been disturbing our world. The flow has gone, and it is your fault I'm afraid." She clicked her tongue as she shook her head in disappointment.
"But, what have we done? And who exactly are you?" Brendon heaved, one hand pressed tightly to his chest as the other was turned white from Ryan's forever tightening grip.
She widened her cat eyes and sent her crop into Brendon's face. The smack was deafening, and all the little furry creatures looked over to their master. Her face was scrunched with anger, as she stared down at Brendon. He was now lying on the ground again because when she hit him he fell.
"How dare you speak to me without being spoken to first. But, my name is Liv, I am queen of the chubes, and I watch over our world. This world of freaks, not my ideal job, but I can deal." She sighed, stepping away from the boys and back to her throne, her long braid dragging behind her.
"So, Ryan", she began, sitting herself in the forest green throne, "Ripping order apart once wasn't good enough for you I see." Liv said, her voice calm as she clasped her hands together in her lap.
Ryan laughed, dragging Brendon into a standing position as he too rose. Both boys brushed themselves off before looking back over to the obscenely menacing queen. Her smirk tight on her seemingly calm face, but Ryan knew that it was a lie.
"No, it wasn't. I've come to do it again, I hope you don't mind." Ryan smiled, winking at the queen. Her faux smile instantly fled and she once again left her throne to stand in front of the boys, crop gripped firmly in hand.
"Listen boy, you were enough of a problem here before, I can and will destroy you. You'll never remember any of the good times, or your little lover here." Liv growled, hitting Ryan in the back with her crop, hard enough for him to fall on the ground. Luckily he caught himself so the impact wasn't too severe.
"I was just getting started then, I'm back for more." He mused, showing the woman a toothy smile. She gasped and slapped him across the face.
"How dare you sass me like that. In fact, you will be punished, right now actually. You will spend the night here, in one of my rooms, it won't seem like punishment at first but it is." Liv hummed, showing both boys the best hospitality facade they had ever seen.
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