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Dear Ms. Way, The Only Hope For Them Is You.

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Anyway, I, um, I know that Gerard and Mikey left you that note, y'know, the one that you, um, didn't read?

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Okay guys, I've taken into account your pleas for a sequel or follow up, and here it is. THIS IS NOT THE LAST PART. I know that this letter isn't very good, it's just a space filler, and if you wonder, Frank repeats himself a lot in this letter because he's nervous about saying too much and offending Ms. Way and he doesn't wanna be disrespectful. I hope I spelled that word right... Anyway, please R&R? PLEASE -begs- ?! Enjoy, would you kindly. (anyone who gets the BioShock reference, I love you :3)

ChemicalKilljoy xo

Dear Ms. Way,

Hello there, ma'am, it's Frank here. You know, Frank Iero from along the road? Linda's boy? Anyway, I, um, I know that Gerard and Mikey left you that note, y'know, the one that you, um, didn't read? Well I really don't wanna sound rude, ma'am, but I really think you should've read it. Because they really do need your help. And with all due respect, you don't seem to be paying attention to the signs. They're crying out for help and you're ignoring them.

See, I know Gerard. Like, really know him. He's been my best friend since freshman, I've seen inside his head, and I know what he's going through. I know that he's your son, and you'll probably tell me that you know everything that's going on with him and you know exactly what's wrong with him, but that's where you're wrong, ma'am. Because you don't. I know I sound really rude, but please read this note, if you won't read theirs. Gerard has told me that you don't listen to him, or Mikey, and that you're never home. He's not told me that you don't notice things that you should, like all of the abuse they've been getting, but I've pretty much picked up on it.

They're not just going through a hormonal phase that makes them think that they're cut off from everyone else - and if they are then that's one long phase - they're being badly bullied and maybe you've noticed the state they're constantly in, emotionally as well as physically? No offence intended, ma'am, but I really think you should've noticed by now. And you didn't even bother to read their plea for help. That was them reaching out to you, asking for help in the only way they knew how. The least you could've done was read it.

Please excuse my handwriting, Ms. Way; my fingers got trapped in a locker a few days ago after school by the captain of the swim team. He got pretty mad when he found Gerard and Mikey in the pool fully clothed after school hours, but it wasn't their fault, I swear. Gerard was pushed in, and you're as aware as me that he can't swim, and when Mikey jumped in to help him, that's when the captain caught them. He was screaming and yelling, so I yelled back and he slammed me into the lockers and smashed one of the doors on my hand. Mikey and Gerard weren't too badly beaten up that day, but they have been in the past, and most certainly will be in the future.

Unless you can help.

Please, Ms. Way. Your sons really need help. They can't get out of it themselves; the teachers are against us at that school, and the kids too, so you're their only hope. I don't know how you feel about all this, but I know how they feel. Both Mikey and Gerard have broken down in front of me before on seperate occasions, and more than once, and not to be rude, but you should really have done something by now. But since you haven't, I think now's the time to start. They really do need your help. You're their mom, you can do something.

Please, if not for anyone else, do it for them.

Regards, Frank Iero.

Please rate and review, but I know this isn't my best. As I said, it's just a space filler until I write more letters. Thanks guise :D

ChemicalKilljoy xo
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