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It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing, it was a lie when they smiled and said "you won't feel a thing"

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“Paraders? Is that us? What are we against?”

She babbled whilst following Frank into the seemingly endless dark, but all is not what it seems because as soon as she stepped onto the last earthy step everything appeared to be visible, as if a strong light was beaming onto everything at all angles, but no light source was visible.

The walls were high, much higher than what appears to be on the outside, and well built white stone, with images of various things, such as bands, and instruments, patterned onto the rock. The floor was actually solid hardwood, which Cherry found highly unexpected from the muddy platforms they just descended.

The white stone gradually led into cement, the ground polished black marble and the ceiling white tiles.

“Since many of us have been bullied in the past this symbolises our freedom, escaping the darkness of our tormenters.”

Mikey spoke reverently with a glazed over expression and haunted hazel and green eyes.

Eventually the threesome came to a huge wooden hall filled with a hundred or so Paraders all similarly wearing the dark uniform and carrying ivory faces and blackened eyes creating a sea of incomprehensible voices.

Frank squeezed through several ghostly looking people to get to the other wall of the massive room on the left of where they entered and apparently there were speakers littered around because once Frank reached his destination he swiftly grabbed for a microphone and switched it on.

“Hey everyone! Hello? Anyone know where Gerard is?”

An exceptionally pale girl with short black hair and a bar across her gleaming honey eyes waltzed over to Frank with her head held high and proudly announced,

“He’s over by the oracle again.”

Frank looked at her with unseeing eyes, mentally calculating something, and then rushed through the crowds of oblivious Paraders to the large oak door on the opposite wall of where Cherry was standing awkwardly, wishing she could understand the situation a little better.

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