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So Here's To All The Lonely Hearts, Cause Mine's Been Ripped and Torn Apart...

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Scary dreams lead to weird promises.

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I ran into my room and lay face down on my bed, I shoved my earphones in and hit shuffle on the saddest playlist I had. I’d never realised getting out of school was that easy.

I let the tears run down my face as The Ghost of You began playing.

He had a boyfriend.

A boyfriend.

So that’s why he ran away.

As heart-breaking as it was, I now knew the truth.

Unfortunately the truth meant I felt like the whole world was ending.

Spencer always said I was dramatic.

I lay for a while, just thinking. Thinking about how someone who I’d only known for a day could have such a big impact on my life.

I felt sleep start to take over me, my eyelids were already heavy from crying, I felt myself slowly drifting off…

“Bren, I’m so glad we came here, it’s so beautiful!” Ryan said, smiling up at me.

“Me too, but are you sure it’s safe?” I asked.

“Of course, the tour guide said you don’t see any wild animals in this area anyway” He assured me.

“Good, listen, Ryan, you know I love you, right?”

“Brendon, we’re married, yes, I think I know you love me”


“I love you too by the way.” He snuggled further into my chest as I lay back into the African savannah. I’d let him choose our honeymoon destination, he’s always wanted to go on a Safari, and seeing him this happy made everything worthwhile.

“Bren, what’s that?” Ryan sat up, squinting at something.

“I-I don’t know” The truth was I did know, I knew very well, but I didn’t want to worry him, “You know what they say about l-lions, just stay calm Ry, we’ll be fine”

“Are you sure?” He looked up at me; his golden eyes were wide with fright. I knew I couldn’t let anything happen to him; I wrapped my arms around him protectively. I wasn’t sure. Not at all.

“B-bren, there’s two of them” He stuttered as the lions came closer, we stood up slowly.

“Shh, it’s okay Ry, just stay calm, we’ll be okay” He was shaking in my arms.

“I-I love you, s-so much” He was crying, wrapping his skinny arms around my torso.

“I love you too, Ryan, more than anything” I tried hard not to let him know I was petrified. Not just of the thought of losing a limb or two, but of losing Ryan.

He yelped as the closer of the two lions growled fiercely, they picked up their pace as we both began to back away.

“Fuck, Bren run!” Ryan screamed, I closed my eyes and ran, as fast as I could, hoping more than anything that Ryan was faster than me.

I stopped when I heard a piercing scream erupt behind me, “RYAN!” I turned and saw an image I’d never wanted to see. The love of my life being attacked, his life slowly slipping away.

“RYAN!” I ran towards him but I couldn’t get any closer, there were more lions now, surrounding him, I saw them dig their teeth into his already fragile body. I could hear him scream in pain.

“BREN!” He yelled. I stood, helpless, throwing whatever I could find at the pride of lions that were ripping my Ryan apart, but they didn’t falter, not once.

“BRENDON!” He screamed, once more. I could do nothing; I just stood crying hoping they’d give up. But they didn't, they just carried on. My heart broke more with every scream, I knew I'd never forget this.

“BRENDON BOYD URIE, WAKE THE FUCK UP!” I woke up to find myself crying, my pillow was soaked, and Spencer was shaking me awake.

“Spence, what the fuck?” I looked up to see his face flood with relief.

“Bren! I thought you were having a seizure or something!” He sat down next to my bed. “So, why are you in bed, sobbing your heart out when you should be at school?” He asked, suddenly going all motherly on me.

“Why are YOU not at school?” I avoided the question, pointing an accusing finger at him.

“Because I was worried about you, you asshole, as soon as I found out you were gone I called Ryan and-“

“Ryan!” I thought about the dream I’d just had.

“What?” The tall, skinny, absolutely gorgeous boy appeared in my doorway.

“Ryan!” I leapt of my bed and wrapped my arms around him, not caring about anything, “You’re okay!”

“Yes, I’m okay” He laughed a slightly confused yet still beautifully flawless laugh.

“Ryan?” I asked, unhooking myself from him.


“Promise me something?”


“Say you’ll never go on an African Safari?”

“I won’t even ask” He laughed again, “But okay, I promise, I never really wanted to anyway, I have a fear I’ll get mauled to death by a lion or something”

I gave him a very serious glance. He looked taken aback.

“What?” He asked,

“Nothing, I'm just glad you're okay"

Ryan’s POV

We were walking towards Starbucks, Jon had to get back to his shift and I was really hungry, everyone seemed in a good mood, especially Brendon, who kept smiling at me. Not that I minded of course, every time his big brown eyes were focused on me all I wanted to do was jump on him and-

“Wasp!” warned Spencer, interrupting my rather nice daydream.

“SHIIT!” Brendon yelled, I joined him in his terror and we both ran past startled shoppers and confused old people, desperate to get away from the deathly insect.

When we eventually decided it was safe from wasps we collapsed into fits of hyperactive laughter in the town square. Looking behind us, we saw Spencer and Jon were standing, arms crossed, eyebrows raised, I looked around, there were several people staring at us in disapproval. We both continued laughing and carried on walking through the square.

“Brendon?” I asked.


“Why were you so upset?” I had a feeling it was a dangerous question, seeing as he hadn’t even told Spencer, but I needed to know.

He looked down and bit his lip,

“Jon” He mumbled.

“What?” I asked again,

“Jon, text Spencer saying he’d seen you holding hands with your boyfriend, and Dan told me he’d seen you kissing someone last night”

I almost growled in anger. Why was he trying to break us up?

“What?! I don’t have a boyfriend and I wasn’t holding hands with him-“

“Who’s him?” Brendon asked,

“Phil Lester, he practically dragged me out of school to meet someone called PJ”

“So you don’t have a boyfriend?” He smiled.

“Nope” I smiled back.

“Is there anyone you like?”

“Um, n-no” I studied my black converse in great detail,

“Ryan, you’re blushing, come on tell me!” He prompted,

“I’m not blushing, it’s sunburn...”I gabbled, it was an obvious lie but I didn’t have time to think of anything else.

“We’ve been outside for about 10 minutes” He laughed.

“I-I burn easily”

“Okay” He said, in obvious disbelief, “well I’m glad you don’t have a boyfriend” A cheeky smile spread across his face, I smiled back at him and peered into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

“So why are you glad I don’t have a boyfriend?” I questioned.

“Well, um… I sort of…” He muttered.

“Spit it out” I encouraged him.

“Like y-you.” He blushed, now it was his turn to examine his shoes in forensic detail.

“What?” I asked, startled, well, not exactly startled, this morning I thought he liked me.

“But I thought you only felt sorry for me and didn’t want me to talk to you?”

“Ryan, where the fuck did you hear that?” He asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“Dan” I looked down.

“So, when are we killing him?” Brendon laughed.

“So it’s not true?”

“No! Ryan, I couldn’t stand it if you stopped talking to me, you and Spencer are like, the only ones round here with a decent music taste” He was still laughing.

We had stopped walking now. We were facing each other in the middle of the square; my arms were pinned down by my sides, I flexed my fingers.

“So, you like me?” I innocently inquired.

“Yeah…” He looked up from his shoes, and his eyes met mine. I blinked slowly and returned my gaze, he moved closer; I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly in order to stop myself hyperventilating.

Then, he moved even closer, his lips met mine, they were softer than I remembered, his hands held me, they were pressed against my back. I stretched my arms around his neck; I melted into the kiss, as his tongue gently caressed mine.

He moved his hands up my back and softly held my face, he pulled me right up against him, I thought about how pissed Dan would be if he could see us now, and I smiled, I could feel him smiling too. He broke away.

He gave me his signature goofy grin and began kissing my neck, I sighed with pleasure and took some deep breaths, just in time, he placed his hands on the back of my head and continued kissing me, it was more passionate this time, his hands were locked on the back of my neck.
He slid his hands down my arms and gently held my hands.

“So will you be my boyfriend” He smiled sweetly.

“Well, I’ll have to think about that” I joked. He glanced at me, confused. “Of course I will”

He planted a soft kiss on my lips.

Life, as it stands was pretty damn good.

Sorry I'm not good at writing about kissing scenesxD And IT'S NOT OVER, there's lots more drama to unfold >:) Thankyou for R&R -ing (however you say that..) It makes me happy :'D
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