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Chapter two.

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The end of the first day and Franks parents finds out about his crush:)

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“And you’re absolutely sure he's got gym class?” asked Frank, a small smirk breaking through onto his face as he heard the from Ray who he had sent out on a mission to find Gerard whereabouts.

“Yup, asked Mikey. Kid's pretty cool man, not to keen about you perving on his brother but he respects you for earlier” the older boy grinned at his friend as he followed Frank who was already on his journey to the sports hall.

Frank had been rather shocked at Gerard reaction but it made him crave the boy's attention and submission even more. He just knew they were meant to be; like magnets attracting each other. Frank was being pulled towards the fertile, more than happy enough to be led towards such a beautiful creation. Who wouldn't? The boy was heavenly yet independent. Many other fertiles would had sunken into his arms to completely submit without a second thought. He didn't want that though, he wanted someone different, someone who would put up a good game even though they would loose. He wanted Gerard.

He pushed the gym doors open with a loud bang forcing all eyes to land on him. All eyes including those hazel eyes Frank could just about see. The Dom could also tell the boys left eyebrow was raised as if asking to question.

“Carry on”

All fertiles that had been distracted had returned to their games of volleyball and cricket like nothing had happened. Being the Dom meant you could do anything you pleased. Gym classes had rules against Doms and fertiles playing against each other in sports. Especially if it included Frank. He was aggressive, competitive and much to strong for the innocent and weaker vampires who just wanted to have a little bit of fun. It wasn't unusual for Dom's to check up on their mates or to watch the games. It was an act that most people thought was just being protective; if their partner got hurt by accident they could help each other. Him and Ray placed themselves behind Gerard. He scanned the boy clothes. Messed up hair, tight Sports top and oh. He had fitted himself into some very, very tight shorts that were outlining his ass cheeks and suffocating him. The Dom could just imagine what the other side would show. He watched as Gerard jumped and bent down to hit the ball. The sights were quite Sexy. The fertiles hair flying in the air, legs parted and bent slightly, fingers locked together ready to react to the ball.

A whistle broke through Franks train of thoughts.


The Dom smirked as he caught a glimpse of the bulge popping out of the fragile boys shorts which soon faded as other fetiles started talking to their captain. Jealously sparked inside him as Gerard hugged one of the boys. He knew it was just a friendly gesture but Frank was very possessive over people. He watched as Gerard stopped opposite him laughing to himself as he took a bat and brushed his fingers through his hair to move the delicate locks out of his eyes. At that moment they locked eyes. Gerard's warm hazel eye completely hypnotized by Franks golden ones. They stared at each other until a ball hit Gerard in the face.

Franks immediate reaction was to run towards the boy. Blood was running from the bottom lip while Gerard was poking a bony finger at it pushing even more of the red liquid out, cursing at the pain. Animal instincts were kicking in; Gerard was hurt and need to be helped. Frank's legs were carrying him across the gym and towards the boy. His strong hands placed themselves on Gerard's head then he leaned forwards to lick the blood up. It wasn't a flirty thing, many other doms would have reacted the same way and even a few fertiles had the urge to help him before backing down when they saw Frank. Gerard immediately leaned into the stronger boys arms allowing himself to enjoy the feeling of frank healing his lip with saliva. They both knew this wasn't an intimate moment but neither could deny the want between the two at that moment.

Finally Frank pulled back. The wound was healed, blood was no longer leaking making both of them smile.


Frank had never seen someone so pale have such rose red cheeks.

“Does it hurt?”

Gerard shook his head “Not any more. Man, that dudes got some serious fucking skill” the boy grinned shifting his eyes to the bowler who was already wearing showing regret and fear. He quickly moved towards to the batter.

“Fuck Gerard I'm so sorry. I Didn't mean it, shit.... are you okay-”

Frank watched amused as the guy almost had a heart attack, which would have been pretty weird. Gerard cut him off explaining that he was fine and that he should totally try out for a team or something because he has some talent. The guy – Pete Wentz – turned to Frank.

“I Didn't mean to hit your mate Mr. Iero -”

“We're not mates. Not even friends” Gerard cut in, all happiness in his voice disappeared as he scowled at the Dom next to him.

“But you-” Pete started utterly confused because he's never seen two vampire act like that if they weren't together.

“Animal instinct right Frank? Fertile gets hurt, Dom must heal them. It's simple logic”

Instead of agreeing frank just rolls his eyes, of course he would let Gerard deny what they had both felt but not for much longer.

“And you call him Frank” Pete states obviously observing the fact that Gerard was on a first name basis.

“And?” the fertile raised his eyebrows because why shouldn't he call Frank 'Frank'? It was his fucking name.

“I've never seen a fertile call a Dom by their first name if they're not friends” the boy explains.

That was true. Fertiles were naturally submissive and respectful. They never spoke back, never disagreed with it's master, never refused any sexual contact but most of all, they never called a Dom by it's first name unless they had been given permission, which was hard for Frank to do since Gerard seem to hate his guts. In usual cases of such disrespect the Doms would have permission to punish the fertile unless they were mated, in which case the punishment would be passed onto the Fertiles Dom. Frank however saw no harm.

“Fine then, Iero it is. Back to the game now yeah?” Gerard replied dryly.

They all returned to their positions except for Frank who placed himself behind Gerard attempting to curl himself around the boy as a shield.

“I can bat for myself” the vampire spat.

“Cause you did such a good job last time” Frank laughed.

Frank decided to rearrange Gerard's whole body, he spread the legs out a little wider, twisted their body’s to a certain angle then grabbed hold of the fertiles hands and curling his fingers on top on the skinny ones underneath. They were both enojoying the position, Gerard's ass rubbing against Franks crotch with no space between their bodies.The bowler threw ball gently. Frank directed his and Gerard's arm backwards and forwards in one swift move causing the ball to fly and shatter the glass window near the roof. The noise had distracted everyone.

“IERO” the gym teacher shouted obviously pissed.

Frank leant towards Gerards ear.

“Call me Frank” he whispered before running towards Ray who was enjoying the show and waiting for Frank so they could run.

Gerard watched the scene. The Doms moved quickly leaving all eyes on Gerard. The sentence has left shivers down his spine. He missed the warmth of Franks body against his own but quickly got over it as the last bell of the day rung. He Wasn't that bothered about Frank now, he just wanted to see Mikey and introduce him to Pete.

After changing back into his regular clothes and receiving an after school detention for 'participation in vandalising school property' Gerard had dragged Pete out of the school to meet his brother who was surrounded by girls curling their hair and Doms who laughing at his jokes. The two fertiles made their way to the group of people; Gerard pushing his way through the bodies while Pete stuck his head down not too use to being around a lot of people.

“Hey Gerard” Mikey grinned pulling his brother into a hug who returned it enthusiastically. Mikey and Gerard had a good relationship unlike many brothers. They were very much a like, both were obsessed with comics, very attractive and smart but their personalities were different. Gerard was a quiet yet stubborn boy who stayed to himself for the majority of the time while Mikey was much more confident despite being the younger sibling. He prefers to socialize and be active.

“This is Pete” the fertile smiles as he moves to reveal a very shy looking boy behind him. Instantly Mikey Grinned because fuck, this kid was pretty. The short hair, the little smile and shyness was fucking cute.

“Hi Pete”

The boy looked up catching the younger brothers eyes. They were fairly similar to Gerard's yet much different.

“H...hi..hi...Mr..Way” Pete stuttered completely hypnotized by those eyes.

“Call me Mikey”

Pete just nodded making both Gerard and Mikey smile because they both knew this was the start of something.

“So are we waiting for anybody Mikes?” Gerard asked curious to why they were still standing on school property.

“Yeah, that Ray guy and his friends are walking with us. Pretty fucking awesome guy” Mikey smirked knowing his older brother would probably kill him when he finds out he had invited Frank to hang around with them. It was pretty obvious Frank and Gerard had a strong bond between them which Gerard was ignoring. Actually come to think of it, Gerard had always been quite judgemental towards people which is probably the reason he doesn't want anything to do with Frank.


Three faces turned to see Ray, Bob and to Gerard's horror; Frank.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” Gerard asked in a low voice, anger drowning his words.

A Pair of tattooed arms wrapped around the slender waist pulling the body closer to the short boys chest.

“Not a very nice way to say hello was it?” Frank whispered rather amused at Gerard's reaction to seeing him.

“I Wasn't saying hello” Gerard scowled “And get your fucking hands off of me” he continued separating himself from Franks arm to stand next to Pete who was just staring at Mikey. “What makes you think you can just touch me?” he questioned arms crossed over his chest, eyebrows raised and one hip slightly pushed out.

Frank smirked. “Just can't help myself”.

“Well you better learn how to” Gerard frowned because this guy was actually pissing him off. Even if this guy was the most important guy of all time, it still didn't give him permission to touch anyone he wants and act like a total twat. By this time, Mikey had distracted Frank, Bob and Ray and even asked them to hang around today against Gerard's arguments.

They all set off. Ray and Bob chatting to Mikey who had his arm on Pete's shoulder all chatting along while Gerard was stuck with Frank trying to make conversation with him.

“So.... how was your first day Gee?”

Cue evil stare.

“So I'm guessing your lip feels better...”

Instead of answering Franks questions Gerard remained silent hoping that the Dom would soon get the hint that he had no interest in talking about anything with him.

“Hey look, forget about that detention too, I'll pay for the damages”

Tired of playing games Frank waited until they arrived at Mikey's house. He led them towards the kitchen which gave Frank the perfect opportunity to pull Gerard aside from the group. He watched as the bodies disappear through the door frame then grabbed the leather jacket that belonged to Gerard and pinned him against the wall.

“What?” the fertile asked anger radiating from him.

“Just wanted to talk to you” The Dom smiled sweetly.

He moved his lips towards Gerard's ear, nipping slightly at the soft skin. Noticing how the fertile wasn't fighting back he smirked, closing the space between them. He moved one of his hands into the jet black locks to curl around his fingers.

“You're really pretty” Frank whispered into the fertiles ear.

“Is that why you stalked me all day?” Gerard asked, curious of the actual answer.

“No. You're very fucking beautiful but I just feel, attracted to you. You obviously hate me but it's like I need you to want me” he smiled placing a gent kiss on the jaw.

“You'll have a hard time then” Gerard replied shoving Frank away from him.

Being the Dom meant Frank could have stayed put, Pinned Gerard against the wall and rubbed against him until they were hard but Frank wasn't one for forced contact. If he was told No, then he wouldn't cross the lines. He watched as the fertile walked through the kitchen and into a games room.

The night had mostly been spent with Mikey chatting Pete up. Bob and Ray playing against each other in some car video game while Frank kept harassing Gerard. At one point he had even moved them into a cuddling position until the fertile had discovered what had happened and moved almost immediately. Frank had to leave after that. He had said hello to Mr. and Mrs. Way then made his was home to his parents.

His mother had been cooking dinner when she noticed Frank stumble through the doorway. He walked into the living room where his dad was watching a show when they had noticed the odd behaviour.

“What's up son?” he asked only earning a shrug.

“Amelia deer, please get in here” Jonathan shouted as Frank slumped down into the couch almost being swallowed whole.

“Yes honey?.... oh Frank what's wrong?” she cooed once seeing the boy with a sour expression on his face.


Amelia smirked. She knew that Nothing excuse and almost jumped for joy. Her legs carried her over to Frank where she enveloped him into a hug.

“Jonathan, our Frankie-pooh has found his fertile” she exclaimed.

Frank groaned at his nickname from his mother while Jonathan stood shocked at his wife. It then clicked because wow. His son had found his mate and now that he's been told it's pretty obvious. Amelia had rejected him when they first met and so he use to let the misery take control of him like Frank seemed to do.

“What's their name son?” he asked sitting next to his wife who was cuddling Frank.

“Gerard. He fucking hates me. I Need to figure out how to make him realise we're meant to be. He will be mine dad, I know he belongs to me whether he wants to be or not”

Jonathan laughed at the Dominant side of his son showing himself, because oh yes. His son was very much like him. Sure of what he wants, and stubborn enough to make sure he gets it.

“Gerard? Is his pretty?”

“Yes mom, he's fucking beautiful. It's like I just want him and that's it. His brothers awesome, and his dad apparently works for you”

Jonathan's ears perked up at this information. “He does?”

“Yeh, last name Way”

“Well then Frank, you've fallen for a very important mans son. Way is a business partner of mine. Maybe we should invite him and his family round”

Frank agreed. Maybe If he showed Gerard he's not some complete idiot then he could have a chance with him. If not, he'd have to quit the nice act.


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