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Wait, Stop

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Amber's POV

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Starships were meant to fly
Hands up, and touch the sky
Let's do this one last time

All throughout dinner, Mikey, Gerard and I exchange smiles, holding back laughter. I feel so giddy inside. Mikey finally told Gerard what he needed too and then he let me stay for his mother’s amazing lasagna. Today has been absolutely fucking perfect.

I swear to God I will try my very best to help Gerard and Mikey build their relationship as well as keeping Gee away from the alcohol. He really does drink too much. I mean I don’t even drink that much. Yes, I’m sure it’ll be a struggle but with both Mikey and I there to tell Gerard not to drink it might help. I sure as hell hope it fixes things a little.

Although this helping thing will push back my original plan I’m going into it full force. At least then when I leave I’ll have left behind something good.

After dinner, I help Mikey and his mum do the dishes. Gerard, who took the easy job, cleans off the table, sneaking gigantic spoonfuls of leftover meat and cheese that is left in the glass dish. Normally at least half of his spoonful will fall back into the pan.

Frustrated, he just stares at it, as if to say ‘really.’ After trying a few more failed times, Gerard gets fed up and throws the spoon down on the table. He eats the rest of it with his bare hands, smiling widely at Mikey and his mother as he chews.

Mikey looks embarrassed and covers my eyes with his wet hand. I laugh, and try and push it down. In truth I really don’t care how embarrassing Gerard is…this is the first time I’ve actually felt like I have a family.

Reaching into the sink I splash Mikey with water, causing him to remove his hand from my face…the both of us laughing.

Mrs. Way rolls her eyes at her eldest son, "Gerard, stop it, you're not an animal…Mikey has a guest over."

“Amber doesn’t care,” Gerard answer, sticking his tongue, covered in cheese and meat sauce, out at his mother. She scoffs, turning to me with an apologetic look.

Instead of making a big deal out of it all I simply shrug just as Mikey’s hand goes over my face, covering me in bubbles. I just laugh, leaning on him so that the bubbles transfer from my face to his shirt. Mikey groans.

Gerard giggles at our childish behavior before putting his dish in the sink, continuing to clear the table, happily chewing the cheese and meat mixture.

I smile, still leaning on Mikey. I watch Gerard intently. He is so happy right now, so is Mikey. I guess happiness is contagious because right now, with Mikey’s arms around my waist, my back against his chest I feel completely exstatic.

It’s a strange feeling, happiness. Like you’re floating, and you feel warm all over. Like nothing can bring you down. It’s like being high but without drugs.

"Thanks for the help,” Mrs. Way says, kissing her boys on the cheek once the kitchen is finally clean.

I smile and then follow behind Mikey and Gerard who literally run down the stairs to Gerard’s room.

Mikey stops in the door causing me to run into his back.

"Hey, can we hang in my room tonight?" he questions.

Gerard thinks about it, glancing at me a few times before nodding, "I don't see why not....”

So now we hurry back up the stairs to another set of steps. About half way up I slip, hitting my knee on the wooden step. Gerard laughs as Mikey turns to me helping me up, he looks concerned.

“I really am fine,” I mumble, before continuing up the steps, going a bit slower this time.

The boys fight for who gets the go through the door first. They push each other, slipping on the floor because they are both wear socks. In the midst of their rough housing I slip into Mikey’s room, raising an eye brow at both of them.

Mikey laughs, and pushes through the door about the same time Gerard does. I swear they are two of funniest people I’ve ever met.

Mikey runs across his room, somehow avoiding the CD cases all over his floor. He jumps onto his bed, bouncing on the mattress, causing a few CD cases to fall off; I wonder if he ever sleeps in here.

Gerard looks around as I move to sit next to Mikey. He smiles, sits up and pulls me as close to him as possible. He’s so cute.

"I need to get in here more," Gerard says, picking up a couple CDs from Mikey’s desk and looking at the track lists.

"Have a seat," Mikey says, pointing to his computer chair.

Gerard does but continues to stare at Mikey, laughing a little. Mikey smiles slightly.

"What...?" he asks.

"Nothing," Gerard says, still staring at Mikey, giggling.

I begin to look around, but Gerard’s cold hand finds its’ way over my eyes. What is with the pattern of my eyes being covered?

"God dammit,” Mikey yells and I hear a zipper, "Why didn't you say anything, bro!?"

The hand is removed and I’m allowed to see again. Gerard has his hand over his mouth, laughing like a maniac. I think about asking what went on but I decide against it. I’ll let the boys keep their secrets. Perhaps I’m better off not knowing.

"The same reason you didn't tell me my wallet was on my dresser the whole time, bro." Gerard answers Mikey, referring to earlier today.

Mikey throw a pillow at his older brother, who ducks. The pillow makes contact with the computer screen, bounces off and knocks over a Dr. Pepper which begins to spill all over the key board.

"Gerard,” Mikey yells, leaping off the bed, shoving his brother out of the way. Mikey frantically looks around for something to help wipe up the spilled drink…his computer must be pretty important to him.

Reaching down I grab a roll of paper towels that happen to be sitting beside Mikey’s bed. I toss them to him, laughing the entire time. He wipes up the Dr. Pepper best he can. Mikey then walks over to Gerard, pushes him out of the chair, before rolling it over to the computer, turning the screen on. I hop off the bed, resting my chin on Mikey’s shoulder, Gerard appears on Mikey’s other side; all of us watching the computer screen intently.

"You're not gonna bite me, are you," Mikey jokes, sideways glancing at his older brother, who is looking down at him.

In truth Mikey really shouldn’t have asked that question. Gerard laughs, baring his teeth, pressing them into Mikey’s neck.

Mikey pulls his neck away from Gerard, ramming his head into my nose. His eyes widen as he looks at me.

“I’m perfectly fine,” I explain, holding onto the bridge of my nose, waiting for the pain to pass. Gerard is grinning from ear to ear, all of us laughing uncontrollably.

"What the fuck was that, bro?" Mikey questions, turning back to the computer, testing the keyboard, the keys sound like they are sticking a bit, but in the end it works pretty well.

Gerard is still laughing when something on the screen catches his eye. Mikey is just on Ebay, typing something in, Gerard seems overly excited about this…or maybe it’s not that.

"No, wait, go back," he practically yells, and Mikey, probably not wanting to get bit again, obeys.

"Scroll down!"

Mikey scrolls.


He stops.

Gerard leans over Mikey again, eyes traveling over the screen. The dark haired boy grows more and more excited as he reads.

"Read this!" Gee instructs.

Both Mikey and I read the screen, smiling at each other.


I look at Mikey who looks at Gerard who looks at me; all three of us are smiling widely.

"Well, are we going?" Mikey asks.

Gerard nods, "Why the fuck not?"

Immediately I’m on my mobile phone, calling Frank to let him know what’s going on. There is no way I’m going to let him miss this, "Frank, Indy marathon, downtown tonight. You down?"

Frank is yelling so loudly I’m pretty sure both Mikey and Gerard can hear. The Indiana Jones movies are Frank’s favorite, "Why are you even asking me this? Is that really a question? I’m there! Fuck school, no fuck everything! Let’s go right now! I’ll be there in five!"

He then hangs up. All three of us are laughing, Mikey so hard that he falls off the rolling chair. This of course sends us into yet another fit of laughter.

"Shit I gotta change!" Gee yells, noticing he’s still in his school uniform. With that he runs from the room.

Mikey gets up off the floor, putting on another beanie (this one is black too) then he slides on his Adidas, and a Zombie hoodie. He takes my hand and we head downstairs where Gerard is waiting for us.

He is dressed in black jeans, a David Bowe t-shirt, a black hoodie, leather jacket and converse. He smiles at both of us, noticing our matching beanies.

“You two are so cute,” Gerard comments.

Mikey blushes, "Are we going?"

"Ma,” Gerard calls through the house. “We’re going out!”

I pull open the Way’s front door, surprised to see Frank standing here, leaning against the door frame. He is breathing heavy and looks as if maybe he had run here. I wouldn’t put it past him.

"Hey," he huffs, standing up straight.

Frank is wearing Converse, jeans with holes in the knees, a Misfits t-shirt and a black hoodie with the hood up. Gerard smiles, Mikey and I follow him and Frank to the car. Each of us bubbling over with excitement due to the fact we are about to sit through like eight hours of straight Indian Jones.
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