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Lilith's Heir V2

by Necros

Version 2 of Lilith's heir, will get to work on it eventually

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Lilith’s Heir V2

Disclaimer: No I do not own Naruto, mores the pity, I’d be pretty damn rich if I did.
Chapter 1: Conversion of two pure souls

Snicker Damn that was easy, why the hell couldn’t that have been the original genin exam, I’d have aced it years ago!” Naruto snickered to himself as he landed in the clearing that Mizuki-sensei had told him about earlier that day, Naruto was still high on his victory over the old man Hokage, having knocked him out with one shot using his patented ‘sexy jutsu’, to be honest Naruto was kinda surprised that the old guy had had that much blood in him to spare.
‘Now let’s see here,’ he thought as he opened up the large scroll that he had pilfered by Mizuki-sensei’s orders, only to be shocked and dismayed by the first jutsu on the large list, “What! Not more clones! Aww, that’s my worst ju ... tsuuu,” Naruto trailed off after being hit in the back of the neck and knocked out.

“Hehehehe, it’s time I finally got rid of you demon brat,” Mizuki muttered as he stood over Naruto’s unconscious body after he had taken a quick second glance at the scroll that Orochimaru-Sama had given him, Mizuki had been planning to abandon Konoha for a while now, he just needed an appropriate scapegoat to cover for his escape, man was he glad that he had been placed as the sensei of Naruto’s class, the brat was the perfect diversion and thanks to just about every teacher in the academy he was a lot more gullible than he really should have been. “Ha, they should thank me for getting rid of you demon brat, just be grateful that I’m gonna be sending you back where you belong,” he gloated as he pricked his finger before going through a series of nine hand seals then slamming his bloody hand on the ground, “Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon,” he said as the jutsu activated, summoning a ten foot tall solid steel door (Mizuki doesn’t have the reserves to call a hell’s gate at full size), Mizuki went through several more hand seals, stopping on ram, before saying, “Rashomon ... Open,” causing the various locks on the front of the gate to disengage before the large doors swung outward showing Mizuki the hellish nightmare within, unfortunately, though spooked, it didn’t really faze him.

Naruto was just starting to come around when he felt someone pick up his limp form by the back of his jacket, though the howling coming from the open gate brought him to full awareness quickly, unfortunately not quickly enough as he came around just in time to see who had thrown him into the depths of hell, his cry of “Why Mizuki-sensei, why,” was ignored by all but one person within earshot, Hinata.

“No, Naruto-kun!” She cried out as she broke cover at a full sprint toward the gate, Mizuki saw that she didn’t really notice him at the moment and seeing as her going to hell would really only get rid of a demon-lover he didn’t bother to stop her from throwing herself in after Naruto.

After Hinata had fallen into the swirling abyss Mizuki went through a few more handsigns before saying, “Rashomon ... Close!” Unfortunately for him he didn’t notice how much chakra he had used that night until it was far too late and he passed out from chakra exhaustion once the mighty gates had swung shut.
He never noticed that the locks weren’t engaged...

(3 years later hell time/3 hours real time)

Never let it be said that luck didn’t favour the bold, for bold is what Naruto was when he was sent to hell and lady luck certainly favoured him by making sure that both he and Hinata wound up in the one place that wouldn’t automatically start the torture that most of hells prisoners endure.

They wound up landing in Lady Lilith’s Palace when the queen of lust was in a particularly good mood.

Rather than automatically stringing Naruto up to me tortured by having various extremely spiky cacti up his ass, which was the usual fare for her male prisoners, or sending Hinata to the tentacle demon pits, which was the usual fare for her female prisoners, Lilith decided that she wanted to hear their story before she did anything.

Despite Naruto’s nervousness at being in hell and Hinata’s stuttering they quickly relayed their lives and that is when Lilith decided that rather than torture them, she would teach them, after all they were children with pure souls, despite what they’d been through, and she wanted to see if she could still corrupt a pure soul without using any of her usual shortcuts, a task that was quite easy usually and she had done it many a time before, but these children might just prove a challenge, and a challenge is exactly what she was after, hey you try being an immortal for millions of years and not get bored.

And she did manage to corrupt them, eventually. It took over a year for them to see the many shades of grey between the dogmatic, narrow minded view of most humans and practically every one of those pricks up in heaven.

Over time Naruto managed to steal the kyubi’s power for himself which would have turned him into a Kitsune, but Lilith had decided that as her student he had to have most of her abilities, thus she infused him with the power of an incubus, though that caused a reaction she didn’t expect, he became a hybrid, half Kitsune, half Incubus, it was a blessing actually. Incubi needed to feast upon the life force of virgin female humans to survive, usually raping them in the process, whereas Kitsune lived by using Nature Chakra as their food, even if both were capable of eating food, it didn’t provide enough energy for their abilities, but Kitsune were highly emotional beings, whereas Incubi were a calm and logical race. These factors left Naruto balanced in the middle, he could absorb either life force or nature chakra, though he preferred the latter, and he had the roughly the same emotional spectrum as a greater demon or a human (lesser demons focus too much on the sin they represent).

Hinata, on the other hand, was found to be a sleeper agent for the forces of heaven, though she didn’t know it. She had been possessed by an angel at a young age, giving her the abilities of said angel, and subconscious commands driven into her psyche to seduce and kill Naruto, and thus the Kyubi within, needless to say those commands have been removed by Lilith, but in the process she was turned into something that Lilith hadn’t seen in a long time, a fallen angel. Though thanks to her love for Naruto she came out of the conversion a hell of a lot saner than most angels do when they fall, it did leave it’s marks, Hinata absolutely loathed having to kill, but she had no problem with making someone pay for the things that they’ve done, especially to Naruto. Hinata’s eyes had become a solid white that gave off a soft glow when she used her non-human powers and her hair had become black of darkest night
When Naruto absorbed the Kyubi’s power, he also took the title, now all youko (demon foxes) would obey his commands, though he preferred to be a caring ruler for them, he did take one of them as his servant, frankly he needed one. A young (comparatively as she’s 130 years old, she looks and acts 13) Kitsune by the name of Keira, who was the previous kyubi’s daughter btw, now served as his assassin and servant in all things. Keira was mostly humanoid being standing 5’2” tall, had a 3’ long bushy red fox tail, long ass length red hair and red fur stripes across her body, from the base of her tail to under her breasts, from the top of her hands to her elbows, from the top of her feet to her knees and a triangular patch on both sides of her face in addition to the red fox-like ears on top of her head, (Look up Nina Words Worth on google; it’s the same fur pattern) her skin was pale and her eyes were amber coloured with slit pupils. She usually just wore a dark red tank top that barely covered enough to hide her nipples of her mid c-cup breasts and a pair of really short denim pants that framed her tight ass magnificently.

Naruto and Hinata had also changed physically in the time they’d been there, Naruto had grown to 5’10” tall with a blonde 3’5” fox tail extending from his backside, his ears had become long tapering elf-like ears which he had stuck loop earrings through, his body was covered in demonic tattoos and his fingers and tails now had short black claws rather than nails, his eyes were still blue but they had become slitted like a fox and his whisker marks had become thicker, though not too much so (only one tail thickness really). He now wore an ankle length leather jacket with long sleeves, long black pants and black leather combat boots.
Hinata had grown to 5’6”, her eyes had become a solid white that gave off a soft glow when she used her non-human powers and her hair had become black of darkest night, but the biggest change would be the two sets of pitch black angel-like wings she was capable of summoning and dismissing at will, the top pair were each 5’ wide at full extension while the smaller pair which extended from the small of her back were only 2’ wide and were meant more for steering than flying. She wore a backless black silk shirt covering her firm DD-cup breasts (so her wings didn’t go through anything when she summoned them) along with long black silk pants which were tight on her well formed ass and legs, and standard ninja sandals for her feet.
The time had come for Naruto, Hinata and Keira to head back to the human world, but before they did so Hinata dragged Naruto back into his room, insisting that they give the demon world a proper goodbye...

“Ahh, Hinata-chan, damn you’re good at this,” Naruto moaned as he sat on the edge of his bed, Hinata between his legs worshiping his cock with her mouth.

Hinata merely eye-smiled up at him before renewing her efforts, he was simply too thick to do anything else, her love was 10 inches long and 3 inches thick, and he was far from finished growing, sometimes she would get wet merely thinking about how big he would be when he was fully grown. Hinata had been trying for the past year to get him all the way into her throat, to bury her nose in his pubes, something that Keira had accomplished but she had not. Considering that the fox-girl was physically younger than her it had been driving her up the wall that she couldn’t do it.

Naruto looked down at Hinata fondly as her head bobbed between his legs, he knew how determined she was to match her ‘rival’, even if Hinata was the only one who thought that way. Keira knew that Hinata had what she would never have, her master’s love, Keira had long since resigned herself to being Hinata’s inferior, and subconsciously Hinata knew that, it just stung her pride that a girl who was physically 13, even if she was chronologically 130, could do what she could not, especially since it involved pleasing him.

Naruto had never complained about it, to be frank Hinata’s boobjobs more than made up for it, and in his mind she would always be superior to any other female, even Lady Lilith, but he would never get between Hinata and what she wanted, so he leaned back and watched as Hinata used as much saliva as she could to make sure he was well and truly lubricated.

‘I will get it right this time!’ Hinata thought to herself as she suppressed her gag reflex before lining up her throat and skull for the least resistance and wrapping an arm around Naruto’s back before slowly forcing her body forward, forcing her throat to accept an invader that she had been training it to take. Slowly, but surely, inch by precious inch the final four inches disappeared into her mouth and her nose finally buried itself into her mate’s pubic hair.

“Well I’ll be damned, Well done,” Naruto said faintly, his eyes fluttering at how ridiculously tight her throat was, he felt like he was breaking in her ass again it was so tight, and he did that two and a half years ago when they were both still thirteen and he was only 7 long and 2 thick.

Hinata hummed happily, having finally reached her goal before slowly pulling back, making sure to repeatedly swallow as she did so, making Naruto’s eyes cross every time she did, feeling immensely smug that she was the one giving him this pleasure this time instead of Keira, don’t get her wrong she loved Keira, but it was life’s little challenges that made everything interesting. Suddenly Hinata thrust her head forward again, burying him to the hilt in her throat again before another torturously slow withdrawal.

After repeating that motion several times Naruto couldn’t hold on any longer, “Hina-chan, gonna cum,” he told her faintly, he felt like his eyes would never uncross and he had a huge knot in his throat that made it hard to say even that much, he could barely so much as think in a straight line right now. Hinata, having heard his warning buried him in her throat once more before humming as much as she could, “Ahh,” Naruto sighed as he came down her throat, his head clearing and the knot in his throat loosening as it felt like all the fluids in his body were going straight down Hinata’s throat.

Hinata swallowed as fast as she could, but his load was too much, she had to pull back, as Naruto’s cum squirted over her face and tits she decided that it wasn’t anything to worry about, after all, there was nothing Naruto found sexier than a woman covered in his cum. As Hinata scooted forward a bit and wrapped her heaving breasts around his hard rod she commented, “Mmn, Naruto-kun, we have to do that again sometime.”

As Naruto got his breath back he looked down at Hinata to see the most sexy/cute sight he had ever seen, there she was, kneeling between his legs, but naked, covered in his cum using her lovely DD’s to tit fuck him while giving him the best puppy-dog-eyes look she had ever given, there was no way in hell he could deny her anything while she looked like that!

“Goddamn girl, like I needed persuasion to let you do that again, that was a hell of a lot better than Keira has ever managed to do it,” He exclaimed, most of the time he could deny her very little, e.g. He wouldn’t rape and kill an innocent person if she asked normally, but when she looked like that ... he wasn’t so sure. Thankfully it wasn’t often that she asked him to do something as she was a very self-sufficient girl, and most of the things she asked of him he wouldn’t deny her anyway, so while she quite literally had him wrapped around her pinkie finger, she didn’t abuse that power, something she knew a certain little pink-haired tart back in Konoha had done on a regular basis, Hinata smiled a little evilly when she imagined what she was gonna do to said pinkette when she got back.

Hinata smiled impishly as she started to rub his cum into her body with one hand, knowing from the twitching his cock was doing that he was very close to grabbing her, spinning her around, and slam fucking her into the bed for the rest of the day, but while that was a fun thing to do and experience, they had things that they had to do later today and this was supposed to be a quickie.

Once she had rubbed all of his cum in, giving her skin a light shine in the low-lit room, Hinata crawled up into Naruto's lap before summoning her raven feathered wings and wrapping them around him, Naruto replying in kind moments later with his black dragon-like wings as she slowly lowered her tight, bald pussy onto his throbbing cock.

Naruto knew what she wanted, Hinata didn’t want him to fuck her through the mattress and likely several layers of stone, (they had done that once, man had Lilith been pissed) Hinata wanted him to make slow sweet love to her, something she rarely asked for because she wanted the times that they did do it to be special.

Naruto gave her a gentle lover’s kiss as he slowly raised and lowered her on him with both his hands which were firmly grasping her backside, Hinata’s DD’s squashed against his firm chest as their wings pulled them closer together, their light pants and moans echoing in each other’s mouths. Somehow, despite the pleasure being several orders of magnitude lower than the stuff they usually did, this was far more intense, there were times that they fucked each other until their eyes rolled in their heads, but this was so much more, this wasn’t fucking to scratch an itch that only their mate could scratch, this was nothing less than a sharing of their very souls, and this, this was the reason that no other would be Hinata’s equal in Naruto’s eyes, for no other could make him feel so secure, so loved. Despite his confidence and overall sanity, Konoha’s abuse had left its mark on Naruto, Hinata was the only woman who he would ever, could ever, love like this.

And that was the reason that Hinata had no problems sharing him, for he would always return to her.

The motions of the cocoon of leathery skin and raven feathers grew slightly frenzied as the lovers reached their peaks at the same moment, crying out their completion in the mouth of the other, their first kiss had never ended, for they were not mortal, and thus could kiss for hours if they wanted to with no need to breathe.

Finally as they came down from their orgasmic highs their lips separated, each one placing butterfly kisses in the side of the other’s neck as they calmed from greatest experience two beings could ever share...

“’Bout time you three showed up,” Lilith, the Queen of Lust grumbled from her throne, she knew what Naruto and Hinata had just done, and it annoyed her that she had never felt the same feeling with another, those two were soul-mates and she was happy for them, but she was also jealous as hell.

“Sorry Kaa-san, had to say goodbye to my room properly you know,” Naruto said calmly, not even bothering to hide what they’d been up to, he knew she knew.

Lilith rolled her eyes as she looked at the three of them, Keira looked just as jealous as her so she could take comfort in that at least, “Well come up here and give me a kiss goodbye, there’s no way you’re leaving without that much, who knows when we’ll see each other next,” over the last three years she had become rather fond of these three beings, each were going to be as long lived as her, unless something unfortunate happened, unlikely but possible, so it was highly likely that she would see them again, but it could be a few centuries before that happened at least.

Naruto’s lips quirked into a smile as he walked up to her throne and gave her a kiss on the cheek, to which she playfully pouted before grabbing his face and kissing him goodbye properly, no way he was going to get off that easily. Naruto chuckled as their lips separated and Lilith licked her lips, a tempting invitation, but one he just wouldn’t be able to indulge in right now, he was still high on Hinata, and she him, right now he felt no attraction for anyone but her, the feeling would fade to the point where he could fuck other women, but not for a few hours, and they had to get going.

“Sorry Kaa-san, I’ll remember to set a few days aside the next time we see you, ok?” He compromised, Lilith grumbled but nodded. Lilith had only managed to bed Naruto a few times in the past few years, mostly when she was still teaching him about the female body, though she usually used Hinata as a teaching aide back then, but the last time they had done it, a few months ago now, they had fucked each other raw for an entire week. There were few ways, other than throwing herself into the tentacle demon pits that Lilith could feel such pleasure, but she admitted that in some ways the student had, at least, equalled the master.
“I’m gonna hold you to that,” Lilith told him before flicking a hand, opening a portal back to the Rashomon gates that she had kept active for the past three years for just this purpose, “Get going, next time I see you I want you to have built a decent empire among the humans you hear me?”

“Yes Kaa-san,” he said in that long, suffering way that all children know before he wrapped his arms around Keira’s waist, her being the only non-flier in the group, as he and Hinata summoned their wings before flying into the twirling portal back to Konoha.

“Tora, Nezumi, I want you two to get Mizuki back to IT, have Inoichi do a mind dive, Usagi, Ookami, get the forbidden scroll back to the tower, keep it secure until I personally come to relieve you, Neko, Sasori, set up a perimeter, call all the backup you need, Oushi, go find Kakashi, I don’t care what excuse he has drag him here by his earlobes if you have to,” Hiruzen rattled out as he arrived at the scene of Naruto and Hinata’s disappearance 3 hours ago, it had taken him two blasted hours to wake up from that sexy jutsu Naruto had hit him with, thankfully he had left his orb to record Naruto’s movements earlier that night as he had worried the boy might do something desperate, this definitely took the cake though. He was pretty sure that Mizuki had used Naruto’s desperation to his own advantage, though he wasn’t certain yet he was pretty sure that Inoichi would soon confirm his theory, though the fact that the orange prankster had managed to steal the scroll at all was a definite shock, he’d have to beef up the security around the Hokage library as soon as he got a chance. Hiruzen wanted Kakashi there because he was the only one that he knew of that knew about as much of the Rashomon gates as he did, problem is that everything he knew was telling him that the gates should have dispersed by now, but that idiot Mizuki just had to open them, the main problem was that he didn’t lock the gates before he fainted from chakra depletion, and no-one but the summoner could lock the gates once they were unlocked, but still, usually the Rashomon gates disperse if the summoner loses consciousness, which left one terrifying possibility, something on the other side was providing the power to keep the gates active, and considering that they weren’t locked that could be a very big problem.

“Hokage-sama, Ahh, I’m guessing that we have a problem,” Kakashi said as he landed behind Hiruzen, for once the tardy jonin was completely focused on the matter at hand.
“Indeed, young Naruto and Hinata Hyuga were tossed through the gate by Mizuki, but he passed out before he could lock them, normally him passing out would cause them to disperse...” Hiruzen explained before Kakashi interrupted.

“But as they didn’t you’re thinking that someone or something else is powering the gate from the other side, and we can’t lock it,” Kakashi finished, “swell.”

“My thoughts exactly, we’ll just have to hope that it goes the full 10 hours (the maximum a summon can exist in the human world at a time before dispersing) without anything too dangerous coming through,” Hiruzen stated before asking, “you wouldn’t know of a way to forcefully cancel a summon without destroying it would you?”

“Nothing that would work on the Rashomon gates, even a small version like this one,” Kakashi replied, “a living being, sure, maybe even a sentient weapon, but the Rashomon are an ancient power that human kind barely understands, I wouldn’t even risk sealing it with the Shiki Fuuin.”

“Lovely,” Hiruzen grumbled.

“That’s what I thought,” Kakashi replied.

After Kakashi and Hiruzen had tossed ideas back and forth for a few minutes they heard a creak from the gate, all ninja in the area quickly retreated to a nearby tree and suppressed their presence every way they knew how...

Once the gates were fully open two figures flew out before landing a few feet from the gate as it dispersed, the ninjas strained their ears to listen to the conversation that the humanoid beings below them were having.

“Ahh man,” the obvious male in who looked to be in his mid-to-late teens moaned as he stretched all 7 of his mismatched limbs, putting down a female Kitsune humanoid that appeared to be in her young teens, “Those portals are rough on the wings.”

“Singing to the choir Naruto-kun, I have double the wings, so I am in double the pain,” the other female replied another who appeared to be in her late teens, though this one looked to be a bit more human, the only differences being the pure white eyes and the double set of raven feathered wings on her back.

“Aww come on guys, can’t take a little pain,” the young Kitsune female mocked.
“SHUT UP KEIRA!” the others yelled in stereo before the male said to the winged female in a soothing tone, “don’t worry Hinata-chan, when we get back to Konoha I’ll draw a nice hot bath for us both to take a long soak in.”

“Mmn, music to my ears my love,” she replied.

‘Wait, Naruto? Hinata? Are they?’ Hiruzen wondered before he took a closer look at the winged couple, ‘hmm, though a few years older, they could be...’ Hiruzen did a few handsigns for a useful little jutsu he had picked up a while ago before speaking in a loud clear voice, his voice seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere as he asked, “Naruto Uzumaki, is that you?”
The male, who many of them just noticed had blonde, spiky hair raised his head with a large smile on his face as he called out, “Hey Old Man, I’m back!” making his two companions sweat drop.

‘That’s him,’ the various ninja in the area thought while shaking their heads in disbelief, ‘who else would be so disrespectful to the Hokage?’

“... So, that’s more or less what happened Old Man,” Naruto finished as he, Hinata and Keira stood at attention in the Hokage office, each of them now wearing a new Konoha headband that Hiruzen had given them, frankly they were too powerful to let squander as civilians, Naruto had just given Hiruzen a summarized version of the events of the past 3 years, leaving a couple of bits out of course, his current immortality for starters, “Now if you don’t mind, there is a public unisex onsen nearby with my and Hinata-chan’s names on it, you wouldn’t believe the cramps you can get from flying through a demonic portal.”

“Just one last thing Naruto,” Hiruzen called out before he could disappear, “You’re absolutely sure that the Kyubi is no more.”

“Hey, do you think Keira-chan would be my servant if he wasn’t, she is his daughter ya know,” He replied as they walked out the door, leaving Hiruzen to his thoughts.

‘So you are now a Kitsune/incubus hybrid, Hinata is a fallen angel and you have an ichibi youko (one tailed demon fox) for a servant, you’ve been taught highly destructive techniques by the Queen of Lust Demons, you and Hinata are, for lack of a better term, soul mates, and I’m pretty sure that all three of you are at the very least much longer lived than most humans, if not immortal. (sigh) safe to say Naruto, if you didn’t respect me you would probably be long gone, if you had come back at all,’ Hiruzen hadn’t missed how Naruto had looked at the villagers, even the other ninja, with suspicion on their way from the forest to the tower, he didn’t let anyone but his companions and Hiruzen himself within arm’s length, even weapon reach in the case of the anbu, his companions had been similarly wary, ‘(sigh) I’m sorry Minato, Kushina, it seems that despite my best efforts, the people of Konoha are driving your son away, he doesn’t trust easily anymore, under normal circumstances that would be a good thing, but, I fear that when I die, his last bond to Konoha might be severed and Konoha might well have created its worst enemy. I only hope that he doesn’t take out his anger on the people of Konoha, it might be better that he leaves peacefully, rather than be driven away.’

Hiruzen stayed on the balcony outside his office for many more hours that night, gazing up at the Hokage Monument and recalling all of his old regrets, trying to think of a way that things could have turned out better...

“Ahh,” the three of them sighed as they settled into the hot waters of the onsen, thankfully empty but for them as it was rather late at night and the only women who used public hot springs at this time of night would use the male/female divided ones as they were likely to be kunoichi, the men who would want to peek on attractive women at this time of night would be cutting holes in the dividers and the old and young people who just don’t care if you saw them wouldn’t be out this late, thus they had the spring to themselves for at least the next few hours.

The two girls snuggled into Naruto's sides, one of his arms around each of their backs and gently stroking the arm on the other side, just relaxing, Naruto and Hinata were too sore for any strenuous activities and Keira too tired, so they simply relaxed, snuggle time was now, hardcore sex could wait until morning, Naruto didn’t want to go back to his old dump of an apartment until the entire complex was under his name and remodelled as he wanted, so they had booked a room upstairs for the night...

The next morning Naruto woke to the feeling of a pair of very large breasts pressed up against his side, still rising and falling in sleep, Hinata, and a tight, hot and very motivated little mouth suckling his cock, desperately wanting her morning treat, Keira.
Ever since Naruto had first had sex with Keira, with Hinata’s permission of course, he always had a warm, furry, highly enthusiastic and very enjoyable wakeup call in the form of Keira first sucking him off, then submitting herself to him to do with as he pleased, he had to admit it was far better than his old alarm clock.

As Keira desperately deep-throated him he wondered amusedly where her addiction to his cum had come from, their first time together had been little more than him forcing himself on an unwilling, but horny, demoness, but ever since he had all but raped her she had become his personal sex-slave, she would quite literally do anything he wanted and was completely addicted to his cum, loving to drink it for her early morning high protein shake, though occasionally she would slip under the table at dinner and suck him off until she got her favourite treat. Considering she was Kitsune, and thus got her sustenance from nature chakra he didn’t think it was much of a stretch to believe that his cum was the only thing she ever ate, well drank, but you get the idea.

After a minute Naruto grabbed Keira’s head with his left hand, his right currently trapped under Hinata, and forcefully shoved his meat down her throat, pushing down with his hand and thrusting up with his pelvis at the same time, most would think any woman would hate that but Keira loved being dominated, she saw herself as an extension of his will when it comes to business, and his personal sex toy when pleasure is involved.

Naruto growled low in his throat as he came, making sure to pull Keira’s head up so he could see her covered in his cum rather than just having her swallow it all, though it didn’t stay on her skin for long as she scooped it up in her hands and licked up every precious millilitre of his seed. While she cleaned herself up Naruto gently removed his right arm from under Hinata, shoot it a few times to get rid of the pins’n’needles feeling, then forced Keira’s head between Hinata’s thighs as he manoeuvred himself around behind her, making sure to grab her long red tail and pull it out of the way before he shoved himself to the hilt into Keira’s tight pussy in one thrust.

Thanks to the silencing seals he’d put up last night Hinata was the only one woken by Keira’s moan/scream before she buried her face in Hinata’s cunt, lapping away happily between the squeals that Naruto’s rough treatment was wrenching out of her. Naruto thrust into her tight little cunt like a man possessed while he grabbed her tail in one hand, her hair in another and gave a sharp tug to either one every thrust, giving Keira that edge of pain that she loved.
Now fully awake Hinata leaned forward and reached around Keira’s petite body to tug on her pierced nipples and clit, all three having a small platinum bar through them, making them that much more sensitive.

Keira was going out of her mind with the pleasure and pain that were shooting through her, ripping orgasm after orgasm from her body, the variety of the pain sources not giving her time to adjust before a new one was triggered.

Naruto pulled out, drawing a desperate moan from Keira before slowly pushing his dick into her tight little ass, he didn’t have to worry about shit because practically all she ate was his cum and most of that was absorbed by the sex loving youko.

Keira gave a long, loud, drawn out moan at the feeling of her master shoving his big cock up her tight little ass, the pleasure and pain sensations she was feeling were simply delicious, she wanted more.

As Keira started to thrust back against him Naruto used her hair to pull her up flush against his body, kissed her hard on the mouth, and then bit her in the junction between neck and shoulder, the exact same place he had first marked her as his.

Keira came with a shriek, the bite giving her just that little bit of extra pleasure/pain for a titanic orgasm, her grasping asshole literally milking the cum from his cock as he came inside her, the feeling of him splashing inside her drawing her orgasm out even longer.
Naruto let her down gently as she slowly came down from her high, the cum oozing from her ass under her brilliant red foxtail just adding that extra bit of lewdness for the appearance of a well fucked youko as she laid on her stomach on the bed panting, trying to calm down.

“God I love watching that,” Hinata whispered as she came up next to him and kissed him, softly but firmly, though Hinata hated to kill and didn’t care that much for blood, she loved watching her mate dominate another female, whether she willing or not. Hinata still remembered the first time she had sucked Naruto’s spunk out of a lesser demoness he had just raped, it gave her one hell of a thrill. Though her moral compass still operated well enough that she wouldn’t want to do such a thing to a random girl, or gods forbid an innocent, she had gotten off a few times just imagining that the freshly raped female was Sakura, that bitch had a lot of suffering to go through before Hinata would think her debt had been paid.

Naruto chuckled low in his throat, it was one of the few evil kinks that his love had, hell most of the time it was just on the darker side of grey rather than truly evil, but he knew what she wanted them to do to Sakura, to be honest, he was looking forward to it, “don’t worry my love, it’ll happen soon enough, but it has to fit into the plan or it’ll ruin everything,” he reminded her, she would get her chance to play with a freshly raped and beaten Sakura, she just had to wait for the opportune moment...

Later that morning Naruto walked into the manager’s office of the apartment building, under henge to look like some random guy, to purchase the building from his landlord, he had gotten his hands on a few precious gem stones during his time in hell and he was about to do what he always wanted to do, buy his apartment building and fix it up the way he wanted it. Sure it was tempting to kill the little bastard who had all but given a copy of his keys to the fox hunt mobs when he was younger, but he didn’t need that kind of attention right now...

After leaving the idiot with an opal the size of his hand and 6 hours to vacate the premises Naruto went around town to wood suppliers, furniture, kitchen, and bathroom stores, along with the occasional indulgence including ninja suppliers for trap supplies to get everything he would need, carting all of his new purchases back to his apartment building using a storage scroll Naruto created 50 Smoke Clones (Improved shadow clone, more durable but he can’t make as many) before saying in a loud and happy voice, “All right lads, let’s get to work!”

AN: Ok, this is Version 2 of Lilith’s heir, for those in the know this is a little bit fuller than my last attempt, it’s got more of a plot this time and Naruto is, while a hell of a lot darker than in canon, he isn’t gonna be as heartless as I made him in my last try.

Oh, and if anyone says that I stole this idea from canadianinamerica, they can go and jump in a fucking lake because this was my story first and he stole it from me, bastard didn’t even try to write his own version, he just cut and pasted my story onto his profile.

Ok rant done, those of you who wanted Naruto himself to destroy Sakura last time will be getting their wish granted, though Hinata will obviously be joining the fun.

I don’t know what it is but I enjoy the idea of a sadistic Hinata-chan, don’t you?
Now, this time the inner harem is gonna be Naruto’s team, which will be Naruto, Hinata, and Keira with Anko as Sensei, second tier will be Ino, Tsunade, Mei (Mizukage), Koyuki, Temari and Yuugao, each one of the second tier has been chosen because of the influence they have in the Naruto world, well except Ino, she’s gonna be used be a pet, other women in the Naruto world will likely either be ignored or used in one night stands.

Oh, send me some suggestions, as in who do you want done and how, I’ll see if I can fit it in to the timeline I’m cobbling together.

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