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Hair Play

by CatscanFlyy

Frank is Gerard's hairdresser. Gerard gets hard whenever Frank washes his hair. Smut oneshot!

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In North Jersey just south of Newark and a few miles from any real civilisation is the small suburban town Hopper’s End. The name is ridiculous in it’s self as it’s not at the end of anything, but no one living there seems to question it. Hoppers End isn’t on every map of the state and if you’re not a resident you’re probably going to have trouble finding the tiny paradise amongst all the endless roads and flat land. Those that do find the town will also find that the place gives a whole new meaning to the world small.

There are a few locally run shops, a fair trade coffee house, a church and a small playground complete with broken swings, and rusty slide. However if you stand at the broken swings and look left down Tyron’s Street leaning a little to the right you may see the only hairdressers in Hopper’s End hidden by the art deco homes and the constant fog submerging the town.

It’s usually pretty busy because it is the only hairdressers in town, and Hopper’s End is the only town in site for a good few miles, so an appointment is always needed which you can make with Jamia at least a week before you need the cut. But most people simply book as they leave, as nearly everyone is a regular.

Most of the hairdressers are in their mid forties or fifties and the shop is owned by Linda Iero who opened up around twenty years ago as a single mum and hair dressing enthusiast. Gerard doesn’t know where other people got their haircut before that but if his neighbours were anything like his Ma then he’s pretty sure bowl cuts were regulation back then. Gerard doesn’t trust his mother with scissors anymore.

So Linda has cut Gerard’s hair since forever or at least as long as he cares to remember and she’s good at it, she does exactly what Gerard asks and doesn’t try to straighten or dye it thank god. And Gerard always enjoys going to the hairdressers because he maybe kind of has a hair thing but whatever.

But what Gerard does not enjoy is having anyone else cut his hair. It’ kind of a relationship in Gerard’s mind and he so doesn’t want to cheat on Linda, he really loves her Y’know? So he doesn’t really appreciate some stranger asshole telling him that Linda is with a client right now, even though he booked an 11 30 with her like four weeks ago when he was there last.

He also, most definitely, does not appreciate how the asshole is looking at his hair with those goddamn straighteners in his hand and, Jesus Christ, his hair is dyed. Gerard does not come here for this kind of treatment.

But probably, throwing a paddy over not having Linda cut his hair is not the right thing to do so Gerard bights his tongue, and draws away from the straighteners a petulant look on his face. He asks, very politely, when her next free slot will be and then the asshole with the hair dye and straighteners says that he will ask then glances over his shoulder to shout.

“Mom, when are you free? Gerard’s here”

And Gerard almost has a panic attack because this asshole isn’t just any asshole this is Linda’s son. This is Linda’s son and he has been mentally insulting him for the past ten minutes like a fucking douche bag.

This must be Frankie, the guy Linda goes on about non-stop whenever she’s cutting Gerard’s hair. This is “My Frankie” this is the guy Linda has been trying to set Gerard up with since she figured out he was gay when he was fourteen, and chubby, and awkward. And Gerard has just been mentally hurling insults at him for the past ten minutes. He suddenly feels the need to apologise profusely.

Gerard has always been careful not to let Linda talk him into going on a date with her Frankie. As a rule mothers are not to be trusted as wingmen because of them being so obviously biased to say things like, “Oh he’s so handsome” or “He was top of his class, you know?” and more often than not mothers are very sorely mistaken.

But Gerard guesses, looking at him, that her Frankie is sort of hot and kind of not what he, at all, expected his hairdresser’s son to look like.

He’s got kind of intense eyes and a sweet smile, a soft feminine jaw line and a deflated floppy black Mohawk. He’s kind of cute and kind of, totally, Gerard’s type.

“Oh! Could you see to him, Frankie? I can’t get the gum out of Ray’s hair” Linda hollers back

“Sure, Ma” Frank smiles then looks to Gerard again “Do you want to follow me?” he asks

Gerard does some kind of head movement that almost resembles a nod and follows Frank to a free chair.

The hairdressers is nice, nicer than a barbers and the lighting is good, forgiving and not too bright. The seats are fake leather and the floor is all black tile, there’s always some not totally crappy radio station playing old Brit Pop songs and there are TVs dotted around all on mute and showing off some new music video on MTV.

“So what can I do for you today?” Frank asks, pumping up the seat with his foot so that Gerard’s face slides up into view of the mirror

Gerard looks at Frank’s muddy eyes in his reflection as he replies “Just a trim. Not too much off”

Frank nods and grins, his lip ring catching in the light “Awesome. You want tea, coffee?”

Gerard says yes for coffee and decides that he doesn’t mind too much, if he’s being set up with Frank. Well, as long as Frank doesn’t try to pull anything funny with the straighteners.

Frank comes back a few minutes later with Gerard’s coffee at hand then moves Gerard over to the sinks in the back room.

This is Gerard’s least favourite part of coming to the hairdresser’s, because sure his hair always feels and smells amazing after but the sinks hurt his neck and that- he’s not such a fan of. Though, he does like the massage seats very much.

“That water okay?” Frank asks, soaking Gerard’s hair and separating the black ink with gloved hands

“Hm? Yeah great” Gerard replies, sent into a sort of daze by Frank’s hands

Frank chats while he works but Gerard isn’t listening because the sinks are determinately becoming his new favourite part of coming to the hairdresser’s. For real. Frank has the hands of a god, Gerard realises, as he massages shampoo into his scalp. Gerard, is in fact embarrassingly close to letting out a moan when Frank finally finishes washing out the second round of conditioner, and it’s probably really bad that he’s half hard from the head rub but at least his jeans restrict too much growth so Frank doesn’t need to know just what his hands have done.

The actual cutting of Gerard’s hair isn’t so intimate and Gerard even manages to throw in a few witty remarks to the conversation. It doesn’t matter, too much, that Gerard isn’t such a talker because Frank could, very apparently, talk for Jersey as Gerard discovers. But it’s a pretty good discovery, really, because Frank has a kind of nice voice and he’s actually really interesting. His topics more varied than most hairdresser gossip he even gets into a rant about animal abuse and vegan life before going off to quote fucking Hardy and Shakespeare and even The Bible seriously.

And so by the time Gerard is leaving he’s half convinced to become veggie or Christian or he doesn’t even know a philosopher?

Frank does not even try and straighten Gerard’s hair, thank god, so he books himself in for an appointment in four weeks time with the short punk before he leaves.

And he is so, most definitely, okay with being set up with Frank.


So Frank cuts Gerard’s hair the next three times he goes to the shop, and the hair wash session is always pretty intense, or at least it is for Gerard who has unintentionally discovered another one of this things

He wishes that Frank’s mom would just set them up, he wishes she would be just a little more obvious about her motives, that she could even, maybe, be embarrassingly blunt.

The heartbreak connected to Frank rejecting him wouldn’t come as such a crippling blow, Gerard thinks, if he didn’t have to admit his crush himself. His pathetic crush on his ex hairdresser’s son for fucks sake.

So Gerard is pretty much a mess whenever he leaves the shop but it’s kind of a good sort of mess so he doesn’t complain to Mikey, too much.

But that doesn’t stop Mikey from getting progressively more and more pissy because- he’s Gerard’s little brother and what the hell else is he supposed to do when Gerard returns home ever four weeks with a fresh cut and a give away blush? It’s seriously sickening.

“Why don’t you just ask him out for coffee? Even you can do coffee”

But Gerard is queen of being stubborn and petulantly awkward so he refuses and blushes harder, some how, and then shakes his head and says things like “I don’t know. He probably doesn’t even like me” or “I don’t even know if he’s into dudes, Mikey OMG”

And so Mikey is forced to ask- in that strange Way brother’s eyebrow movement kind of way- “Jesus Christ Gee, he’s a hairdresser of course he likes guys and why the hell wouldn’t he like you?”

Then Gerard’s shoulders reply “Meh” and he tumbles down a path of self-loathing like the drama queen he is

Mikey is sick of it, honestly.

So he comes up with a cunning plan! Only it’s not that cunning, and mainly just involves him tagging along with his big brother to the hairdresser’s four weeks later.

“So, you’re Frank” Mikey says, and Frank kind of blinks a few times at Mikey’s stoic face before regaining his normal composure

“Hi yeah, you’re Gerard’s brother right? He’s told me a lot about you”

Mikey nods and Gerard hops from foot to foot like he so knows what’s about to happen, Mikey may have a face of steal but it’s pretty obvious what he’s after.

Only it’s not obvious to Frank who kind of feels like he’s being interrogated by some weird kid in glasses and really straightened hair- honestly he does not believe him and Gerard are related- and it’s confusing as fuck because he’s pretty sure he’s done nothing wrong

And the way Gerard keeps glancing between him and Mikey is kind of off putting too, like maybe some serious shit is about to go down. He wonders, fleetingly, if maybe his school boy crush had been more obvious than he thought, and now he’s about to get sued for sexual harassment or some shit, which would suck because Frank kind of thought Gerard might be into him too.

He ignores the sinking feeling in his chest for now.

“All good I presume” Mikey says and almost almost cracks a smile

“All good” Frank confirms, “So do you want to come over?”

The two twenty somethings follow Frank across the shop and he starts leading them to the back when Gerard blurts, “I don’t need it washed today!”

Frank turns, puzzled and slightly disappointed because he actually really loves washing Gerard’s hair. He loves the feel of it between his fingers like raven feathers and he likes even more the faces Gerard makes when he massages his scalp. Almost sexual, Frank would say, if he were being totally inappropriate

“Um okay?”

Gerard’s kind of blushing, which isn’t unusual, and he tugs at the bottom of his t-shirt absently as Mikey stares at him with furrowed eyebrows.

So Frank cuts Gerard’s hair with only the spray bottle of water and the rest of the session isn’t too awkward, he finds it easy to slip into his usual casual chatter even though neither Mikey nor Gerard put across much into the conversation. Frank’s kind of used to that by now, he guesses it’s a Way thing.

And Frank is pretty relaxed by the time it comes for Gerard to pay so he’s really, so not expecting it when Mikey comes out with, “So when are you going to ask out my brother?”

Frank blinks and watches Gerard’s eyes grow comically wide with shock, he’s pretty sure his expression is an exact carbon copy- well maybe he isn’t quite so beetroot vampire but still.

“When am I- what?” Frank stumbles

Mikey raises an eyebrow sceptically like he’s on to Frank, like maybe, he knows Frank is actually, in fact, an idiot “Your heard me” he says.

“I” Frank starts Mikey just kind of glares “now?” the word curves into a question and Frank braves a look at Gerard “I mean, do you want to?”

Gerard actually looks like he might pass out “Go out with you?” he asks, his voice but a squawk

“Yes?” Frank puts on his best hopeful face and thankfully Gerard nods enthusiastically “awesome” Frank says because –awesome he’s going to date Gerard

Mikey sort of huffs and flings his hands about in a gesture that could mean anything from “you have food on your shirt” to “oh watch out giant space ship crashing down on all of us.” Frank guesses that the actual meaning hangs somewhere between the two with “Finally you goddamn morons”


So Gerard and Frank end up at the one coffee house in Hopper’s End, once the shop has closed and they both order the products with the most syrup and cream available, then sit and grin awkwardly at each other for a little while.

Gerard can’t quite believe this is happening to him, like seriously, he takes his pessimistic values to the grave so this turn of events is a sort of big surprise. He just wishes now that he had something interesting to say to is date but as previously mentioned- talking so not one of his strong points.

But still, he should get points for trying “Nice here”

Frank nods seriously then grins some more “yeah the coffee’s really good”

They both stare at each other some more and Frank actually starts chewing on his lip, pulling the ring in and out of his mouth while his fucking intense cow eyes bore into Gerard’s soul. And he can’t take it, he really can’t, so he just comes right on out and asks, “You wanna get out of here”

Frank nods like his life depends on it, and scrambles up out of the worn leather seat – that he had complained about on entering the shop- taking Gerard’s hand as he does

“My place?” he asks as they both trip over the sidewalk and across the playground

Gerard is barely able to form words so he just nods and squeezes Frank’s hand. He’s pretty sure he’s sweating, a little bit, but Frank hasn’t said anything so he’s not going to worry about it now.

They just about get into the dark shop when Frank pushes Gerard up against the reception’s desk and kisses the shit out of him. The slide of teeth, and lips, and tongues battling for male dominance isn’t exactly romantic but it’s Frank smashed up against his face and it’s perfect. Fucking fireworks

Somehow, though, it gets better as Frank pushes his hands into Gerard’s freshly cut hair and Gerard can’t help it, he really can’t, and so he just grabs Frank’s waist and pulls him in closer whispering up against Frank’s mouth as he does so,

“Not that I want you to think I’m some kind of hair freak or anything but I haven’t been able to get the thought of you touching mine out of my head for the past two months, Jesus Christ Frankie, your hands” He says then kisses butterflies down Frank’s neck

“I’m glad you think so because washing your hair has sort of been giving me boners for about as long” Frank gasps back then drags Gerard away from the counter “Come on, to the back” he says

Gerard follows Frank to the back of the shop kissing his neck and whispering as they move into the back room, the room with the fucking sinks in.

Frank pushes Gerard down onto one of the chairs then proceeds to straddle his hips, Gerard’s hands reaching out desperately to grab at Frank’s waist- Frank’s anything. Frank runs his hands back through Gerard’s hair and tugs slightly at the ends drawing out a moan from Gerard’s parted lips.

Frank grinds down and bites on Gerard’s earlobe practically growling as Gerard cups his ass with strong hands “Oh my god” he says- well moans as Gerard thrusts up “I think I’m about to come in my pants”

Gerard nods and repeats the action raking his hands up Frank’s back, is fingers catching on the material, he’s close too, so close with Frank pulling his hair like this.

“Oh god, please” he all but cries then reaches up to steal another kiss, lips slick with spit.

Frank pushes his tongue into Gerard’s mouth and licks at the back of his teeth with a passion previously reserved for shutting down factory farms, grinding down again as he does. This is it, this is what he has wanted for so long

Frank closes his eyes as he comes and yanks almost painfully on Gerard’s hair, moaning into his mouth and pushing down on Gerard’s crotch “Gee” he whines, anything with more than one syllable can fuck him

“Frankie” Gerard coos back and holds Frank’s back firmly “baby” he says and kisses Frank again

“Let me” Frank says then and Gerard’s about to protest at the lack of Frank but then his jeans are undone and Frank’s hands are on his dick and okay nope so not complaining “can I?” Frank asks.

And how could Gerard say no to that face? “Y-yeah please, oh god, Frankie just” and the rest of that sentence is lost to the sensation of Frank’s mouth on his dick

Frank hollows his cheeks and stares into Gerard’s eyes as he runs his mouth up and down the shaft humming a little as he does, and then Gerard can’t help it and he pushes his hands down into Frank’s hair and feels the rough bleached strands against his skin.

Frank moans a little as Gerard pulls on the floppy black on the top of his head and then it’s all too much and Frank swallows Gerard down and fucking smiles.

A few minutes later and they’re both curled up in the fake leather chair, heads resting on the ceramic sink behind them, half asleep and happy when Frank says “Oh god I have to work with my mom in here”

Wow you guys thank you so much! Waking up to find this green like made my life or something I can't tell you! And I'm now apparently going to use up all the exclamation marks like a preppy bastard but I don't even care. I was really really nervous about posting this and I can't believe how well it was received I know smut isn't exactly a looked down upon thing on this site but I was so scared I had gotten it all wrong. Massive massive thank you and hugs and kisses and everything to everyone that read, rated or reviewed. I love you all in a totally creepy hide your children kind of way
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