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Chapter 4

by ArsaoTome

Richie and Clawdeen gets intimate while Shinji ends up getting a girlfriend and a pet. More friends come and Kuyo starts to plan for their demise.

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Author's note:

For now on, Tsukune will now be referred to as Richie.


Chapter 4: Friends and Fights

Mizore Shirayuki was walking back from her class back to her dorm room, an early edition of the Yokai newspaper in her hand (which had a picture of Kuyo frozen in ice). However, her mind was not on the paper or the story, but instead upon one of the story participants. The young man called Tsukune Aono, now known as Richie Ryans, a fallen angelubus. 

'I have no chance with him. Not now.' Mizore thought. 'He has the equivalent of a small harem. Girls from another life that he is much happier with. If I were to steal him away...' she paused at that thought, realizing that the consequences would be... extreme. 'However... this leaves me alone. What am I to do? I came to Yokai to find my mate. But if not Tsukune, or Richie, who will I...'

Suddenly, an extreme blast of cold exploded out of the News Club, a young man walking, more like stomping, out of the club. 

'That was Ikari-san!' Mizore thought as she looked inside the News Club room, and saw Gin Morioka, the perverted werewolf president of the club, frozen in a block of ice. 'I wonder what happened?' She thought before following him. 


(Monster House, late afternoon

The Monsters were themselves celebrating, just enjoying their time together, in a reunion of sorts. Crackskull and Rachael were arm-wrestling, Harleen was helping Yukari with a small plant-spell, Moka was talking to Dahila about Richie’s history, and Kris and Sean were in the middle of cooking dinner. 

It was in this time that Clawdeen had pulled Richie away so that she could get some alone time with him. 

The second she got Richie into her bedroom, she closed and locked the door, and then tackled Richie to the bed. 

The she-wolf pounced on the fallen angelubus and quickly took to ravaging his mouth, her arms around his neck in order to hold him close. Richie’s arms went up and around her back, pulling her close to him as he returned her kiss, their bodies rubbing against each other, the need becoming obvious for the both of them. 

Clawdeen pulled back and stared into Richie’s eyes. 

"Deena?" Richie asked. 

"I love you, Richie." Clawdeen said with a raspy voice, even as she licked her lips. 

"I love you too, Deena." he replied, gently stroking her cheek. 

"Enough to... seal our relationship?" 

"You want to?" 


Not wanting to see his girlfriend beg him for something so intimate, Richie kissed her softly on the lips before sitting her up and slowly unbuttoning her blouse. However, Clawdeen was impatient, and ripped the blouse from her body, revealing her purple silk bra holding up her generous breasts. Richie moved in pulled his arms around her, bringing her to him as he suckled her neck, causing the she-wolf to moan softly. 

Clawdeen hesitantly pulled back and removed Richie’s shirt with her claws, not caring for their shredded state, and kissed her way down his firm chest. She was down to his stomach before she started undoing his belt. Once the zipper was down she pulled his pants off, revealing his skull-patterned boxers. She stood up off the bed and quickly shimmed out of her skirt. Her purple panties and stockings still upon her. Reaching behind her she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. 

She smiled as she saw a tent-pole rise up through the black and skull-patterned boxers. This alone was proof that he desired her. 

Pulling off her panties, and thus keeping her stockings on, Clawdeen pulled Richie’s boxers off and crawled over his athletic and naked form. She straddled his stomach and bent down to kiss him on the lips. Softly at first, then quickly with more passion, their arms wrapped around each other as their tongues bat and wrestled in a wet game of dominance. 

It was a game that Richie quickly won, turning his furry girlfriend over onto her back, and aligning himself to her already dripping womanhood. 

She stared up at him lovingly, her arms around his neck and nervously gave him a slight nod, telling him that she was ready. 

Richie knew that this was her first time, and that while it would hurt, it was an act of love in of itself. 

He stared into her eyes, holding her close as he pushed himself forward, entering her body and with one deft move, pierced her hymen. Clawdeen squealed in pain as her muscles tightened and her arms wrapped fiercely around her lover. Her claws scratched his back, but he didn’t mind the pain. It was to be expected. 

Dipping his head low he kissed her lips first, then headed down to her neck. He held her tightly as his hips moved back and fourth, the she-wolf softly crying out, first in pain then in pleasure. Her arms and legs now wrapped around her lover tightly, keeping him trapped within her as their skin rubbed against each other fiercely enough as if to start a fire. 

"Ri-Richie! More! Don’t Stop! I... I Lo-Love You!" Clawdeen cried out as pleasure surged through her body like one of Frankie’s electrical bolts, even as she held onto him as if he was the only thing that was keeping her alive. 

And in a way, he was. 

"And I love you... my sexy she-wolf!" Richie whispered hotly into her ears as with the final stroke of his angelically-blessed manhood, his seed poured into her body and Clawdeen gave out a scream that reverberated throughout the entire house. 

Richie kissed Clawdeens flushed cheeks, the she-wolf’s body more relaxed and at peace than she had ever known in her life, even as the fallen angelubus cuddled her against his body. 


Stomping through the woods just beyond the school, Shinji was in a rather foul mood. 

'Can’t believe that bastard!' He thought to himself as he headed towards a small pond in the woods. 'Trying to get me to take indecent pictures of my cousin and her friends! Trying to use that ‘Because we’re brothers’ tactic! He’s lucky I didn’t freeze his body and shatter his head!!!'

Shinji paused at the edge of the pond and turned around. He stared at the forest, his nose and his ears picking up two different things. 

"You can come out now." he said. 

Mizore poked her head out from behind a tree. 

"Ms. Shirayuki?"

"Hello, Ikari-san." Mizore said. "I did not mean to disturb you. I saw you leave the News Club in a rather... upset mood." 

Shinji sighed. "Yeah. Gin wanted me to take some pictures of my cousin and her friends. Indecent pictures. Said I should do it as a favor to a fellow wolf." he said, grinding his teeth together. "Made me so mad I just flash froze him and left him there." 

"I’m certain your cousin will understand. Even if you did freeze a fellow wolf." she said. 

"Yeah, but I’m nothing like him." he said, still in a huff. 

"I am glad of that." she said softly. 

Suddenly, Shinji’s wolf-like hearing picked up another sound. The one he had heard before.

"Something’s here..." he said as he sniffed the air. "..and it’s another wolf!" 

Mizore just watched as Shinji quickly dashed towards the nearest bush and pushed it aside, gasping at what he saw. 

The snow girl just waited, wondering at what he was looking at, before he pulled something small and furry out of the bush. She gasped when she saw it. 

"A baby wolf-cub?" she gasped, walking over to it. 

"Yeah. Look’s like he’s hurt too." he said as he cradled the small whining gray-furred wolf in his arms. 

Mizore noticed that the cub had a small red splotch on his right paw. 

"I have a first aid kit at my dorm room." Mizore suggested. 

"Okay. Let’s go." he said. 

The pair took the wolf cub to Mizore’s dorm room and tended to his injured leg. 

"He should be fine now. But he needs rest." Mizore said, gathering up some spare clothes and towels and making a small nest for the pup. 

"Well, I’d like to stay and keep an eye on him." Shinji said. 

Mizore smiled softly as he said that. "That would be... acceptable." 


Draculaura and Frankie were heading back towards the Monster House, hoping they wouldn’t be late for dinner. It was on their way that they met up with Kurumu, who had a few questions for the pair as about Richie. 

But while the girls answered the busty succubus’s questions, they had a couple of their own. 

"You mean that ice-clawed stalker?" Kurumu asked in surprise. 

"Yeah. Laura here thinks that she’d make a nice girlfriend for Clawdeen’s cousin. Him being part yuki-onna and all." Frankie said. 

"It makes sense, doesn’t it?" the pink-skinned vampire girl asked. "It’s not like she’s got a boyfriend yet, does she?

"No chance." Kurumu said. "Not exactly pretty and she’s always hiding somewhere nearby so it’s not like Tsukune, or Richie, have given her a chance at anything. She’s just..." 

"Over there!" Draculaura said suddenly, causing the trio to pause in step when they noticed Mizore walking back to her dorm room with Shinji, who was carrying something in his arms. 

Curious, the trio followed the pair as discretely as possible, up to Mizore’s dorm room where they used one of Frankie’s listening devices that she had created, a hobby she had picked up from her father/creator, and were listening in to the conversation of the two ice-peoples inside Mizore’s room. 

The device itself was placed by Mizore’s curtain-drawn window and had a good enough range so that the trio were able to listen in from a safe distance. 

"They seem to be getting along well enough." Draculaura said, listening in using one of the earbuds for the device while Frankie used the other one. 

"What are they doing?" Kurumu asked. 

"Just talking. Mostly about the wolf cub they just rescued." Frankie said. "Apparently it had a hurt paw and they’re taking care of it." 

"Now they’re talking about each other." Draculaura said. "Mizore’s asking Shinji about his life. He’s talking now. Huh. He plays the cello.... he likes to cook.... and... oh my!

"What?" Kurumu asked. 

"He just called Mizore cute!" the vampire girl said. 

"Cute? She’s not that cute!" Kurumu asked. 

"Mizore’s talking now. She’s saying that Shinji’s blush is cute.

There was a moment of silence before Frankie spoke up. 

"Wow! That’s forward." Frankie said. 

"What? What?" Kurumu asked. 

"Mizore just said that she came to Yokai in order to find a mate." she said. 

"What?" the succubus gasped. 

"Something about a short period of time that yuki-onna can have children, and... wait! Only from the age of 17 to 22 are they fertile enough to have kids. After that... they can’t have any more. They’re..." 

"Barren. Infertile." Draculaura said. 

At hearing this, Kurumu was shocked. While she was aware that the yuki-onna race was slowly dying out, she hadn’t known the exact reason. Now she did. 

"So that’s why she was so interested in Tsukune. I mean, Richie." Kurumu said. "She came to Yokai to find a husband, or someone to help her father the next generation of snow women." 

"Isn’t that what you came here for?" Draculaura asked the succubus. 

"Well, yeah, but... I thought she wanted Tsukune. Like I am." Kurumu said. 

"Well, it sounds like she’s interested in Shinji now." Frankie said. 

"Well, they do have more in common than she and Richie did." Kurumu said. "What are they talking about now?" 

"Oh my god! Shinji just asked Mizore out. On a date!" Draculaura squealed. 

"Great! That should make things easier." Frankie said. 

"For whom?" Kurumu asked. 

"Well... we were trying to figure out a way to get them together." Draculaura explained. 

"Ironic, huh? They got together and we didn’t have to do anything." Frankie said. 

"And I had so many plans!" the vampire girl said. 

"Huh?" Frankie gasped. 

"What?" Kurumu asked. 

"It sounds like... they’re kissing!" the reanimated monster said. 

At hearing that, Kurumu had a rather upset look on her face. More from the fact that Mizore had scored someone before her. 

She would have to step up her attempts to make Richie her’s now. 


The next morning Richie awoke to find himself in Clawdeen’s bed, with the naked she-wolf cuddled up to his side, and Dahila on his right. He had forgotten that Dahila and Clawdeen shared a room in this house. 

As he blinked the sleep from his eyes he noticed something else. Someone else was in their room, and he realized that it was Frankie standing next to Moka. The pair looking down, and blushing at the trio still in bed. 

"Oh, good morning girls." Richie said. "What's up?" 

Moka was looking down with a blush. Richie raised an eyebrow. 

"Can we talk somewhere?" the pink-haired vampire girl asked. 

"Sure. You guys going to be okay?" Richie asked. 

Frankie nodded her head. "Crackskull and the others are here." She said. "And I need to tell Clawdeen something important, too." 

"Okay, let me get cleaned up and dressed then we can talk." Richie said. 

Once he was cleaned up, the fallen angelubus and the female vampire went out for a walk. 

"What is it that you wanted to talk about Moka-chan?" Richie asked, now dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and sandals. His hair was in a ponytail and his horned halo was showing. 

"I want to know why do you want to leave?" Moka asked. 

"This isn't my home." he said. "I'm sure you can tell that I’m getting older and my grades have skyrocketed during the last month." 

He’s right.’ Moka thought. ‘He’s taking college courses now.’ "I’m aware of that, but you could stay and... after things get better...." 

"Moka-chan, I’m sorry, but I have to. My life is back in America, with Clawdeen and the others." 

"And there is nothing I can say to change your mind?" she asked, slightly fingering the cross around her neck. 

"No. But... why do I think that you’re not going to let me go so easily without saying good-bye?" he asked. 

A tear fell from her eye as she moved in and hugged him tightly, planting a kiss on his cheek even as her hand pulled the Rosario from her neck. 

A forceful explosion of energy washed over the area of the forest as Richie practically jumped back. 

Inner Moka now stood before him, her long silver hair fluttering in the wind, her slitted red eyes glowing as her fangs hung out her mouth. She looked at her love with a small tinge of upset on her face. 

"I am not going to let you go! Not until You put Me in my place!" She declared. 

"What do you mean?" He said, "I have to fight you?" 

Inner Moka just sighed and looked dejected. A real first for her. 

"I'm afraid so." she said. 

Richie sighed himself as he got into a fighting stance ready to go.

"I just want you to know, I'm sorry and I love you." He said as a gray tear fell from his eye.

"I know," she said. 

With that they went at it. 

Moka flew at Richie, throwing a fierce kick to his chest that he blocked by crossing his arms over his chest. The kick connected and knocked Richie backwards, sending him skidding along the ground even as he stood upright. His back hit a tree and stopped him from moving, which didn’t impede Moka’s attempt to try and kick him again. 

Richie dropped to the ground as Moka kicked again, tearing the tree from it’s base and leaving only a broken looking stump. 

The fallen angelubus was quick to roll out from under the vampire’s attack, sprang back to his feet and turned to face the silver-haired goddess. Moka lunged towards him, throwing punches left and right. Richie blocked and deflected all of these punches, even as he moved backwards to avoid her heavier onslaughts. 

She had pushed him back several meters when he finally stopped and retaliated with his own punches. Moka caught two of his blows on her arm and shoulder before she started to defend herself. The shock on her face was enough for Richie to press his advantage, punching her in the stomach and then pushing her backwards with both hands. 

"You’ll have to do better!" Moka hissed as she jumped back and then sprang forward, leaping into the air and spinning wildly, hoping that her tornado-like kicks would catch Richie off guard and she would be able to land a solid hit. 

"I’m never one to disappoint a lady." Richie said as he leapt up, grabbed Moka’s left leg, and spun her around in mid-air, before twisting to the side and hurling her straight down into the ground. 

Moka hit the ground with a forceful crash that coughed up smoke and debris. She was temporarily blinded by the dust as she stood up to locate Richie. So naturally she was surprised when a weighty ‘thing’ slammed into her from above, pushing her back into the ground. 

Richie leapt away from Moka as the dust seemed to quickly settle. Moka was now up to her neck in dirt and she looked pissed. 

"That Was A Cheap Shot!" she screamed as she suddenly exploded out of the ground like a cannon, propelling herself into the air and coming down hard on the earth. 

"Don’t get angry. You’ll burn up more ener-" he started to say, only to be cut off when Moka charged him with incredible speed. 

Richie, however, reacted just as fast. Having landed near the tree that Moka had kicked down earlier, he grabbed the trunk and swung it around to his front. The tree smashed into Moka, shattering into a thousand pieces and sending the vampire girl flying. 

However, she ended up flying right towards the small lake where Moka and the others had defeated the lizardmen who had tried to eat Yukari some months ago. She landed hard in the middle of the lake, screaming as the water’s purifying effects caused her pain, electrocuting her as well as draining her of her powers. 

Her last image was of Richie flying towards her, before she passed out. 


Moka awoke, groggily, to find herself being carried through the school infirmary, in Richie’s arms no less. 

A nurse showed him to a room and there he sat Moka down on a clean, soft bed. He brushed a stray lock of pink hair out of her face, then leaned down to kiss her lips gently. 

"Rest up," he said, before taking her silver Rosario out of his pocket and placing it back on the chain that was attached to her neck collar. She smiled as her pink-haired form restored itself. "I’m not going anywhere soon. See you at lunch tomorrow?" 

Moka smiled as she nodded. 


Having left Moka to rest, Richie was heading back to the dorms when he heard crazed laughter, like a crazed Samurai lady. 

(A.N.: or Kodachi Kuno from 'Ranma .5')

He smiled, knowing who that laugh belonged to. He turned around and saw her, as usual she was dressed elegantly in a kimono, stockings, sandals and had tiny bells for earrings. She had a fan opened and in front of her face. Her hair was black with white bangs and slight hooks at the tips. She has pointed ears and beautiful silver eyes with a black sclera, and her hair was tied up in a bun with sticks keeping it in place. 

"Momoki!" He said as he hugged her, she blushed at the hug. Then he picked her up and twirled on one foot. She giggled as he did it.

"Richie-kun, put me down!" She giggled, so he did and the two friends hugged tightly. "Oh it's so good to see you Richie-kun." 

"You too, Momo-chan." 

"Richie-kun, don't call me that." She whined as he chuckled. 


After the short reunion with another friend from his past, Richie was headed back to the dorms through the school when he was met with another old friend of his. 

The figure came up behind Richie and said, "Me name is Angus, 'Gus' to me pals. I'll do anything with an Arsenal!" 

Richie quickly turned around and saw him. He had long bluish-lavender hair, green eyes and was in a shirt, cargo pants and boots. 

"RICHIE!" He said and hugged him, then moved back to hit him in the arm.

"Ow!" Richie gasped. "I told you not to do that!" Richie was rubbing his arm. 

"But it's just so easy." Gus said with a grin. 

Just then a large monstrel came up to them.

"There you are, you little punk!" The monstrel said, dressed in black leather pants, a vest, boots, and chains around his arms. 

Richie and Gus looked at the monstrel, and then looked behind the monstrel, seeing that he had come with 6 other guys.

The pair were back to back as the seven monstrels surrounded them. 

"What now, Genius?" Angus asked. 

"Are you so bored you need me to tell you what to do?" Richie said. 

The pair got ready to fight, even as another group appeared on the ‘field of battle’. 

The group consisted of Momoki, Crackskull, Steven and Clawdeen, all showed up to help their friend. They broke through the ring of fiends, causing the monstrels to disburse into a line that now stood against Richie and his newly arrived allies.

Richie, standing in the middle of the line, looked to his left and right, and smirked. "Now this is what I call a party." The two groups stared at each other as Richie spoke again. "Alright! Let’s do this!" 

It was as if he rang a bell and they went at it. Fights were everywhere as Richie grabbed the leader's arm spun around, let go, took a step back and launched a crescent kick to his face sending him flying down the hallway of the school. 

Angus had goaded his opponent into getting closer to him, grabbed him by the head and head-butted him hard with the top of his skull, then threw an uppercut that lifted the monstrel off the ground and brought him crashing down into the floor. 

Crackskull just grabbed his foe by the face, squeezed, lifted him up and slammed him in to the ground. 

"Who's Your UNCLE?" He yelled triumphantly. 

Momoki started laughing like a mad woman as her hair suddenly grew to great length, lashing out like whips as she grabbed her monstrel foe by the legs, and pulled him towards her. She lifted her legs up quickly and nailed him in the crotch, forcing him to double over before kicking hard into the side of the head. 

Steven had a couple of 'knuckledusters' on his fists and without his trench coat this time, he waylaid on his monstrel opponent. He then grabbed him, leapt into the air and slammed his knees in to his face, knocking him down. 

Clawdeen came in, flipped down the hall over and over like a trained gymnast and slammed both of her feet in to her opponent, the impact sending him sliding across the floor, as she rode him like a surfboard, all the way to the end where his head slammed into the marble of the wall, knocking him cold. 

The last monstrel charged Richie, only to get clotheslined by the fallen angelubus and then kicked in the side before he could land on the ground, which ended up getting him tossed into the nearest wall of the hallway. 

After the last one was knocked out everyone went to Richie, surround him as if in a football huddle. 

"Thanks for the help guys." He said, Clawdeen grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. 


It was the next day, and all was well as could be expected. 

Richie and the others were enjoying lunch in a secluded area between the school and the forest.

Kurumu and Yukari were arguing as usual. Crackskull was playing cards with Kris and Sean. Rachael was taking a nap under the shade of another tree while Frankie and Draculaura were teasing Shinji and Mizore about their date, as well as how far they had gotten in Mizore’s room. The wolf cub, now called Fang, was curled up in Shinji's lap. Harleen and Dahila had just arrived with their own lunches. Clawdeen and Moka, however, were snuggled up against Richie while the others were just enjoying their hour of rest. 

"You know, I’m kinda surprised that you’re taking this so well." Richie said to Moka. 

"You won fairly. But... if you’ll give me a going away present, I’d appreciate it." she said, nuzzling her nose into his neck. 

"If my lover doesn’t object." Richie said. 

"Not if I can watch." Clawdeen said sweetly. 

The trio just laughed, even as a pair of fox-like eyes watched them intently with hate in his eyes. His mad fervor turned into heat, and Kuyo the yoko sprang to his fiery assault. 



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