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Making our own memories

by tmbfucks

The smut you wanted. If you don't like it, look away now. Also, what should Penina and Andy's ship name be?

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Once we finished lunch, Mum and my sisters still had some shopping to do, so I convinced mum to let me invite Andy over. She seems to think that it's nice that I've become so close to someone, so she said it was okay. Mattie went straight back to his place. He didn't want to seem like the third wheel.

'Dad?' I called out when we got in. There was a note stuck to the fridge.

I'm at Ray's. He's having a hair emergency. I think we may even need to go to the hospital. There's some gum in it. It got ugly fast. I'll probably be back at around eight. Love you all! - Gee xoxo

'Oh dear lord!' Andy said reading the note. We both laughed. I put down my bag with the bras in it. 'Nice bangs.' He winked. I smirked and blushed and he pulled me into a hard kiss.

I'd never done more than make-out with a boy in my entire life. Virgin was practically written across my forehead. But now, that was all gonna change. We stumbled our way into the bedroom, trying as hard as we could not to break the contact. He quickly closed the door, and we tumbled on the bed.

He lowered his jaw, his lips making contact with my collar bone, gently nipping and sucking at the flesh. I felt a moan erupt from my mouth.

'I love you.' I stated, not afraid at all. This wasn't the first time I said it.

'I love you too.' He said, still sucking at my collar bone.

'I'd die for you Andy.' I whispered in the half lit room.

'Let's hope it doesn't come to that. But I do know of something we could do. Right here. Right now.' He trailed off.

'Does it involve me dying?' I asked. He chuckled and shook his head nervously.

'No.' He said.

'What's your proposition then?' I asked. He leaned over me, letting go of my waist, and forcing me to lay flat on my back on the bed.

'You could take your clothes off.' He replied in a cheeky grin stretching itself across his face. His gorgeous grey eyes were burning through me. If I was going to loose my virginity to anyone, than it was definitely going to be him.

I gave in, pulling my shirt over my head. He reached his hands under my tightly fitted bra, and kissed me, unhooking it and sliding it off.

'Wow!' He exclaimed. They weren't too big, but at least they were shaped well.

He touched one, petting it and feeling them over. He then felt down my legs and around my pussy, and unbuttoned my trousers.

'Baby, are you a virgin?' He asked shyly. I reluctantly let out the truth.

'Yes.' I sighed.

'Are you sure you want to do this? Once it's done, there's no going back.' He double checked. I now just knew it was going to be him. I can't let it be anyone else. He's the one.

'Babe, just fuck me.' I begged.

He slid off my jeans and slipped off my bikini-type underwear too. I lay there, completely naked on the bed, his hands feeling all over as he kissed me. I felt him draw his shirt over his head, and in response, tore off his pants and boxers lying right on top of me. I wanted him. I needed him. There was no doubt.

'Andy,' I moaned at the sight of his highly erect cock. 'please just fuck me.' I begged pulling him closer.

'One second babe.' He muttered. He pulled a condom out of the top drawer. I didn't even know it was there. He slid it on, and carefully lined himself up against my entrance.

After I confirmed that I was ready, he gently pushed in, waiting for me to get used to the feeling. After a nod of my head, he started thrusting painfully slowly pulling in and out. After I screamed in ecstasy, he started penetrating harder and harder. I screamed and moaned, shaking with pleasure, and begged for more.

'Harder!' I yelled. My vision was starting to cloud. He pushed in harder and faster, until he started moaning and screaming my name. We both came at the same time. His eyes rolled back into his skull as he finished up what he described as "The most intese orgasm of his life." he collapsed onto me. He pulled out and cuddled up to my side, panting.

As it was my first time, there was a bit of blood on my sheets, but neither of us cared. We were both exhausted, and we just lay there, tangled in each others arms and panting on the bed. We didn't need to say anything. We just lay there in comfortable silence.

'I love you so much Andy.' I told him. I could feel him smile slightly.

'I love you so much too.' He replied. We kissed, and fell asleep.

There we go you reading perverts! Although, I didn't really write this. This chapter is all thanks to oh_my_mikey_way. I edited some things, but the smut is basically all her work. I did write the first four paragraphs, but that's it. Guys, I think we need to celebrate oh_my_mikey_way's writing skills! Thank you so much you perfect person! I hope you guys liked this chapter. I know I did. Andy, don't worry, Fin doesn't care. This is a fictional thing, and the idea of it was given birth to by a mentally deranged person! I hope you guys love this chapter! Don't rate and review for me though. Rate and review for the writing genius that is oh_my_mikey_way! XD xx
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