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Chapter 3

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Newly appointed chief of police, Denise Marmalade, had been appointed with a difficult task of capturing Glyde without force. Will she be able to fulfill her task? Or would something else stop her ...

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1) This story shall be an Alternate Universe story; and is set after Mega Man Legends 2
2) This story might be a Glyde x Denise story; and is completely different to my previous Glyde x Denise stories. Will they get together in the end, or not? Even I don't really know. ;)

In this chapter, my OCs Gale and Swift shall make an appearance, but it's just a tiny one.

Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story, Gale, Swift (c) to me, Steffie

Marmalade Roses: Chapter 3

The next morning, Denise's home

Denise groggily got up from bed when her alarm clock rudely forced her to leave dreamland. She dragged herself to the kitchen. She was greeted with the appearance of her guest sitting by the kitchen table. He looked as if he too had just woken up. He was dressed in the pyjamas he had bought yesterday afternoon when he insisted that he must go to the stores to buy some clothes and other items he would need as he would be staying by her for an indefinite amount of days. Denise thought he would buy only a few items, but was quite surprised that he nearly bought the entire store.

"Good morning, Glenn. Slept well?" Denise asked as she poured water in the kettle and switched it on so that she would get some much-needed coffee to start the day.
"Mornin'. No, I did not sleep well, Denise." Glenn groaned as he wiped some sleep out of his eyes.
"Oh? But, I thought that mattress was supposed to be the best of the best?" The auburn-haired woman pondered out loud. She decided to leave out the fact that the man snored very loudly the previous night. How she ever got to sleep was a mystery to her.

"Well, whoever had sold that mattress to you was lying. I couldn't sleep as well as I could." The blonde grumbled. He winced for a moment before he rubbed his lower back.
"Maybe the reason why you didn't sleep well was because you back had started to hurt after you charged at the mayor?" the chief of police wondered out loud as she looked at her guest from the corner of her eye. She remembered how he moaned and complained about his back ever since they left the Mayor's office building.
"That's quite possible. And to think I paid that chiropractor so much zenny to fix my back. After I went to all the massage therapies he said that it would be just how it was used to be before--someone heavy fell on top of me. But ever since the train accident, my back was back to how it was before I had my therapy, if not worse."

The chief of police wondered whether or not she should ask how he survived a train accident with only a sore back, but decided not to as she might come off as too nosy. When the kettle had finally finished boiling, she had taken two mugs out of her cabinet.
"So, would you like tea or coffee?"
"I'm not really fussy, but I would like some coffee."
"How many sugars?"
"I prefer taking sweetener."
"I would also prefer low-fat milk in my coffee, if you don't mind."
'I thought you said you weren't fussy?' Denise pondered to herself as she searched for some sweeteners and low-fat milk for her guest.

Meanwhile, Mayor Light's office

"I take it that you five were wondering why I called you here so early in the morning, correct?" Mayor Light asked as he stared at the five cops that stood in front of him as he sat behind his desk.
"Well, yeah..." One of the cops mumbled as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Chief Police Officer Denise Marmalade had asked that you five were to take turns watching over her guest while she's gone to work, correct?"
"Yes, that's right. She said something about a guy that's being mistaken for his twin brother. We must watch over him until we capture his twin, right?" One of the cops smiled as he remembered what the chief had said the previous day to him.
"That is correct. I would like you five to keep a keen eye on him. I have a suspicion that so-called twin is none other that Glyde himself."

The silence was deafening as the five cops became as white as a sheet.
"The chief never mentioned anything about that..." One cop finally piped up to break the silence. The cop next to him looked physically ill.
"Hey Bob, what's the matter?"
"A few years ago I had given a parking ticket to Glyde for parking his Rafale in the no-parking zone. He's going to kill me when he finds out it was me!"
"Why did you do something so stupid?!"
"How was I supposed to know it belonged to him until I found on the news that a stupid cop had dared to give him a parking ticket?"
"Its avian design didn't give you a hunch?"

"Boys, boys! No fighting amongst yourselves!" Mayor Light spoke in a stern voice to show that he didn't want anymore nonsense. The cops stopped fighting.
"Sorry, Mister Mayor."
"Now, I'm just saying that I want you to figure out whether my theory that he's Glyde is correct while you watch him, okay? I don't want anyone to do anything stupid, like confronting him. You must just report to me, and I'll handle the rest."

Later, Denise's home

"So, what would you like for breakfast, Glenn?" Denise asked as she searched through the cupboards for something to eat.
"Don't worry, I am not fussy." Glenn waved his hand for emphasis.
"Would you like cereal?" she asked as she holds the box up. Her guest crunched his nose up in digust.
"Do you have something that's not so...boring?"
"Would you like some eggs??"
"Unless you can make poached eggs, no thank you."
"...Would you like some toast?"
"I am sick and tired of eating dry toast ever since I had no other choice in the matter. The day I escaped from prison could easily be the happiest day of my life."

The cereal bowl that was in Denise's hand nearly slipped out of her hands.
"I beg your pardon?" the chief dared to ask the blonde.
"...Well, erm...I meant that I became so sick and tired of dry toast because my brother had told me about how his life in prison was like." Glenn didn't dare to look at the blue-eyed woman in the eye.
"If that's the case, why did you say that you were happy that you escaped from prison?" Denise asked as she tried to look right into Glenn's ruby-red eyes.
"... ... ..."
"... ... ..."

"Glenn, are you hiding something from me?" Denise spoke in a no-nonsense tone as she leaned closer to the blonde.
"Well, we twins have such a strong bond that we know what the other was feeling and experiencing. Besides, how could I be my dear brother when he would never bother to try and know more about a lady as pretty and charming as you, hm?" Denise's guest explained as he shrugged his shoulders as he leaned so close to the auburn-haired woman that his nose nearly touched hers as he smile a charming, brilliant smile at her.

As her personal space was being invaded by the handsome young man that had just complimented her, Denise's face became beet-red. His words rang true as he had asked her lots of questions the previous night to get to know her better. Glyde wouldn't even bother to do so, would he?

"Erm, you have a point there." Denise finally found her voice when she broke eye contact with the blonde.
"Hmm, how about we go to this 'Bonne Bean' that you talked about last night so that I'll get a decent breakfast?"
"Great idea."

Much Later, Bonne Bean

As Glenn and Denise entered the coffee shop, they had noticed that it was extremely busy. The little yellow-and-blue waitrons hurried from customer to customer to assist them. Denise noticed that some of the customers were the few of the Diggers from the Shala-Kun Ruins that would come into the city now-and-then.

"Oh dear, I could've sworn I had taken my purse with me." A young woman's nervous voice had grabbed Denise's attention. The chief had noticed the blonde woman in a blue dress searched her handbag while her male companion looked confused. They were standing by the counter while the yellow-and-blue mascot was waiting for them to give him the zenny to pay for their order.
"Didn't you perhaps leave it in your other bag that looked a lot like this one, Gale?"
"No Swift, I didn't. As soon as I had put my purse in this bag, I carried it with me."
"Don't worry your pretty head about it, I will pay--hey, where's my wallet?" Swift pondered out loud as he dug deep into his pockets.

"Pardon me, but were you looking for this?" A voice spoke from behind the couple. The pair turned around to notice the manager that held something in his hands. Next to him was a waitron that looked guilty for some reason or other.
"Oh Ted, you found my wallet and Gale's purse!" Swift exclaimed happily.
"Oh thank goodness. You're my hero." Gale sighed in relief.
"No need to thank me. My waitron here had found on the floor where you were sitting. They must have fallen out when you weren't looking. Isn't that right, # 40?"

"That's right, Master Tei--I mean, Mister Ted." The waitron agreed quite quickly.
"Aww, isn't that adorable?" Gale replied as she had given the zenny to the cashier.
"You would even say that to one of the Birdbots when they try and attack you." Swift whispered under his breath.
"But they are cute."
"Easy for you to say."
"Hmph. Goodbye, Teddy. See you next time." Gale waved the manager goodbye as she and her male companion turned their heel to leave the coffee shop. As soon as the pair left, the manager had a stern talking to the waitron. Denise could have sworn that she had heard Ted warn the waitron that they mustn't rob the customers while they were making enough money for someone to finish some project or other or else they would be in deep trouble with the Mayor. It must have been her imagination, right?

Glenn stood in front of the counter as he pondered what he should have as the manager went behind the counter to see if his new customer was served yet.
"Have you been assisted yet, my dear valued--WHAT?! YOU?!" Ted's jaw dropped to the floor when he noticed who he had spoken to. The waitrons stopped what they were doing when they realized the same thing.

"Glyde, is that you?!" Ted spoke in a dangerous whisper as he leaned close enough to study the face of his customer. Despite the sunglasses hiding his eyes and his hair slicked out of his face, Ted recognized the twin as Glyde.
"Do not worry, Ted. This isn't Glyde. It's his twin Glenn." Denise explained when she realized that the manager was ready to pounce on the man and beat him up to a pulp.

Ted, however, did not look convinced at all.
"His twin?"
"Yes, I am Glyde's twin brother. Chief Police Officer Denise Marmalade is watching over me while they were looking for my brother so that they can arrest him."
"Ah, I see. So, what would you like to have?"
"I would like an espresso coffee and your waffles. Make it snappy, if you don't mind."
"Okay, it will be ready in about a few minutes."

"Oh Denise, could you please stand by the entrance while I have a little private chat to Glenn here? I will just take a couple of minutes until his order is ready." Ted asked as he and Glenn stared at the auburn-haired woman.
"Okay, but please don't do anything funny." Denise begged as she strolled up to the entrance while she kept her eyes on the pair. She pondered why they didn't want her nearby, but decided not to interfere.

When the auburn-haired woman was out of earshot, the men started to whisper to one another.
"So, fancy meeting you here, 'Ted'. Couldn't you be even more obvious?" Glenn smirked at the grey-haired manager.
"Stuff it, 'Glenn'. I had no other choice. I'm telling you, that mayor is scary. He would wipe your memories out if you were just going a bit over the speed limit."
"...He is strange. But, I could have sworn I heard the boss mention him some time ago."

"So, why are you hanging out with the chief of police?" Ted asked with a accused tone in his voice.
"Oh, she's just looking after me while she and the cops look out for my brother."
"So, you're not doing anything funny with my sister's friend?"
"Doing something funny? Like what?"
"Oh, you know."
"Actually no, I do not know what you're talking about."
"You'd better not do anything to hurt her, alright? Or else you would have to deal with me."

"Mister Ted, the order's ready." one of the waitron's piped up as they held the order in their hands.
"Here's your order, 'Glenn'."
"Thank you, 'Ted'. I will see you again." The blonde smiled as he took his order from the waitron and gave them the zenny and walked up towards the entrance where Denise had stood patiently for him.

"What was that about?" Denise asked as he noticed that Glenn looked a bit upset about something.
"Just a little discussion between friends, that's all. Let's go back to your home so that you get to work while I get to be looked after by one of your cops."

To Be Continued...
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