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Newly appointed chief of police, Denise Marmalade, had been appointed with a difficult task of capturing Glyde without force. Will she be able to fulfill her task? Or would something else stop her ...

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Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Marmalade Roses: Epilogue

Weeks later, Gold City police station

"Erm, where to begin? Let's see..." Denise wondered out loud as she spoke into the tape recorder.

"Mayor Light was charged with all felonies he had committed over several decades and found guilty for all charges. The previous mayor was re-elected mayor."

"Fortunately all prisoners whose memories who wiped out had recovered all their memories and personality. Only those that weren't guilty of any crimes were released from prison. We had also destroyed that relic so no one would ever use it again."

"The Captain had once again become the Captain of Gold City Police HQ and the other police officers had also returned. The Captain allowed me to still be the Chief of Police as she was impressed how I was able to handle my difficult situation, but I would be under her guidance."

"I had to live with my mom again as the house that Mayor Light had bought for me was given back to their rightful owners. Maybe when I save enough money I will get a house just a nice as that one?"

"The Chief wants me to visit some strange island to investigate whether Professor Barrell Caskett had been kidnapped or not. She would have sent someone else but everyone's too busy fending off reaverbots."

"Hadn't heard anything from that jerk Glyde yet."

"Chief Police Officer Denise Marmalade, signing off."
the auburn-haired huffed as she pressed the off button of the voice recorder and took the tape out. After she had done she stared out of the window, where a small sparrow was also peering through, but from the outside.

After the bird was done staring into the window of the police station, it decided to fly high in the sky with its friends as the warm rays of the sun enveloped it and Rhyship Island with welcoming warmth.

Little did the habitants of Terra know of the danger was around the corner...

The End

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