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Dramatic Asshole

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“Got a little crush there Frankieboy?” Bob teased, interrupting my thoughts.

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Chapter One:
Frank’s P.O.V.
“Frank…Frank!” my mom yelled trying unsuccessfully to wake me up.
I groaned and turned in my bed to face my mom
“FRANK! Get the hell out of bed! You take forever to get ready and if you don’t get up now you’ll be late … get up!”
“No” Is my weak response to her yelling.
“Oh really… We’ll just see about that!”
Next thing I knew I was soaking wet.
“Now will you get up?” My mom asks innocently as if she had not just thrown ice cold water in my face. I got up still a bit asleep giving my mom an evil stare, she smiles in return indifferently. I took a shower and got dressed as fast as I could, not that I was in a hurry to get to school but something told me today was going to be different. When I was finally ready I went to look in the mirror I looked acceptable. I decided to put on some eyeliner red on one and black on the other (for dramatic effect). Once I was done I rushed down the stairs into the kitchen where my mom was sitting drinking some coffee. She looked up surprised realizing how incredibly early I was ready.
“Frank..?” she asked still in shock as if checking if I were really me.
“Yes Mother?”
“… What? Why are you ready so fast?”
“I guess I just want to get to school on time.”
“Wait… you? Get to school ON TIME?!?”
“Yes mother, I actually want to.”
Wait what the actual fuck am I saying..? Maybe I’m sick or something… After a long discussion with my mom I finally left. When I got to school I saw my only two friends, Bob and Ray, they weren’t as socially awkward as I was. They were accepted by most people, some people (the jocks) just hated their guts but hated me more and took their anger out on me and left them alone.
Ray waved at me with a huge smile on his face (he’s always so happy). I waved back trying to look as happy as he was and walked over towards them. Of course Bob was too cool to wave; he just nodded his head and raised his eyebrows to acknowledge he knew I was here. We began to walk when Ray noticed something. He stopped in front of us.
“Wait…” He said putting his hand up as if he were signaling to stop traffic “Frank… you’re early!”
Then Bob noticed and looked at me in shock “What. The. Fucking. Hell?”
“My mom… she made me come early.” I said trying my best to sound convincing.
“Right…” They said almost in unison which was pretty scary.
At that moment I had a sudden urge to look at the main entrance. What I saw shocked me. A tall, skinny boy with glasses mousy hair, Anthrax t-shirt, faded black skinnies, black converse and a black studded belt. Behind him was someone else, a tall skinny guy just like the other guy, dressed exclusively in black, black Misfits hoodie, black t-shirt, black tight skinnies, black doc martens and short white as snow hair. His eyes were stunning, hazel with green in them which made them perfect.
Ray and Bob immediately noticed what I was staring at.
“Got a little crush there Frankieboy?” Bob teased, interrupting my thoughts.
“Close your mouth or flies’ll get in” Ray Laughed
“Shut Up!” I yelled at both of them loudly trying to get the boy to notice me, which worked because next thing I knew we were both looking at each other’s eyes. He broke our intense stare and caught up to the other guy. He looked back and smiled a bit, I smiled too until Ray and Bob pulled me towards our classes. As we went in I sat in the back by myself thinking about the white as snow haired boy.

Gerard’s P.O.V.
“Well isn’t this nice a new school where I can get beat up and picked on” I thought as me and my brother Mikey walked through the main entrance. Mikey was always the smarter of the two of us I guess that’s why he got pushed up a grade. I followed Mikey who seemed to know where he was going. I heard someone scream "Shut Up!" and looked up to see a beautiful boy; short, skinny, nose and lip rings, black mow hawk (fringe covering one of his eyes), his eyes green with a bit of gold, one eye with red eyeliner and the other with black, black hoodie, black skinies, Misfits t-shirt.
I realized I was staring and looked away. I caught up to Mikey who was far ahead and looked back to see the beautiful boy still staring and smiled a bit (it probably looked like I was constipated) he smiled back and looked incredibly adorable.
I couldn't stop myself from looking back at him.
"Stop staring Gee!" Mikey said snapping me out of my day dreams.
"Fuck Mikes did you see him? Hes fucking beautiful..."
"Talk to him?"
"Fuck no. I've always been the weird kid no one likes, what makes you think this time it'll be different?"
"Well for starters... you have white hair" Mikey said messing up my white hair while laughing.
"Shut Up Mikes!" I said now walking into the main office as the lady there stared at us as if we were aliens.
"May i help you?" she asked looking at us up and down.
"Stop judging us will you?" Mikey said staring at her.
"I-I... don't know what your talking about... You must be the two new boys... Gerard and Mikey Way?"
"Yeah thats us" i spoke up before Mikey could say anything else.
Mikey looked at me squinting his eyes.
"Well you'll have History for your first class."
"Umm okay... where is it?" Mikey rudely said.
"Mikes show some respect." I whispered.
"Just find room 115 its right down the hall."
"Okay thank you" I said smiling.
The lady gave us our schedules and we walked out. We found the room, walked in and then I saw him. The beautiful boy.

Well that's my new story (well first chapter) Hope you like it Rate? c:
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