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Basket Case

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Melisa gets a proposal she can't refuse. Meeting the Way brothers.

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After Elena had left, I was alone. Alone to think about my life and my future. I looked to my left, where my bag was located, I had slipped it off so I could eat that amazing soup she brought me. I took thee bag and placed the strap across my chest, I don't need anyone to steal the little I have left.

The only things I have are the things in that bag, I had to sell a lot of my stuff so I could pay off the lease my no good aunt left me to pay by myself. As I said before I have a journal and pen to document my day to day struggles and feelings, I also managed to save my ipod and headphones, but obviously can't use them due to the fact I don't have electricity to charge it with. I have my fathers watch and last but not least I have my two favorite hair bows. Now, I know what your thinking. Why does she have bows when she doesn't even have anywhere to go where she needs to look nice? I'll tell you why, one of them is a big, blue sparkly bow, it's my favorite so I might as well keep it, the other is a hairband with a white bow on it, it was the last thing my mom bought for me before she died. I wore it to the funeral that day, with my black clothing, of course.

I figured I had to sleep thought the night. Even if i didn't like it. It was either that or probably dying from exhaustion.I laid on my side and within seconds I was off in dream land.

When I awoke it was morning and I was relieved to say the least. I wasn't expecting to survive.I realized there was something under my head, and my shivering body was now wrapped in warmth. I looked to find a blanket over my body and a soft comfy pillow under my head. On the edge of the bench, there was a note.

"Hello Melisa,
After our little chat I decided not to keep you waiting for the comfort you so desperately need. As you can see I brought you the promised items. I was going to give them to you and maybe have a little chat, but when I got here you were asleep. Hope you enjoyed your night. I'll be back tomorrow with a proposal.

Oh,my! She brought me this. I can't believe it.

A proposal? I wonder what that means.

After a few hours of doing nothing I saw a car arrive.

"Now, Gerard,I won't be long,just wait here. Okay?" said a voice


"Yes grandma. I's no problem really, I'll just wait here in the car." said another voice

A few seconds later I was greeted by the presence of my new favorite person in the word, Elena.

"Hello darling, did you sleep well/" she asked giving me a smile.

"Yes,I did, thank you so much for the blanket and the pillow, and the food, and well... for everything." I said returning the smile.

"No problem, So, I have a little proposal for you."

"What is it?" I asked curiously

"Well, I want you to move in with me and my grandsons" she said cheerfully.

I was a loss for words, I can't believe she just said that. Not only was she giving me everything I need, she was giving me a home... hopefully.

"I-I don't know. You don't know me at all. What makes you want to take me in? I could be a thief for all you know."

I didn't mean to sound rude but it was the truth. I would hate to think she just goes around randomly taking in homeless strangers.

"But I know all I need to know. Your a nice girl. Life just dealt you a bad card. I want to make you happy, you need to be happy. I'm offering you a roof, warmth, food, probably an education, not one but two, two, yes two potential boyfriends" She said that last part while enthusiastically putting up two fingers and giggling.

I couldn't help but laugh also.

"But what can I do for you? I mean, your giving me everything, there must be something I can do?" I asked

"Well, you can help me clean and cook and you can keep the boys busy and maybe even help them study. We can figure something out."

Then a realization hit me like a slap in the face.

"What do your grandsons think about this?" I asked worried, maybe she hadn't told them. Maybe they would hate me, what if they were egotistic jocks or something?

"They weren't too keen on the idea at first but then they agreed. The eldest is actually in the car right now waiting for you to make up your mind."


"Oh, well,okay, I guess."

"Yes! Fantastic. Let's go!" she said happily.

We made our way to the car.

"Get in the back sweetheart" she said kindly

"Okay,she said yes." she said.

The boy in the drivers seat turned around and I swear I was met with the face of perfection. He had long raven black hair, pale white skin and beautiful hazel eyes.

"Hi, my name's Gerard, I'm Elena's oldest grandson" he said giving me a smile.

"Um, hi,I'm Melisa, the homeless girl your taking in." I said making fun of the situation.

"Yeah, well we better get home and feed you, just don't eat the unicorn cupcake in the fridge, that's Mikey's. He's my little brother." he said while grinning


We then made our way to the Way household.

hehe I made a joke. Get it "Way" ?

Yeah, my jokes are stupid.

We arrived at the house, it was beautiful, spacious and homey.

"Hi! You must be Melisa. I'm Mikey, Gerard's brother." said the second face of perfection. He had dark hair, glasses and beautiful eyes like Gerard. You could totally tell they were brothers.

"Hello Mikey, yeah, I'm Melisa." I said giving him a smile.

He smiled back sweetly.

"Here I fixed you something to eat for breakfast." he said while handing me a plate of scrambled eggs,sausage and a pancake drenched in syrup.

"Oh! Thank you." I said while taking the plate, sitting down in the table and scarfing it down like an idiot.

When I was done Elena told me to go down to the basement.

"Um, hey your grandma told me to come down here for something-woah" I said admiring his room.
It was dark, cave like almost, with only one beam of sunlight coming in. There were a bunch of sketches and posters on the walls.

"Ya like?" he asked emerging from his bed.

"Duhh, these drawings are amazing!"

"You think so? Thank you" he blushed.

I noticed the Green Day poster.

"Aww man I love Green Day!" I said grinning.

"Really?" he asked dumbfounded

"Who doesn't?"

He smiles at me.

"Anywhore, you were sent here because I have to sadly report that this is only a three bedroom house so you have to share with one of us. It can't be grandma because she gets pretty aggressive at nigh ant we wouldn't want you to get punched in the face." He admitted

OH MY GOD! I have to share a room with either one of the two hottest guys on the planet.

"Um well,I really like your room." I nervously stated. He must've noticed because he laughed.

"It's no problem, there's a futon over there and I could use the company. Much more so if you like Green Day" He said smiling


"Let's go back upstairs and hang out with Moikay."

"Okay" I giggled at his way of pronouncing his brother's name.

After about three hours we knew everything about each other. We ate a delicious dinner and went to sleep.

My last thoughts before I drifted of...

I'm home!
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