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This should be good.

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They are all in casa de way (still) cx

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012/08/27 - Updated: 2012/08/29 - 1498 words

“Mikey! Gerard! I’m home... Mikey! Get your ass down here!... Now!”
“That’s my lovely mother. She can be the nicest lady or she can be the bitchiest bitch.”
“I can tell.”
“Mikey! Where’s Gerard?”
“He’s sleeping or some shit! Oh and Mom? I brought home a friend.”
“Oh okay well bring him down then, and thanks for warning me ahead of time so i didn't sound like some old bitch.” She said sarcastically.
“No Problem!” Mikey replied cheerfully.
He ran downstairs and I followed.
“Hello” she smiled once I was in sight.
“What’s your name?”
“His name’s Frankie!” Mikey said with a huge smile on his face.
“And are you his ‘Friend’ Frank-ie?”
“Uhhh y-“
“No Mom! He’s just my friend! Nothing else!”
“Yet!” Mikey and his mom said in unison.
God what is it ‘Yell in unison day’?
I giggled and nudged Mikey with my elbow who nudged his mom the same.
“Do you know Gerard?” his mom asked after a while of silence.
I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of him.
The way he was just so perfect… up until he made out with the bitch of bicthlandia that is.
“What do you like about him?”
“Huh? Oh everything! Wait what! I mean nothing… I mean-“
“Geez Frank calm the fuck down. She’s just joking.”
“Watch your mouth… well I was but now I know it’s true.” She smiled and looked at me.
Fuck now everyone in this house knows I like Gerard.
“Sorry mom. Hey you wana go watch a movie?”
“Did you clean your room?”
He pulled me back upstairs and ran to his room.
“Sooooo… that’s the reason I didn’t tell her you were coming over. She would’ve gotten all bitchy about cleaning my room.” He rolled his eyes.
“As Bob always says: Makes sense.”
“That reminds me… what’s the deal with him?”
“Ya know. Taken? Single? Gay? Bi? Straight?” he said smiling and raising his eyebrow.
“Ohhhhh… looks like someone’s interested.”
“Yes. That’s why im asking.”
“Well hes gay.”
“Yes- Wait single or taken?”
“Fuck yes!”
“What you gana ask him out or something?”
“Fuck no!”
“You gana ask my brother out?”
“Fuck no!”
“Fair enough.”
“Sooo! do you wana watch a movie?”
“Uhh yeah sure.”
“There’s a shitload there.” He said pointing at a pile of movies.
One in particular caught my eye.
“Corpse Bride?”
“Too cheesy!”
“But it’s my favorite!” I whined.
We sat on his bed and began to watch it.
Halfway through the movie we decided we need some popcorn.
“I’ll go get it, well make it.”
“Okay ummmm can I use your restroom?”
“sure thing.” He smirked.
Why is he smirking?
Please don’t plan anything.
I looked at him suspiciously.
“It’s one of the doors outside.”
He’s still smirking!
“Reeeaaaalll specific Mikes.”
“Well so-rry! I just moved here!”
“Fair enough… Go make the stupid popcorn.”
“Fine Mr.Bossy!” He stomped down the stairs and I was left in his room alone.
“Okay, so restroom? Restroom? If I were a restroom where would I be?... I really am stupid aren’t I?” I said as I walked out of his room into their plain hall.
I opened the first door and looked inside.
“Nope. Must be their parent’s room. Next door…”
I opened it and peered in.
“Nope. Must be Gerard’s room…”
I was about to leave when I realized Wholly Fucking shit this is Gerard’s room.
I didn’t even notice I had stepped in and had closed the door behind me.
He’s sleeping awww. He’s so adorable. Can I kiss him?
Stay strong Iero! Stay Strong! You can do this!
I took a step forward.
No! What am I telling you! Back away and leave.
I took another. And another.
Oh for fucksakes just kiss him. I don’t care. If he kills us… It’s on you.
I was standing right next to his bed.
I leaned down and kissed his forehead.
Forehead?! If your gana kill us for this you should’ve at least gone for his lips!
I smiled as he shifted in his sleep.
I moved his hair away from his eyes as softly as I could.
“Hmmm…” He smiled.
I giggled.
“The fuck?” He mumbled.
His eyes began to open, he rubbed them and as he did that I took about 4 steps back.
“Hey Gee!” I yelled uncomfortably.
“Frankie? Am I still dreaming? Will you poop out our magical children now?”
We both blushed and he slammed his head into the wall.
“owww…” he mumbled.
We both stayed silent for a while.
“What brings you to the hell that I call my room?” He asked.
“I was just… looking for a restroom… Mikey told me it was one of these doors.”
“Fuckface tricked you, there’s one in everyone’s room including his and downstairs.”
I stared at the floor for about 10 minutes until he interrupted.
“Restroom?” He asked pointing to the restroom in his room. (A/N: That sounded repetitive, Sorry cx)
“Right!” I hurried in and peed.
Whoa no need for details there Frank.
When I walked out he was changing.
“Shit…” He whispered.
“Ummm…” I looked down at the floor.
He hurried and put all his clothes on.
“Umm so what are you and Mikes doing?”
“Movie.” I simply said.
“Cool… Which one?”
“Corpse Bride.”
“Doesn’t he hate that movie?”
“Yup” I laughed, still not looking up from the floor.
He walked towards me and put his hand on my chin, lifting my head up to meet his beautiful hazel eyes.
“Frank! Where the fuck are you!?” Mikey yelled from outside.
Gerard let my face go and backed away, never breaking eye contact.
“Where do you think fuckface?” I yelled back, still staring into those beautiful eyes.
“Hey? What the fuck are you doing in here?” Mikey asked with a smirk on his face.
“Fuck you Michael!” I replied finally looking away from Gerard’s eyes into Mikey’s.
“What the fuck! I just moved here! It’s not my fault I don’t know my way around!” He yelled laughing.
I looked at Gerard for a quick moment.
He’s blushing. Aww. Fucking adorable.
Mikey noticed too and mentioned it “You blushing Gee!”
“Shut the fuck up and get out!”
“Oh! So polite Gerard!”
“Frankie could you let me and Mikey have this pissing contest on our own?”
“ummm” That seems to be the only thing I can say now.
I’ve gone stupid.
I looked at Mikey who nodded and motioned me to go to his room.
“Okay…” I mumbled as I walked out and into Mikey’s room.
I looked around having nothing else to do.
Mikey has some weird shit in here.
It’s no weirder than your shit.
True… true.
“boys!?” a woman’s voice came from downstairs.
“What?” I heard them yell in unison.
Damn yell in unison day.
“I’m going out to the mall, I’ll be back in about 2 hours.”
“Kay mom.” Mikey yelled.
“Whatever” Gerard yelled afterwards.
“Frank? Can you keep an eye on them and not leave them in the same room together for too long? They do some weird stuff if their stuck like that for a while.”
“Umm sure!” I yelled back.
“One time! You lock yourself in a room with your brother one fucking time! EVERYONE starts judging you!”
The front door slammed close and their screams resumed.
“Fuck You!”
“Gee! Were brother’s that’s sick!”
The fuck?
“Oh shut up!”
“I’m not listening to this! Oh Hey Frank! You still here?” Mikey said walking into the room.
“Ummm yeah.”
“Well I don’t know if you wana stay longer or not but I have to go meet my mom at the mall. You can stay with Gee. Gee’s nice! Right Gee?”
“Shut up fucktard!”
“Yup! He’s reaaaalll nice.” I said sarcastically.
“well sorry I gotta go, just stay here with Gerard. You know you want to.” He smirked and elbowed my rib.
“Fine.” I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“Bye Gee!”
“Bye fuckface!”
“Oh Frank’s gana stay here with you! Keep him entertained!”
“Fuck!” We heard him yell from his room.
We heard a whole bunch of stuff fall and slam.
“Yeah I’m leaving, Peace Bro!”
Mikey walked out.
I walked into Gerard’s room slowly.
“Hey Frank!” Gerard said as he tried to clean his roo-
He’s Shirtless.
Shirtless I tell you!
Me, a shirtless Gerard and an empty house.
This should be good.

Tada! There it is.
And I know its not NEARLY as good as it should be.
Well yes not much happens but hey at least its an update right? c:
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