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Religion Is Not a Tabooed Theme For A Story

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just a little warning for like, purposes

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Okay so, this is going to be jabbing at non Christian religions because of the demons involved. It's all factual stuff from trusted websites about all the things I can find on the more important yet lesser heard of demons, not Greek Gods though, so don't get confused :) (I'm even considering going to the library after school to make sure I get all the details right, c'mon that deserves a review?)

As is obvious, Ray, Bob, Frank and Gerard are Christians in the story, but Mikey is kind of shying away from all religions whatsoever because of y'know, the lack of faith from losing his family.

Once school starts back (Thursday next week) I won't be able to update daily like I usually do but I'll hopefully update at least once a week.

Anyway back to the reason why I'm making a very much needed cough, and annoying author's note. If you find this offensive I'm sorry, it's for the reader's enjoyment and I've never written anything so in depth about any specific religion before so bear with me. Thankies for the reviews too, and double thankies if you actually read this :D

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