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The Wizard of Romeo and Juliet.

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“Lead the way lovely Juliet.” Juliet? Oh right I called him Romeo earlier.

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Frank's POV

“Frank?” Gerard asks after about 10 minutes of me just scanning his body over and over again.
“Yesssss?” I ask, still in ahaze.
“Whatcha doin?”
“Staring at your bare chest.”
Oh God. You’re a moron.
Thank you.
“I can see that… why?”
“Because you’re hot.”
Oh sweet mother of god.
He blushes and begins to shift. (A/N: I actually forgot the ‘F’ here and did not notice so while I was writing this chapter that said ‘he blushes and begins to shit.’ When I was rereading it I noticed it. I couldn’t stop laughing. Okay back to the story now…)
You made him blush!
–Mental high five-
“Heh I made you blush.”
-Mental face palm-
There’s an awkward silence in which Gerard continues to clean the remainder of the mess.
“Soooooo… Gerard… Gerardoodle…Geepers! Gerry…Garry…Gerardo… Gerardy… Woah I just made up so many new names for you.”
Geez Frank-
Hey another one!
Shut up.
“Are you high?”
“No!” I begin to laugh which probably makes it seem like I am high.
“You sure?”
“Yup! Been clean since 93!”
“It sounded cool that way okay!” I yelled.
“Okay then…” he said shyly, looking down at the floor.
Now look at what you’ve done. Are you sure you’re not high?
No im not. And if I was you would know.
Yeah I guess I would.
“Frank… all jokes aside are you okay?” he asked sincerely concerned.
“Yeah im fine! Your sexiness is just making me act weird.”
What. The. Fucking. Hell.
“Maybe I should go home?” I suggest.
You fucking think?
I don’t need your shit right now brain. I just made a complete fool of myself in front of Gerard.
Im sorry in front of who?
Oh I thought his name was Gerardoodle.
Shut the fucking hell up!
Would you like me to leave?
Yes. Very much.
Even if that means you would die?
Okay then you asked fo-
Fine! Don’t go! I at least want to be alive when Gerard and I-
Shut up!... When GERARD and I get married.
Wow. Great plan.
We will live together in a castle and we will have 30 children and 40 dogs.
Is that your life plan?
Yes. Beautiful isn’t it?
“Yessss dearest Romeo?”
Die. Now.
Gerard laughs and walks towards me.
He lifts up my chin to meet his eyes.
“Your pupils aren’t dilated… maybe you aren’t high after all.”
A weird noise escapes my mouth.
He raises an eyebrow and laughs.
“Yeah… I should go home. It doesn’t look like Mikey will be getting home anytime soon. off I go… So we’re off to see the wizard-“
“The wonderful wizard of Oz.” He finishes with a grin.” I’ll walk you home?”
“FUCK YES!” I practically yell.”I mean… sure-whatever.”
When did he put a shirt on?
Woah. Have I been spaced out that much?
“Lead the way lovely Juliet.”
Juliet? Oh right I called him Romeo earlier.
I walk down the stairs and push the door open but it stops midway.
I peak my head out to see what stopped it.
“Owww what the fucki- Oh hey Frank.” The person standing in the way cheerfully says.
And next to this person, a different person, they both look at each other and that’s when I notice their swollen lips.

Well shit! I finally wrote!
Sorry ive been taking so long.
I know this chapter was short and shitty but fear not I shall update soon! cx
Okay i should get to typing the other stories.
Rate and Review? c:
Until next time Fellow citizens!
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