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Brace Yourself.

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'We both sighed and braced ourselves for a lecture from the bitch of bitchlandia, and her lovely date, the biggest jock of the school.'

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Chapter 8:

“Bob?” I began to laugh.
“Bob?” Gerard repeated.
“Mikey?” I laughed even more and fell to the ground.
“Mikey!” Gerard yelled.
I looked up at him and saw a look of shock on his face which only made me laugh harder.
“Your face!” I yelled still laughing on the floor, pointing at Gerard.
He looked down at me and gave me an evil look which I responded to, by blowing him a kiss.
He rolled his eyes and offered me his hand to get up, which I gladly took.
“Bob!” I yelled this time with a hint of surprise in my voice.
“Bob?” Gerard said looking like a lost puppy.
I just wanna hug him!
He scratched the back of his neck and mouthed Bob’s name.
We both looked at Mikey and Bob who were once again sucking on each other’s faces.
“Ewwww I don’t wana see my brother do THAT!”
I began to laugh again.
“Get a fucking room!” he continued.
Mikey sighed and separated from Bob. “Gerard, Shut up!”
Gerard rolled his eyes and flipped him off.
We stood there in silence as Mikey and Bob whispered things into each other’s ears.
“Sooooo… Juliet? Weren’t we on our way to your castle?”
“What the fucking hell?” Bob asked confused.
I waved my hand dismissively to Bob.
“I’ll explain that when you explain this.” I pointed at Mikey who was currently playing with Bob’s hair. “But not now, Romeo and I have somewhere to be.”
I grabbed Gerard’s hand and pulled him out the door.
Okay. Breathe motherfucker. Breathe. You are holding Gerard Way’s hand.
I know! But I’m relaxed. I will not, I repeat, will not, freak out.
‘Relax’ says the person who is freaking out.
Shut up.
Once we were about 4 houses away he began to mumble “Mikey… and Bob. Mikey… and Bob?”
He looked at me, still confused.
“You’re adorable!” I yelled.
Calm down!
He smiled and scratched the back of his neck again.”You wana take a detour to get some ice cream or something?”
“You askin me out on a date Way?”
“Yeah. I guess I am.” He shrugged and waited for my response.
“Where to Romeo?”
“I see were still in some sort of Romeo and Juliet thing?”
“Yes. Yes we are.”
I began to skip and pulled him with me.
“Your too energetic for your own good. You know that?”
I shrugged and continued to skip while still holding his hand.
“Frankie! Slow the fuck down you hyper motherfucker!”
I, being the mature, civilized, human being I am, stuck my tongue out at him.
“Ice cream?... Ice cream?... Gee if you were ice cream where would hide from two awkward teenagers?” I asked looking around for any sign of ice cream.
“Probably at an ice cream shop.” He scoffed.
“Your not a very good detective are you? To find Ice cream you need to think like ice cream.”
“Think like ice cream?”
“Yes Gerard. Think like ice cream.”
You are retarded. Truly retarded.
“You are the weirdest person ever… but your cute so it’s okay.” He winked at me.
I stopped skipping and breathing.
He just called me cute.
Oh dear Jesus this guy is going to kill me.
He began to run and pulled me into a small ice cream shop.
He opened the door and abruptly stopped.
I crashed into him.
Again with the stopping at doors!
I looked over his shoulder to see why he had stopped.
I quickly let go of his hand and pushed him inside.
“Just act normal.” I whispered into his ear.”Pretend like you haven’t seen them.”
He nodded and walked towards the counter.
“We just get ice cream and leave. Avoid them okay?” He ordered me.
I nodded and followed him.
“What would you boys like?”
“Umm… ummm… umm… Cho- no. Vanil- no. ummm…”
“Oh god Frankie.” He laughed.
“You choose for the both of us.”
“Really? Okay then.”
He scanned the list over and over.
“sooo?” The register lady asked.
“Ummm… Vanilla and Cotton Candy.”
“Small ,medium or large?”
“Both medium.”
“okay then… that’ll be $3”
I began to look for money in my pockets when Gerard stopped me.
“I’ll pay.”
“Thanks.” I smiled at him and the register lady scoffed.
“fags.” She whispered under her breath.
We laughed at her comment and got our ice cream, switching every now and then.
Just as we made our way to the exit without being noticed by the person we had been trying to avoid.
“Gerard?” Her annoying nasally voice asked.
We both sighed and braced ourselves for a lecture from the bitch of bitchlandia, and her lovely date, the biggest jock of the school.

Fast right? cx
I know! Im kinda sorta proud of myself cx
if i only did this with every story -.-
But no! im too lazy -.-
Okay Rate and review? c:
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