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Good Soft Tongues


“It would have been better if you’d let me tie you up.” Izzy informed him as he moved to rub his thighs. “But you said, oh, what was it again? Oh yeah. Shut up and show me what you got, Str...

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“Axl, please stop worrying,” Slash said in a soft reproachful voice, looking up from his guitar strung over his lap. He pulled the cigarette from his lips, flicking the ashes to the floor before starring at the uptight yet still charming red head.

Axl was sitting on the couch, one leg tucked under the other, staring out the window. He was too tired to writhe in anger, but his mind wasn’t exhausted enough. It wandered all over the place, from questions to concerns, to worries and back. He shifted onto his knees to try to find the Crue’s tour bus that had vanished a few seconds ago.

“Izzy’s fine. The Crue isn’t going to hurt him or anything. If they do, then their show’s going to suffer, because we won’t be as good.” Slash reasoned. Axl simply turned to stare at the guitarist. His face was a vast void of oblivion.

“Baby, come here.” Slash placed his guitar beside his chair, holding his arms out to the singer. Axl sighed, but remained still. Slash smiled slightly. Picking up his guitar, he walked over to his singer, squeezing in behind him. Firmly he pulled Axl back into his chest. He brought one bare foot up and around Axl’s slim waist, pulling his lover closer to his body. Axl shifted slightly, getting more comfortable. Slash began caressing his poker straight hair. “Better?”

Axl nodded in response. Slash felt some of the anxiety leave Axl’s body.

“Good. Now we can have a three-way.” Slash laughed. Axl swung his head around so quick Slash got whiplash from his coppery red locks.

“Slash how the fu…” Slash gave him a quick peck, hushing him for a minute.

“I was just meaning getting my guitar, babe.” He brushed his curls back as he settled the guitar against Axl’s slim waist. Crooking a long finger, he petted Axl’s soft cheek. “You’re the only one for me Axl, you know that.” He gave him another quick peck. “I love you.”

“I love you,” Axl said after accepting another peck. He laid back into the solid dark body of his lover. He sighed as Slash began to strum softly on his guitar. Languidly, but with thought, his fingers found the chords of a beautiful lulling harmony. Axl sighed again as he began to play with one of the black curls that fell against his cheek.

He ran it through his fingers, enjoying the thickness of the hair. It could almost be described as meaty, but there was the scent. The scent is what enticed him the most. It was all Slash line seed oil, cigarettes and an almost overpowering kick of Jack. Axl closed his eyes as he held the stray curl under his nose inhaling lightly.

“This is nice.” He exhaled as Slash reached to tune his guitar before proceeding with the next chord of his lover’s lullaby.

“Remember when we used to do this every night?”

“You mean when we didn’t have any gigs and the band was too stoned to practice?” Axl asked. They both laughed.

“We should do this more often,” Slash said as he kissed the top of Axl’s head.

“I like you when you’re not angry, Slash.” Slash just about giggled despite the weariness in Axl’s voice.

“Does that mean you love me when I’m angry?” Axl shrugged at the mild suggestiveness in the guitarist’s voice.

“You’re hot no matter what. I just want more peace among everyone.” Axl gazed to the back of the bus. “Duff won’t come out of his bunk and Steven drank himself to sleep an hour ago. Izzy’s, well, we’re missing one of our guys and that just leaves us. That’s the only time when there is complete utter peace.” He sighed heavily, letting the curl bounce back into place. “We need to regroup. This isn’t right.”

“We will one day.” Slash reassured as one of his hands began straying to Axl’s stomach, rubbing soothing strokes over his t-shirt. From time to time, a stray finger would sneak under the thin cotton.

“It needs to be soon Slash,” Axl said earnestly. He shifted to his side, snuggling in closer to Slash’s body. He brought a hand up, rubbing the guitarist’s hip right above Slash’s pants. “You need to talk to Izzy.”

“I will,” Slash said quickly. Axl pinched him, causing the guitarist to jump.

“I mean it, and soon.” Axl’s eyes burned fiery emerald as he looked up into the hidden dark irises hiding behind the dark hair. He shoved a handful of that black mane back.

“I will,” Slash replied as earnestly as he could.

“Promise,” Axl grumbled through gritted teeth.

“I promise. I promise, baby,” Slash said as he began rubbing Axl’s shoulders. Axl finally accepted Slash’s promise and laid his head against the hairless firm chest, his hands still rubbing lazily against the pale chocolate colored hip.

Slash leaned back into the armrest as he continued to massage and pet his singer. He smiled as he watched the singer’s eyes flicker, as they grew heavy with sleep. The Crue’s bus whizzed past. Slash watched it go. He wondered what Izzy was doing or trying to do. He didn’t say anything to Axl.

Nikki’s entire body arched up as he gave a blood-curdling scream. Izzy’s tongue, lips and teeth slid sinfully round and round, but never touching the bassist’s cock. Once in a while, the guitarist allowed his cheek to brush like a ghostly whisper against Nikki’s aching member, sending his hips bucking frantically. Each time, Izzy simply pinned Nikki’s hips down before moving to an entirely different spot to tease and torment.

“Damn it, Stradlin, suck me off already!” Nikki cried as his hands fisted the sheets. Izzy had told him to lie back and not touch him at all. Intrigued by the dumb sheer forcefulness in his voice, Nikki complied. Now that he knew what Izzy was capable of, he wanted release and he wanted it now. Roughly seizing Izzy’s hair, he yanked, but Izzy wrenched himself free like a cat. He pulled Nikki’s hair hard, pinning him to the bed.

“What did I tell you about touching?” Izzy chided with angry amusement. “Don’t.” He bit Nikki’s neck as he impelled his hands further into the tangled mane. “You’re not going to enjoy it as much if you touch. Now are you going to behave if I let you go?”

Nikki nodded with a soft snarl. Izzy smiled, releasing the bassist’s hair. Without warning, he took all of Nikki into him, fondling his balls with long, calloused fingers. Thrashing violently on the bed, Nikki’s orgasm crashed into him like a vicious wave, sending him into a state of euphoria. Once the aftershocks had dulled, Nikki laid back, breathless. His chest heaved as he tried to calm himself.

“Any good?” Izzy smirked as he massaged the bassist’s body relaxing Nikki’s tense muscles.

Nikki still panting laughed and exhaled, as his eyes and entire body glowed with an amber light in the dark tour bus.

“It would have been better if you’d let me tie you up,” Izzy informed him as he moved to rub his thighs. “But you said, oh, what was it again? Oh yeah. Shut up and show me what you got, Stradlin.”

“You’re one sick twisted fuck, you know that?” Nikki snickered, finding his voice though it still came out broken.

“I’ve been told that.” Izzy laughed unfazed. “I don’t think you’re complaining though.”

“Hell no, sweetheart, but who taught you all those little tricks?” Nikki asked, threading his fingers in Izzy’s hair, carefully guiding him up his lean torso.

“Instinct.” Izzy shrugged, giving a lopsided grin. “You’re only the second guy I’ve been with.”

“You’re kidding.” Nikki dropped his hand starring incredulously.

Izzy just smiled.

“Full of surprises aren’t you?” Nikki mused as he petted Izzy’s cheek. The guitarist whimpered softly, leaning into the touch. Hooking a thumb under Izzy’s chin, he brought him down to capture his lips into a heated kiss. It was filled with the same carnal ferocity that Izzy had running in his veins when he pounced on Nikki to give him that Earth shattering blowjob.

Nikki could taste himself along with cigarette ash on the guitarist’s lips and tongue, sucking on Izzy’s tongue - similar to how Izzy had done not to long ago to him. The guitarist moaned deep in his throat. Skillful fingers began fluttering over Nikki’s abdomen. He took those fingers prisoner, pinning them to the guitarist’s chest before swinging the lean man onto his stomach. Izzy peered over his shoulder confused, stray black hair falling into his face.

“My turn to make you scream, sexy,” Nikki growled fiercely. Izzy convulsed as Nikki smacked him hard on the ass, but moaned into the bed, shuddering all over.

Dipping his head low, Nikki extended his tongue, licking slowly up the guitarist’s entire ass from top to bottom. He gave short flicks along the crack, alternating between long and short lapping of his tongue. Izzy mewed, stretching against the soft fabric beneath him.

Warm hands squeezed the tender cheeks enjoying their milky flesh. Nails dug in hard, earning Nikki a sharp squeak and groan as Izzy began lifting his hips, thrusting hard into the sheets. Nikki stilled him by placing his hands on Izzy’s lower back and nestling his body in between Izzy’s legs.

“Now if you just keep still, this will feel really good, sweetheart,” Nikki purred. Leaving one hand to draw tiny circles into the small of Izzy’s back, he pried apart the guitarist’s long legs. His tongue dipped toward the tight entrance, tickling and teasing all around but neither touching, nor entering it yet. Izzy whined softly into the pillow.

“No!” Izzy screeched suddenly as Nikki’s hand slid off his back to his ass. “Keep doing that, that thing on my back.”

“I dunno… you’ve been a very naughty boy tonight. Keeping me so hot and bothered for so long.”

“God, please, Nik!” He begged. Nikki reveled in that gorgeous voice desperately pleading him for pleasure.

“Maybe,” Nikki replied off-handily. “Only if you’re really good.” He gave another hard smack to Izzy’s ass. The guitarist jumped again. “You like it when I tease you and smack your ass, don’t you.”

Izzy shuddered vibrating with pleasure, as Nikki’s own talented tongue swirled languidly around his entrance. This time he teased the hole tickling it softly with short quick flicks. Izzy’s whimper grew into a loud echoing howl as the bassist’s tongue plunged deep into his tight hole.

Nikki inhaled the sharp musky scent of his prey’s ass, his head clouding over delirious from the heavenly rush of endorphins that came over him. Continuing along the tightening skin, he brought his hand up to the small of Izzy’s back to draw lazy patterns.

“Oh shit.” Izzy arched backward as he raised his hips up and down viciously fucking Nikki’s face. “Please, Nikki, Nikki, Oh my god, Nik!”

Nikki’s eyes were mischievously wide as he hooked his other hand around the guitarist’s hips, feeling down into the V of his legs. The guitarist was hard. Izzy cried out when Nikki touched one finger to his leaking cock.

Pulling the guitarist up onto his knees, he kept teasing the erogenous spot on his back while continuing to tongue fuck him, but now he squeezed hard, twisting Izzy’s aching member.

“Oh, oh! Fuck Nikki, mmgah, yes!” Izzy screamed as his entire body released the ecstatic frenzied heat that had been building in his sexually tortured body. He heaved as Nikki rode out the orgasm.

Nikki laid Izzy down into his cum before pulling him to his back. He proceeded to lick his stomach clean while a post-sex Izzy purred and mewed as the bassist teased his tight belly.

“Fuck, Nik,” Izzy groaned, his hands deafly reaching for two cigarettes. Popping them into his mouth, he went to light them. “You know how I told you I’ve only been with two guys?”

“Yeah?” Nikki’s head shot up with crazed animal eyes boring into Izzy’s. The guitarist smiled, plopping a cigarette into the bassist’s mouth before settling back into the pillows.

“I’ve had few more than that, but,” Izzy replied nonchalantly, “you’re the first one who knew what he was doing. I didn’t even know I had that spot.”

Nikki sneered triumphantly, mounting Izzy’s stomach once again, ripping the cigarette from Izzy’s mouth before taking his lips in another hot kiss.

“You have a sexy mouth,” groaned a besought Nikki. Izzy growled low, lustfully.

“Tommy.” A cold voice startled the wiry drummer. He covered his mouth to keep himself from screaming. Mick towered over the hunched kid by the bedroom door where Nikki and Izzy were. “Quit listening and go to bed.”

“But they’re so damn loud I can’t sleep. Don’t you want to know what they’re doing?”

“No,” Mick replied extending a hand. “Come on. I’m sure Nikki will tell us all about it when we get to the hotel.” He pushed the slightly clumsy drummer into his bunk before finding his own.

“I can tell you what they’re doing Tom.” An overly satisfied sounding Vince taunted.

“You can?”

“Sure. Izzy just sucked him off and Nikki gave him one of his world class rim jobs with a reach around.”

“Vince, shut up, clean up and go to sleep.” Mick said unenthusiastically. Tommy’s eyes flew open.

“Were you jerking off to them?” Tommy asked, his eyes wide as he dangled from his bunk to look at the dark outline of the singer.

“Go to bed, Tommy. I’ll tell you about it in the morning,” Vince said. Even though he couldn’t see it, Tommy knew Vince was smirking deviously.
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