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Chocolate, Red Rose and...Love?


Plucking a single grape he brought it to Izzy’s lips running it around the edges of his mouth teasing until the fine pink lines spread.

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A friend of mine said a good song to listen to when reading this chapter is Motley's Wreck Me. I agree. Give it a shot! : )

The fresh sweat that still clung to Nikki’s bare chest seeped into Izzy’s shirt and vest, becoming a filmy like glue, drawing the pair closer.

Nikki placed a hand over Izzy’s heart. The guitarist looked down to find a red rose pressed against his exposed left nipple. He smiled, delicately touching the velvet petal with his guitar-reddened fingers. Caressing further down the stem, his fingers found the bassist’s. He teased them with whisper touches until they opened to him, interlacing with his.

A quick tug and Izzy twirled around into Nikki’s lean hot torso. Pulling back just enough to trail the rose over the small slice of the guitarist’s exposed flesh while keeping the guitarist bound by one arm behind his back. Izzy snorted at the sweet smile on the bassist’s face, causing a scowl.

“What? The Snickers bar is too much?” Nikki held up the candy bar, causing Izzy to laugh, his eyes glinting with what Nikki believed to be a glimpse of genuine happiness. His entire body seemed to radiate a blissful joy.

“Since when did you become mister romantic?” Izzy cocked an eyebrow at the befuddled bassist.

“What, you don’t like it? Do you want me to just drag you by your hair into my den of carnal lust and fuck you until you can’t move?”

“Mm,” Izzy groaned, rolling his pelvis slowly forward. “You better stop. You’re getting me hot.”

“That’s what you want, sweetheart? To be fucked raw?”

“It doesn’t become you to be the sweet, romantic type,” Izzy said nuzzling into Nikki’s neck, licking a short line at the base of his throat, his eyes sparkling with roasting lust.

“Damn it, Stradlin,” Nikki hissed as he grabbed the guitarist’s ass, lifting him up onto his hips. He kicked the door open, throwing Izzy against it as his fingers locked the door. “I like it when boys know when to give up on the romance and just roll over for a good fuck.”

He kissed him fiercely before turning Izzy around, pushing him face first into the unyielding door. Pinning him there, he drew the slender hips back into his crotch, as he ground into him.

Izzy began to moan, his hands convulsing slightly as he began scratching feebly at the wood, uttering small curses of pleasure. Nikki smiled drinking in every noise as his hands ducked under the loose fabric of his shirt.

“Fuck me, Nik,” Izzy whimpered. Nikki lifted his body off Izzy, effortlessly wrestling the t-shirt and vest off the guitarist’s back. Nikki relished in the heated skin beneath him as he pressed their bodies, flush against each other. Izzy’s head rolled as he felt the hot breath hit the nape of his neck. The bassist reached over the guitarist’s chest hooking a finger under his necklaces. He tugged, slowly guiding the guitarist backward by his necklace toward the bed, placing him in the V of his legs.

“I was,” Nikki began, his breath still hot on Izzy’s nape. “Going to make this sweet, and romantic, and hot as hell, but if you want me to be rough I’ll do it your way, sweetheart.”

Izzy opened his eyes to look around the bassist’s room for the first time. He jerked forward slightly being halted by Nikki’s grip on his jewelry. The entire room was dimmed in shades of amber white light and prominent shadows of black dusk. Sheets of black satin lay beneath his body with gold trim. Candles were illuminated as the tiny yellow flames danced softly in the wind created from the rustling of their moving bodies.

In each of the shadowed corners hung pebbled grey, stone gargoyles. They clung to the walls like spiders lying in wait for their prey. Others perched with their backs hunched and wings half extended ready to spring into flight. Mouths extended with long forked serpentine tongues as if caught in mid scream. While others remained more withdrawn with demure, coy giggles playing on their exaggerated jowls.

A small silver cart sat off to a corner of the room. A bottle of blood red wine and two chilled glasses sat on top next to a bowl of red grapes. Silver handcuffs, cinnamon colored scarves and a long slender black whip lay beside the innocent looking food. A thin blue plume of effervescent mist wafted up from a small pewter crucible procuring a scent of jasmine and ylang ylang.

“Why did you do all of this?” Izzy asked, frowning faintly.

“Because sweetheart.” Nikki feigned the disgust of a hurt lover. He kissed the wrinkled forehead. He gave a sharp tug to the necklaces settling the squirming guitarist. His satisfied smile impish. “I want to be pleasured tonight and this room décor brings me pleasure. Especially with my last addition.”

“Well then wouldn’t want everything to go to waste then, right?” Izzy smiled seductively. Nikki laced his fingers tighter into the thick choker towing the guitarist further up the bed, throwing his legs around the guitarist’s thighs. Once the smaller man was nestled against the headboard, Nikki pulled back, rising off the bed. Izzy glared.

“Don’t pout like that, sweetheart,” Nikki scolded as he uncorked the wine pouring two glasses. “I told you I want to be pleasured and that means drawing out.” He handed the other glass to Izzy as he tucked a leg underneath himself settling onto the bed next to him. “Each, and every.” He moved closer. “Little.” Closer. “Touch, moan.” Closer still. “And kiss.” He nipped Izzy’s nose as he clinked the glasses. They drank watching each other like sly foxes, both hungry for what the other had to offer.

Izzy moved forward but Nikki pushed him back down with a sharp elbow into the pillows. Warning him not to move. The guitarist slackened his shoulders in surrender. Nikki smiled smugly. He took the bowl of grapes from the cart and nestled closer beside his prize.

Plucking a singular grape, he brought it to Izzy’s lips, running it around the edges of his mouth, teasing until the fine pink lines spread. He pulled the grape back, grinning at the lost look on Izzy’s chiseled face as his jaw slackened. Sliding it up and over the guitarist’s bottom lip, Izzy’s tongue flicked out slowly catching it as it slid into his mouth.

He chewed slowly, almost choking when Nikki’s leather clad leg rubbed insistently against his yellow pant clad thighs. The taunting brunette smirked as he continued to feed him, teasing his mouth and rubbing his thigh. In between, Nikki’s calloused hands began caressing his chest gently gliding over the smooth skin, pausing every so often to pinch or tweak a particularly soft spot. When Izzy squirmed too much or tried to take control, Nikki yanked his necklace, stilling any movements.

As Izzy ate the last grape, Nikki slithered down his body, slowly pulling the tight pants with him. Izzy lifted his hips, letting them go happily. He was already half hard and a thin layer of sweat began to break out over his body causing him to shudder as the cool air caressed his newly exposed flesh.

Nikki pounced, trapping Izzy’s body beneath him. His tongue extended into a pointed tip, lapping at the corner of Izzy’s mouth, which fell open fast. Instead of invading Izzy’s mouth he bit his bottom lip tugging on it as he simultaneously tugged the necklaces. Izzy moved forward into Nikki’s strong arms, fisting the Crue bassist’s hair, only to let it go and re-fist it.

“Ready for this, sweetheart?” Nikki’s voice ghosted over Izzy’s lips as he drew away. Izzy moaned, leaning forward to capture the bassist again, but a hand on his necklaces pulled him back down.

“God, I love your eyes.” Izzy exhaled. The bassist’s eyes were carnal pools of black that Izzy wanted to submerge himself in.

“You’re fucking hot, babe.” Nikki gave him a quick chaste kiss. His hands fell to the guitarist’s thin shoulders, stroking tenderly as he rolled Izzy over on to his stomach.

“No, don’t tie me,” Izzy said, quickly pulling himself onto his elbows as Nikki reached for the scarves. Nikki paused, then sighed spotting the fear in the guitarist’s untamable sexed eyes.

“All right, but you better be a really good boy.” Nikki reached up under the tresses of hair that curled wildly around his shoulders, finding the necklaces. He tugged them again. “And leave these on.”

Nikki grabbed Izzy’s hips, massaging them firmly, causing the guitarist to arch and groan like a cat. A wet ravenous mouth kissed and sucked the nape of Izzy’s neck.

“So fucking good.” Izzy sighed as the hot breath sent a heated chill down his spine.

“I’ve only just started, sweetheart. I’m going to have your head running in circles before this night is over.” Nikki accentuated his promise with a bruising kiss at his shoulder blade. Izzy began rubbing his arms up and down, almost savagely against the sheets as Nikki’s mouth descended his back.

Once Nikki was at the base of his spine, he placed his wet mouth right beside the sweet spot. Cupping his mouth onto the soft skin, he blew hot air deep into Izzy’s body. The combination of the suction and heated wet breath sent a paralyzing chill throughout his entire body. His leg trembled with mild spasms reducing him to whimpers.

“Oh holy fucking…shit!” Izzy screamed as he arched backward. Nikki tugged him back down by his necklace. He continued the suctioning kisses along Izzy’s entire ass. The guitarist’s breath hitched as his body contorted into a ball as Nikki’s mouth planted a deep heated kiss just below the crease of his ass. Two lubed fingers slid unaware into Izzy who continued to quiver and buck.

“Where the fuck?” Izzy hissed as he felt cold air kiss his damp skin with a sharp bite as the bassist slid away. Nikki impelled him back down into the sheets as his hand fingered the laces of his leathers.

“Just getting more comfortable, sweetheart.” Nikki smirked as he hunched over his pinned prize. “Now be a good boy and stay.” Releasing the now vibrating guitarist, Nikki shucked his leathers and picked up the leather bound switch from the silver tray.

“Lift your head.” Izzy complied feeling the long leather tail trace along his throat. The smell was thick and musky that sent Izzy’s eyes rolling to the back of his head. His groan shot into a shocked scream as Nikki flicked the switch onto his backside. “Don’t think I forgot how much you enjoyed this last time.”

Izzy buried his face into the luxurious pillow muffling his passionate cries as Nikki brought the leather braid down onto the supple flesh of his ass. In between the lashes, Nikki bent to either rub his hand soothingly over the reddened flesh or kiss it with a quick lick. Nikki placed the whip aside and bent down, placing delicate kisses on the tenderized flesh. Izzy’s frenzied breathing sent Nikki into euphoria.

“Ready to feel me, sweetheart?” Nikki purred, nipping at his ass with small bites.

“God, please, Nik!”

“Please what?” Nikki taunted, fingers toying with the brunette’s necklace.

“I need…”

“What do you need, baby?” Nikki continued to tease the crack of his ass with his wet fingers.

“Mm!” Izzy grunted. Shuddering, he regained his breath. “I need you to say my name.”

“What?” Nikki paused.

“Just say my name once, when you fuck me.” Izzy twisted to look at Nikki over his shoulder. A desperate plea lay in his eyes. “I need you, Nik. I need you bad, I need you to fuck me hard, but please, please just say my name once.”

“What do you really want,” Nikki said. Toying with the necklace, he brought his lips to the brunette’s ear, planting a kiss before breathing in a low husky whisper, “Izzy.”

“Please fuck me, Nik.” Izzy gasped closing his eyes. Satisfied, Nikki sat up on his knees and began to slowly enter Izzy. “More! Faster, oh god, faster…fuck!”

“You feel so good, Izzy. Ah fuck! So tight, so good.” Nikki sped up the pace thrusting harder into the begging beautiful form beneath him. Watching the guitarist thrust back into his hips eagerly wanting more and more, he cursed in a loud moan. One hand still held tight to the necklace while the other stroked Izzy’s sweet spot causing the guitarist to shake and whimper erratically.

“Come for me, Izzy.” Nikki purred as he sped up at Izzy’s insistence. Izzy arched his back letting all of Nikki enter him hitting that perfect electrifying hot spot inside his ass.

Izzy’s voice transcended into a howl of pleasure as his orgasm hit him like a torrent of wind ripping through every fiber of his being. Nikki cried out as he slammed into Izzy releasing himself, pumping hard and fast until both of them slowed, falling limply onto each other.

Izzy instinctively curled into Nikki, still shivering mildly from the orgasm. A bright dewy glow radiated from his skin. Exhausted as he was, he leaned forward, nipping sharply at Nikki’s bottom lip before falling slack into the crook of the bassist’s arm. Nikki smirked as he pulled a sheet of black satin over their naked forms.

“You look so fuckable after sex.” Nikki breathed as he kissed the guitarist’s forehead, pulling him in tighter. Izzy nuzzled into his shoulder, smiling softly.

“You should fuck me more often.”
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