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I really need to stop skipping school A/N

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I feel like I am about to die. The only reason I'm position this is so you guys don't honk I'm bailing on you. I'm sorry guys but I have been so sick lately I can barely even walk without gettin dizzy. Let me tell you why I'm sick. A few days ago me and my friends decided to skip school and go to a park nearby the school. So we were hangin there just chilling and all of a sudden we see one of the security guards from our school walking our way so me being me I said HAUL ASS and we ran and ran and ran. Until finally we and to a stop about a few blocks away from the school. We were so tired that we decided to just go to school. And when we did our parents were waiting for us. So because of the running in the cold air I got sick and because I was skipping school my parents grounded me for 1week but felt bad because I was sick so they gave me my phone as the only exception for the grounding so I will not be updating until Monday or Friday sorry guys and as a reward for all of the people who waited so patiently there will be four updates on the day I get back. Again sorry and GOODBYE MY LOVELIES
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