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Merry Christmas, Puppy

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A Nikki/Tommy Fluff piece. Nikki tries to make it up to Tommy for not listening as much as he should on Christmas morning.

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“Tommy, Tommy, T-Bone, Drummer Boy.”

Warm hands snuck under the warm blankets poking and pinching Tommy’s sides and ribs. The Motley drummer groaned twisting away from the playful prodding. Waving a long arm before he burrowed himself further under the sheets.

“Mmm, go away.” Tommy squeaked as he felt the safety of his sheets pull away from his naked body. Instinctively he curled himself into a ball cursing under his breath.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’ve just unwrapped my present.”

“Nikki?” Tommy rubbed sleep out of his eyes frowning. “I told you last night we’re not celebrating Christmas together because you said it was the stupidest holiday ever and told me to shut up about my family Christmases.” Blinking a few times his eyes adjusted to the bright light that reflected off the snow outside the bay window. He brought his knees into his chest pausing when he saw Nikki. Eyes widened to cartoonish size. “What are you wearing?”

Nikki had on tight leather pants with a silver belt with a few jingle bells dangling from it, slung low around his hips and red boots. Covering his chest was an ugly red and green ‘my grandma made this so I have to wear it’ sweater hung loosely over Nikki’s broad shoulders.

“It was the only one of your Christmas sweaters that would fit me.”

Tommy’s lips cracked into a smile before dissolving into a giant fit of laughter. Throwing his face into the pillow attempting to stifle his raucous laughter. As the guffaws settled he pulled his face up spluttering a few times around his fingers covering his mouth. He wiped away tears.

“Nikki, why are you wearing one of my Christmas sweaters?”

“Because you like Christmas and I’ve been a jerk to you so I’m trying to give you a traditional homelike Christmas.”

“Nikki,” Tommy giggled rising to his knees. He stroked Nikki’s chest through the heavy wool. “You didn’t have to do that for me.”

“Yeah I did.” Nikki gave him a quick peck. “I’ve been neglecting you a lot what with the new album and the drugs. I don’t make enough Tommy time. I’m sorry baby.”

“I forgive you.” Tommy smile grew. His hands wandered down to the hem of the Christmas sweater. “But really take this off you look like a glam rock Christmas tree.”

Nikki weaseled out of his hands standing up indignantly. “I’m leaving this on all day for the spirit of Christmas.”

Tommy laughed.

Small whimpers and a soft thud came from the corner of the room. Curious, Tommy crawled to the edge of the bed peering over the edge. A holey cardboard box wrapped in red ribbon scooted little by little along the carpet.

“Nikki, what is that?” Tommy frowned as he heard muted scratches come from within it.

“Your present.” Nikki said matter-of-factly. “And I think it wants you to open it.”

“It?” Tommy asked incredulously. His eyes were wide as they gazed up at the smirking Nikki who only nodded at the box.

Reaching out a long arm Tommy picked up the box only to have the weight shuffle to one side with a tiny yelp. He steadied his hold quickly with his other hand preventing the lopsided box to fall to the floor. Setting it on the bed he undid the ribbon, removing the lid.

Inside a tiny ball of golden white fluff shook herself before plopping down on her rump to scratch an ear. She shook her head before looking up. Seeing Tommy, warm brown eyes lit up as a pink tongue lolled happily out of a tiny mouth. Eager to meet a new friend she clumsily wobbled forward stumbling slightly over her own tiny paws. Tiny earnest yips begged for attention.

“A puppy!” Tommy’s smile widen as the fuzz ball scurried awkwardly over the flap of the box and into Tommy’s lap. She shook out her fur again placing her velvet like paws on Tommy’s chest stretching her neck to lick the drummer’s cheek. Excited, Tommy pulled the enthusiastic puppy onto his chest to say hello and pet the velveteen fur.

“Yeah it’s a puppy,” Nikki said leaning against the headboard with his arms folded watching his ball of excitement play with another. “You said you always wanted a puppy for Christmas and this way if I’m ever too busy at the studio you’ll have someone to keep you company.”

“Nikki, she’s adorable,” Tommy said. The puppy pawed awkwardly up his chest continuing to lick his cheek and nip at his hair. Beaming the drummer scratched her ears causing a gleeful yip. “Thank you for listening to me Nikki.”

Nikki gave a lopsided smile as he looked down to see the puppy now placing tiny puppy soft bites to Tommy’s bare belly. “So what are you naming her?”

“How about Nikki?” Nikki frowned. “What, it’s a girl’s name you know and you both love to bite and lick me.”

“Too confusing.” Nikki reached down to pet the top of her head. The excited fuzz ball pushed her cold nose into Nikki’s palm licking his fingers. “Hey!” Nikki yanked his arm as the playful puppy seized the sleeve of the Christmas sweater. She found the game of tug of war to be fun and tugged harder quietly growling around the fabric.

“See she hates you in that sweater too.” Tommy laughed as he gently pulled the sweater out of her mouth, taking a small square of the fabric in the process.

“Everyone likes me out of my clothes,” Nikki mused as he slid the torn sweater over his head.

“I know I do.” Tommy wiggled his eyebrows.

“Sorry about your sweater.”

“Don’t be. I wasn’t that fond of it. I had to wear it because my Yaya gave it to me.”

“Hey, Tommy where did the puppy go?”

“Ah! She’s taking a leak on my drum kit!” Tommy fought his way over the mountain of balled up bed sheets stumbling off the bed. The puppy yelped cheerfully and took off running. Nikki burst out laughing watching the naked drummer chase after an uncoordinated little puppy.

“Where is she? Nikki it’s not funny!” Tommy yelled as Nikki came into the atrium.

“You’re right it’s hysterical.” Nikki laughed. “Oh, look up T-Bone.” He tilted his chin toward the spiraling staircase.

The mischievous puppy sat looking down on the two musicians panting with an innocent smile on her lips. In her teeth she held a small sprig of evergreen.

“Mistletoe.” Nikki mused, gracefully striding to Tommy. His hands encircled the taller man’s waist drawing the lean drummer into his naked firm chest. “That’s a good name for a puppy. Don’t you think?”

“That or mischief,” Tommy said looking up at the giddy little fluff ball.

“Naw, mistletoe. I’m the mischievous one.” Nikki winked. Tommy grinned.

“Okay she’s Mistletoe. Now just how mischievous are you going to be today?”

“As much or little as you want me to be, baby. I’ll listen to you.” He rubbed his nose against Tommy’s.

“Nikki!” Tommy pushed him away by his shoulders. “I didn’t get you a present!”

“Sure you did my little drummer boy.” Nikki laced Tommy’s arms around his neck before tugging him back into a tight embrace. “I got to unwrap you this morning. You’re all the present I need baby.” Nikki winked. Tommy smiled sheepishly. “Merry Christmas babe.”

“Merry Christmas, Nikki.” Tommy’s voice faded into the tender push of Nikki’s lips as they kissed under Mistletoe.
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